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السبت، 22 يونيو 2013

Queen Nefertiti

Queen Nefertiti    Queen Nefertiti   Queen Nefertiti   Queen Nefertiti  Queen Nefertiti 
 Nefertiti's name means "beautiful come," the fourth is Omnhotپ wife (who later became Akhenaten) Pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty famous.

 Queen Nefertiti assets is uncertain and she believes the sister of King Akhenaten and that their mother is Queen تيي, مرضعتها was the wife of any minister, who is likely to be a brother of Queen تيي. It was called often "Abu God" This suggests that maybe his father was by virtue of his marriage to his mother, and if at all any never mentions himself as Abu Nefertiti. Although there are references to indicate that the image of Nefertiti death Notgmt the the sister Mutnojme decree, and decorated the tomb of Ay.

 Queen Nefertiti  Queen Nefertiti  Queen Nefertiti  Queen Nefertiti  Queen Nefertiti

Participated Queen Nefertiti her husband in the worship of the new religion, a cult of Aton power of the sun disk and she and her husband mediator between the people and the roar, and is supposed to give the blessed full only when united royal couple, and the Nefertiti during the first years of the rule of her husband changed its name according to change its doctrine to Nfrnfraton Nefertiti, which meansAton shines because the fine has come.

Remember Nefertiti statue migraine to face the photographer and carved on a piece of limestone in one of the finest pieces of art from ancient times a month fee of Queen Nefertiti, and was found Egyptologist German Udwiگ Borchardt, on December 6, 1912, in the workshop of the sculptor Thutmose at Amarna. Full Bust Borchardt fled (non المخدوش) to his home in Cairo's Zamalek district, and from there he fled to Germany is hidden within the broken pottery pieces is of value, sent to Berlin for restoration

 Queen Nefertiti  Queen Nefertiti  Queen Nefertiti  Queen Nefertiti  

There is another statue of the head of Nefertiti in the Egyptian Museum of quartz red and decorated with touches of ink which is at least as accurate as the existing made ​​from the head lesser-known Berlin.

 The titles of ownership - the Great Royal Wife

Nefertiti gave birth of Akhenaten, six born they are all from the fairer sex
And their names are
Merritt Aton was born in Thebes before moving on to the sister of the furnace
MCT Aton
Ankhs The Ba Aton, who married Tutankhamun
Nfrnfro Aton indicative
Nfrnfro Ra
Step Ra
End of her life

After the second year, ten to the rule of Akhenaten, Nefertiti disappeared was there any mention of her and thought she died and is buried in the cemetery Bakhittatun Tut believe that also mummy Tutankhamun transfer have been with his father, Akhenaten's sister when he abandoned the furnace was found on the mummy of Nefertiti