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الاثنين، 17 يناير 2011

Sumerian civilization

Sumerian civilization was a great civilization developed and made a lot especially in the field of agriculture and construction

(Sumerian) do not know much about the origins of the Sumerians Scientists had assumed a lot of assumptions in their regard is that a lot of Iraqi researchers today preparing them from tribes who migrated from northern Iraq to the south, they stayed in the south when Estuarine Tigris and Euphrates rivers around the year 3200 BC. M and there are established cities are the best known independent kingdoms: Or "Ur", and Uruk "Uruk", and Oomma "umma" and others. And separating the marshes between these cities, but the link between channels

 During the centuries that followed the migration Sumerian grown state and Ttorn in the arts, architecture and science. Talking texts Sumerian cities, which ruled in the south and that the source is important for the study period Sumerian is Qaimpn Kings Sumerians. And speaks the existing states of the Sumerian, as successive time, but historical fact points to it changed, partly or wholly, for example, we know that the governor of Uruk, Gilgamesh was a contemporary of the ruler of Kish named Akka (Agga) . The first dynasty Sumerian governor says is proof the Sumerian city of Kish, a supplier of the property up 23 half-Semitic names (island)

 And the most prominent rulers is Etana Press, which have him a legend talks about his rise on the back of an eagle to the sky. Followed by strain Uruk in terms of proof, although the last king of Kish named Akka was a contemporary of the fifth rulers of Uruk, Gilgamesh. Linked to the latter for a number of epic Sumerian which enables scientists to identify the six of them, and in the old Babylonian era was melting the Akkadian epics with additions to show the famous Epic of Gilgamesh. Aturkmnstanip Anau was born the Sumerian civilization, from the womb of civilization Anna because this civilization existed before 3500 years BC, according to speech scientists archaeologist who discovered in the excavations on some of the artifacts, which are mainly due to modern civilization Anu in Central Asia Aye Turkmenistan In the book, mennesket kommer in Norwegian and on page 204 * The author says that scientists have demonstrated the effects after the study of artifacts discovered
 .. That Altorkmenstanyen were weaving clothes any were skilled in weaving fabrics are the first who were proficient in the art Alehiakk and this art was discovered by women because women were working hair heads kinds of tails, trails or horse tails, small trails cat and then I thoughtwomen could weave wool, which takes from livestock In addition to the knitting and weaving the owners of civilization Anu raise camels, cattle and they are interested in equestrian art and fighting are the first who made the bow and arrow could have inherited the arms industry of their predecessors Kermah and crossbows and even men have taken weaving brushes to brushes their homes and they also make tents and the women were skilled in sewing clothes

, And the music was an important part of civilization, Anu ... Flute and Harp were used in religious rituals ... The relationship between civilization Anu and the Sumerian civilization is a very close relationship in terms of names, culture and assets and art, there are sources of much historical prove that the Sumerians are Alacia Central they have come to Mesopotamia, 3100 BC Christ after walked the road from the north to that arrived at the South they were not fluent in the language of the people of Iraq from the High sex, they gathered all cultures, the people of Iraq and then made the nucleus of the Sumerian civilization, which still boasts the world despite the existence of civilization before Sumer civilization Anu and civilization Pact civilization Hasonp only The civilization of Sumer is the first spark of light to the Rescue of human darkness to light, because the Sumerian civilization is the civilization first discovered the writing and then focused on medicine, space science, engineering and construction of temples .. Ziggurats ... And the building of cities, housing and building earthen dams or curtains to prevent floods from destroying cities and to prevent the sinking of agricultural land

, when we say that the Sumerian civilization is the civilization of which have a close relationship Balencl Turkmen say it by evidence of concrete scientific and professional in putting the facts in front of the reader ....

Were not of civilization in the day, the product of the work of one particular people, but has contributed to many peoples and tribes, but we can say, that after the cultural accumulation of many peoples came from a complementary set off Fasttaa so to earn the title of maker
 Origins of Sumerian language and rules like a without the world's languages to the language of tribes Altoranip called (Ural Altay) are the Mongols and the Turks, Hungary and the Finns have been alerted to this for the first time of Ibn Khaldun said in his book (provided) that the Finns are the Turks. The rules of Sumerian language similar to the rules of the Turkish language as evinced by the languages Alaltsa oz Vtlsq name consciences acquisition tools and the addendum and the prepositions and tool function on the actor when the act exceeds the resulting in the emergence of changes in sound as a result of this adhesion unlike the Arabic language that comes prepositions always before the word eight languages are similar in terms of She writes a long sentence structure may be a line or two lines can not find the actor, but in the end of the sentence in addition to this there is more than (200) words and some of them said (600) Sumerian word in the Turkish language Opalahry similarity of words in both Sumerian and Turkish

 Scripture says in the history of world Nursing Page 19 * Sumerians Moungol remind us of special reasons is the similarity of the Sumerian replica skulls with skulls Mongolian Altorkmenip .... As the book where you say when it happened on page 21 that the Sumerians did not understand the language of the people of Iraq Tel slaves because they have come to Mesopotamia Alacia Central Interior ... As we all know the original home of the Turkmenbashi is Central Alacia The history that Qar Dag or iceberg or mountain Aq Dag or Dag Booz ATA is the name of the same mountain
The name of the mountain, and one that is located in Kyrgyzstan is adjacent to China this mountain is known in the history of wars between Türk and China in ancient times this mountain, tall and strong fever birth control Alturke attacks Chinese Baadalhazeemp tawarruk and the collapse of their forces in front of the Chinese ... the back of the name of the wolf Alogbralve became a guide to the remnants of forces Turkic and wire Wolf Road, which reflects this huge mountain covered with snow along the four seasons of the year this has become a mountain, the boundary between the Turk and China .. From this mountain ... Booz ATA Dag ... Ancestral tawarruk and Alsomer .. the origin of the label (Sumer) derived from (Seyoum) Turkish words (love) and (Goodyear) in the sense (the ground) to become (the land of love) is very attached to the Sumerians to the ground and love for life and innovation continued to learn with aging times and different roles and the difficulty of pronunciation

There is little similarity between the Sumerian and the Turkish language, especially the Turkmen, both in terms of grammar or the presence of words of common derivatives belong to the same source, as forgotten here too that the scholars and historians that the Sumerian language (adhaerens ), Unrelated to Semitic or Aryan and affiliation altogether to language family they belong to the Turkish language
And even swept the High King Sargon I (Sargon) (2335) is in the Akkadian Sharru-kinum BC. M. -2279 BC. M.) And the meaning of his name the king or the sincere and hard foundations of a new capital called proficiency Agad

The northern edge of Sumeria. The days of the most powerful and richest city in the world at the time. And merged the invaders and the people of northern Sumer Elad and merged two components Akdion people. And became known as the country of Sumer and Akkad. Akkadian rule lasted nearly a century. The era may Akkadians took centuries. During the reign of King Sargon's grandson Naram-Sin

 The meaning of his name beloved of God Sin (3355 BC. M. -2218 BC. M.) Jawtien displaced from the mountains of Zagros and took on the city is stronger and the rest of Sumer. But after several generations of Sumerians expelled them. Sumer and got its independence at the hands of the king of the city of Uruk Aotokhikal Utu khegal God and the meaning of his name Otto Jalb good (the rule of 2120 BC. M .- in 2112 BC. M..) Followed by one of his commanders Orr - Nammo Ur-Nammu and read the newly Ur-Namme Covenant third city of Ur.
  And was succeeded by his son Shulgi Shulgi (2095 BC. M .- in 2047 BC. M..) It was a military leader and social reformer as his father and man of letters. And the development of a law before the Code of Hammurabi three centuries. Opening of schools and universities

 At the beginning of the third millennium BC. M. Alameon came from the center of Syria west of the country of Sumer and Akkad. And took on the most important cities, and a circus Kiizin, Ur and captured its ruler, and took full Mkunyen civilization that lasted until Hammurabi, king of Babylon came and beat Alamyin 1763 BC. M. And became the sole ruler of the country of Sumer and Akkad after Dmanmha of Babylon to show the Babylonian civilization. The Sumerian civilization, leaving thousands of panels in Akkadian cuneiform. Since the early fifth millennium BC. M., Saw the Mesopotamian alluvial plain in Iraq (Delta Rivers) the transition from farming villages to urban life

In this easy the first cities such as Eridu, Ur and Uruk (and Raka). In these cities were the beginnings of planning for flood control and dam construction, digging canals and streams. In this easy when the network channels, a miracle of irrigation. Making the Sumerians were the builders of the oldest civilization in history. Within the year 3200 BC. M. Sumerians invented writing, and on published in several Middle Eastern countries. The Sumeria in the first school in history