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الأربعاء، 29 يونيو 2011

Tourism in Latakia / Syria

Lattakia province of Syria to the north west of Syria overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the large port and most of its territory covered by forests and orchards and has borders with Turkey and with Idlib and Tartous. And more than half the population of the province of the Alawite sect
Famous Lattakia beauty Tabiathow good population as clarified a lot of towns, villages and resorts in the lap of green mountains covered with natural forests and fruit trees and orchards, in the province of Latakia, a lot of monuments and archaeological sites and historic towns and castles along the coastal mountains, and a number of rivers short, lakes and a lot of natural springs and waterfalls, natural beauty in the mountains and forests and the nature of a witch on the shores of the Mediterranean

The spread of tourist establishments, hotels and parks in all the resorts famous mountain and coastal and major cities, there is in Latakia international airport connecting to maintain airports Syrian Interior and a number of countries in the world in addition to the presence of a train station which trains travel and sophisticated services, hotel, and is characterized by cities and regions of Latakia, a mild climate in summer cool in winter The falling snow on the mountain heights

 Spread along the northern route between Latakia and gain characterized by the spread of pine and oak and cherry abound in restaurants and bars, is a nature reserve in Syria, the image appears in a dense forest Dglh Frenlq

Join a sandy beach in the form of semi-natural island to the north of the city of Latakia, near the border with Turkey is characterized by breathtaking views from the mountains meet the sea, is characterized by the multiplicity and diversity of tourist facilities in it, picture shows the confluence of the mountain in the coast area of ​​Ras simple

Town at an altitude of 1100 m above sea level at a distance of 17 km north of Lattakia, overlooking the three peaks are, the top of the Prophet Yunus, when the Prophet summit and the summit of Mount fir; fir forests containing the region, rice and pine nuts are heavy, the image appears Slunfeh winter snow

Bay coastline, forms the border between Syria and Turkey is characterized by exquisite landscape and the vast Armenian inhabited, was the site of filming the series Zaiah estate and tourism investments are increasing it.
The winning tourist town center and summer, away from the city 60 km north beyond the tourist sites of them; earn overlooking the vast areas of forest green and is one of the richest areas of Latakia hotels and cafes, the image appears near Mount Chelma gain

Samra is a Syrian villages of the winning hand in the province of Latakia, Samra is another point on the borders of the Mediterranean coast with Turkey in the north-west Syria. Samra is located in the valley between two mountains with a slope too steep V-shaped Samra was in several rock avalanches Korat mountain almost the last of which occurred in 1942 which led to the deaths of many people Samra

 Samra is located on the ground moving in the nineties of the twentieth century plunged seven houses in the ground without mortality. Samra majority of the population speak the Armenian language, Armenian, Arabic, and also speak the local dialect called Alksplih relative to the city win the series famous estate Zaiah, the popularity of the village of Samra, site of summer for many of the Arabs and Syrians, Samra has a nice atmosphere and natural beauty.