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الاثنين، 28 أبريل 2014

Queen Cleopatra

Queen Cleopatra Queen Cleopatra Queen Cleopatra

     Cleopatra became queen of Egypt and the last ruler in Ptolemaic royal dynasty established by Ptolemy I in 323 BC. Who was a commander in the army of the Macedonian conqueror Alexander the Great, and was carrying the title of "Queen of love to her father

He was on Cleopatra (Cleopatra VII) because it was the seventh Queen of the Macedonian dynasty of the same name

Cleopatra sat on the throne of Egypt in 51 AD. BC after the death of her father, Ptolemy II

Guardians seized brother Cleopatra Ptolemy small and power in 48 BC. M and Cleopatra took off from the throne At that time arrived

Julius Caesar in Alexandria, which was the capital of Egypt this time met Julius Caesar Pkliopatra of the
Julius Caesar defeated opponents of Cleopatra and Ptolemy XIII drowned as he tried to escape and returned Julius Caesar, Cleopatra to the throne with her ​​latest is the brother Ptolemy XIV in the year 47 BC. M put Cleopatra boy and claimed he was the son of Julius Caesar and called Caesarion

Decide Cleopatra in 46 BC. Call Caesar and she went and her son Caesarion and her brother Ptolemy XIV to Rome and remained there until the year 44 BC. M after a group of the supervision Rome aristocrats kill Julius

 Cleopatra returned to Egypt and orchestrated the killing of her brother Ptolemy XIV so that her son Caesarion judgment
Marc Anthony feet in 41 BC. M invitation to Cleopatra to visit him in Tarsus in Asia Minor known that Samir Amis was the queen of Assyria, Babylon and its king widened to Persia ... And remember that the novels then Cleopatra went to interview Antonio has set up in his honor banquet and married her in 37 BC. M and gave birth to 3 children and his M: Alexander Helios, Cleopatra Selene, Ptolemy Veladalphus money work for Anthony and Cleopatra together to achieve their goals was Anthony believes that Egypt's wealth will help him to become the sole ruler of Rome either Cleopatra had hoped to put her children, especially Caesarion in a series of rulers of Rome while failing policy with Julius Caesar.

    In 34 BC. Appointed Marc Anthony Cleopatra governor Alymusr the and Kirs, Crete, Syria and grants

 Sons and daughter of Cleopatra much of the territory was ruled by Alexander the Great
Those actions angered rulers participants to Marc Anthony in governance as well as Mnaqsé
As the Cleopatra Octavius ​​was considered a greedy woman with wide ambitions in the year 32 BC. Octavius ​​declared war on Marc Anthony and forces lost Marc Anthony and Cleopatra Battle of Actium on the west coast of Greece in 31 BC. M

 Island Busedoum which contains the Temple of Poseidon, where there were in that area quay established by Marc Anthony, and I stayed at the end of his tongue, who retired from the palace after losing the year 30 BC in front of Octavius
Returned Cleopatra and Marc Anthony to Alexandria and returned months later Octavius ​​to Mlahakthma and after he and his troops arrived in Egypt in 30 BC. M

Fostered Cleopatra she committed suicide and Marc Anthony heard the news  himself the grief and carried his followers to Cleopatra where the latter, died in her arms
Cleopatra thought that Octavius ​​will يهينها the public in Rome tried to hold peace with him, but failed
  Cleopatra wanted to be involved Juluis ceaser Julius Caesar and Marc Anthony Romanian leaders to rule the world through marriage and become queen, but joined Marc Anthony

In the year 1996 found on the island Antrods, an island with an industrial port and the Royal Palace of Cleopatra. The old ship was found 35 meters long and 8 meters wide. Refine dating by carbon-14 analysis of the first century BC or first century AD. Also found gold jewelery is a خاتمين of gold goes back to the first century AD.

 Cleopatra's suicide

One day at dawn mid-August 8/30 BC. M made a Khaddam Queen Cleopatra Snake Cobra and the way she committed suicide after hearing the defeat of her boyfriend Roman leader Marc Antony in the war, and it was a snake cobra poison has been the slogan of ownership in the Ptolemaic period above the heads of kings, or the pair of snakes if needed us to believe the words poets Romans Virgil and Horace Brobbertios Propertius some historians have stated that the property left shoulder is received by the sting first Alqatbh and others said that the left breast naked

Committed suicide Cleopatra in a state of despair these that put viper on her chest and the gaseous new Octavius ​​Caesar hoped to be going Queen governing Egypt's triumph in Rome, but soon I see her body and head of government regulation, announced annexed Egypt to the Sultan of Romanian people, and was announced in a short sentencevery comprises no more than five words chosen are (1):

Aegyptum imperio Populi Romani Adieci
The title أكتافيوس Balambgel Augustus until the end of wisdom and memory of the annexation of Egypt to the Roman Empire, was named on the month, which included Egypt after the civil war against Antony
 After her death, the Romans killed Caesarion, fearing that calls for the Roman empire heir of Julius Caesar and his heir,