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الجمعة، 1 فبراير 2013

Tourism in the beautiful island of Hawaii

Hawaii is an American state in the form of an archipelago of islands in the Pacific Ocean with an area of 166.642 km. According to population statistics for the year 2000, the population of Hawaii is 1211537 inhabitants. Honolulu is the capital and largest city, Hawaii consists of 19 main island.

 Hawaii is the last states that joined the American Union, and to the state in which distinguishes it from many others. In addition to the occupation of the last end in the American South, in the sense that no other state is located south, it is the only state that lies entirely in the tropics. As one of the states which are located outside the territorial contiguity of the United States (other state is Alaska), is the only one that does not have land belonging to any continent and the only one whose area increases continuously because of volcanic activity and lava flows, and in particular on the island of Kilao Kīlauea.

 Scania, is the only U.S. state where there is no majority of the eggs as they are one of only three eggs does not form ethnic South and Central American majority and a high percentage of Asian Americans. Environmentally and agriculturally, Hawaii is the capital of the endangered species in the world and is the only place where the coffee industry is part of the industrial production in the United States of America. It is also the most important agricultural products Hawaii are pineapple, banana, sugar cane and coconut.
 Discovered Captain Cook in 1778 AD and remained a crown a long time, and in that period under the rule of 4 kings local, managed Queen Alyukalaty consolidated into one kingdom, and was hoping to join the United States, but the United States rejected the idea of ​​annexation at first, thenannounced by the Republic of 1884 by the Americans residents, and in 1898, Congress voted in favor of the annexation of Hawaii, and became part of the United States, and created by the state of Hawaii in 1900.
 Hawaii consists of (23) Island, the largest of the Hawaiian Islands, and Mawei and Oahu and the capital, and Malakas, and I, and Niehau, and Kaholawi and land is tops chains volcanic mountain soaked, the oldest western edge of this group island, lush volcanoes, rise some peaks to morefrom 13 thousand feet on the island of Hawaii, where top Maonallowa, a summit renewed volcanic eruption erupted.

Tropical island but it varies from one area to another by location and system terrain and wind direction, and abundant rainfall and falling for most of the year with the intensity of rainfall in the months of November and April