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السبت، 30 مارس 2013

Skiing in Spain


It is the tenth evening in «Viela major cities and remote Aran Valley Pyrenees Mountains, and it is the time to start the restaurants served dinner; as customers begin fleeing the noise of restaurants offering tapas in the flow. Do not open any of the nightclubs in Viela doors before midnight, it is a lifestyle in Spain, which holds a different rhythm of life and art reflects enjoy

. Here in the United States, focusing ski trips in the habit of enjoying ice and skied as a sport, but it is quite different in Spain, where only skiing Brhat short interspersed periods enjoy eating; terms similar to Ambrosia and eating delicious, and attending until midnight and dinner with friends , skiing on the ice in their importance but also perhaps beyond

 Let's acknowledge first that the person who wants to spend a holiday will not spend so much Taúl of money, and face language barriers and suffering from disorders long flights, which have then to drive the car for four and a half hours to reach the city valley mountain building just to search for depressions ideal for exerciseskiing. Indeed, the desire to explore new places is what these people pay to cross the Atlantic. I travel to explore new horizons, and to tread my feet the way wrapped around the corral that emit smell cows true, in addition to enjoy dishes «Gamba Ajello» (shrimp with garlic) slowly in one of those bars that fill the hustle dialogues exchanged between customers three or four different languages ​​or for lunch one of the small restaurants in which the dish is «Alfoagra» (liver of ducks or geese), followed by lamb cubes cooked on coal


.Maybe you can ski or access to one of the ice caps in many other resorts in the Alps or the American West, but the system of life is different, and tapas, and the mix of French cuisine - Spanish, the language Alaranih, springs warm and ensure all night; all these thingscan not be found only in this valley unique hiding behind the rugged peaks:

 It is an imaginary place that picturesque between Spain and France. Extends «Aran Valley from east to west, which is the only valley in the Pyrenees;, which is alone the northern part of modern Spain's border with France. The isolated valley The cold winter is the only place that was never subject to the feudal division of either for France or Spain, as it constituted one of the first communities in Europe


Due to receiving a form of self-rule, has the form of Aleranez model for rule permitted to participate in resorts and forests and arable land. The name reflects the valley role as a meeting point between the culture of the sea medium Catalan and the impact of Basque Atlantic; as «Val» is meaning the Catalan word for «valley», and «Aran» is the meaning Basque word for «Valley» also, so the translator perfect name valley is «Valley valley. In the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War, the Republicans hid the losers here several years, until the forces of Francisco Franco was able to dig in the end the tunnel passes through the mountains to reach the last rebel stronghold

And that's where the first road was built for cars by Biga bass in 1925, was the completion of the establishment of the tunnel which connects the valley in the south in 1948. Valley shows contemporary mix of architectural styles, with construction cranes spread from beginning to end. Residential complexes, administrative buildings antique, traditional wooden furniture, villages made ​​of stone and slate rocks, and small villages established in order to look as if all relate to traditional villages across the valley through the road that follows the path of the River Garonna.

 In the eastern side of the valley, spread lifts cable car in a large series of corridors that give skiers a chance ski slopes unpaved, mentions that the village of Baqueira Originally created resort ski in 1964, and characterized this village as the village of contemporary but very development processes of modern made mimic the traditional architectural style of the Pyrenees, which depends on the stones. In 1985, the village was provided new Ptlfrick or so-called ski lifts to transport skiers in the valley of pyrite.

 Where you meet Baqueira Beret and together form what is known as Baqueira - Beret. Since the valleys were unified in it, the resort and has been expanded to add more cable car lifts, in addition to the new hotels

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