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الثلاثاء، 28 يونيو 2011

Tourism on the island of Rhodes / Greece

Bearing the same name as the island city which they are located, the most important city in it. Located in the far north-eastern tip of the island so far about 17 kilometers from the Turkish coast.
Up the city's population currently to 60,000 people, and thus is the largest city in the island of Rhodes and the Dodecanese islands, which is also the largest city in the South Aegean, where the administrative capital of the population over this area, the city of Hermopolis
Rhodes also has the rest of the Dodecanese Islands, an important strategic position between Europe, Africa and the Middle East make it a place for the convergence of civilizations throughout its long history, where it was noted that it was inhabited since the age Alnauleci (about 4000 BC

Established the city of Rhodes in 408 BC. M. By other cities such as Lindos and Kamiros, and flourished quickly passed as a golden age during the subsequent three centuries of its existence, which was built between 304-293 BC. M. Colossus of Rhodes one of the seven wonders of the world, which represented the sun god Helios standing at the entrance to the port where the ship was passing under it. The city was at the time have the sewage system and water network upgraded by Sammta Almhens Aeybodamos.
Continued prosperity of the city during the period so that the Romanian state became the center of Roman and an important center of science and the arts, and believed that the Apostle Paul, where he stopped during his third missionary

In the Middle Ages the city became part of the Byzantine Empire, and were exposed from time to time to the Muslim invasions. After the Crusades the Knights dominated Alhospittalier That was in 1307 AD. Two years later, Pope Clement V on the possession of the island, which continued for two centuries subsequent, so resisting the city aggressively attempts Ottoman repeated to control it because of the fortifications strong, and the base for an attack on merchant ships Ottoman Empire until 1522 AD, where the besieged by the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent in the aspiring siege Rhodes (1522), so could not open it, but it reached at the end of an agreement with the Knights Alhospittalier to leave for the population of religious freedom and drops them tribute and leaves freedom for the Knights to leave the city, to become under the Ottoman influence, and that was starting in 1523 AD.

 Italy occupied the city in 1912 with the rest of the Dodecanese Islands and was established in 1923 Masmi colony Aegean Islands Italian, and contributed to the Italian presence in the restoration of old monuments of the city.
Joined the city to Greece in 1948, after World War II

· Alkarosaitih city of Rhodes: It is one of the most perfect Alkarosaitih cities in Europe in terms of landmarks, streets and neighborhoods, so it has become since 1988 a World Heritage site by UNESCO classification containing architectural elements of the multi-stage Byzantines, the Knights, and the Ottomans.
· Palace of Grand Master: It was the headquarters of Grand Master of the Knights of Alhospittalier, which took him on the island.
· Suleiman Mosque: It is up to the Mosque of the Ottoman Empire.
· Amboise Gate: A old city gates.
· Rhodes Acropolis: Acropolis, a Greek city, featuring some of the effects of that period.
· The port of Rhodes: a place where there was a statue within Colossus of Rhodes, and is now called Port Mandhiraki (Mandraki).
· The city has a football club playing in the Greek third division are ASA and Bao Rhodes Diagoras Rodhus
· Consulates are located in the city's 13 countries, due to its historical significance.
· Linked to the city through its port with most of the major ports in Greece.
· Linked to the city through Diagoras International Airport which is located at a distance of 14 kilometers from the city's most Greek cities, the airport receives flights from European airports during the tourist season