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Tourism on the island of Mauritius

Mauritius Islands, a small central Indian Ocean, away from the Mlajash (Madagascar) about 860 km. Reports indicate that Arab sailors visited the island in the Middle Ages, but without the Portuguese explorer Pedro Mascarenhas was the first known world by the year 1505 has launched Mascarens name on the group of islands now known as Mauritius, Rodrigues and Reunion. In 1598, a Dutch fleet anchored in the Grand Port, which led to the establishment of the first Dutch colony on the island in 1638. Over the years, the definition of the Dutch island of sugar cane, domestic animals and deer before her departure in 1710,
  And came after them the French in 1715 and founded the port of Port Louis - the capital of the country now - and has been the island of Mauritius as a base until the defeat of Napoleon, was taken over by Britain in 1810, and established the authority under the leadership of Robert Farquhar has subsequently planted economic and social change fast on the island. , The country held general elections in 1967, after Morachews establishing a new constitution and the declaration of independence on March 12, 1968, and then the right of the declaration of the Republic of Mauritius on March 12, 1992

 These days, you know Mauritius as a democratic republic based on the model and Istminstar which guarantees separation of powers between the legislative, executive and judiciary. The island now enjoys political stability, where 62 members are elected to the National Assembly every 5 years. While a head of state, prime minister is holding the executive powers in addition to leading the government
The area of ​​Mauritius, two thousand and five miles, and its inhabitants in the year 1408 AH - 1988 (1.078.000) and the capital Porth Lewis is the first port, and island volcanic not rising land much higher hills of Montenegro and the height of up to 827 meters, and over the island up in the middle and south-west and includes the island (Rod Rejoice) and some small islands. The mild tropical climate of Mauritius island because of its location, and hit by rain and abundant rainfall, which helped the growth of forests in some parts of the island, where it was noted many tourists went to in recent years

Thanks to its spot in the warm Indian Ocean, Mauritius has a tropical weather. It is known from northern and western regions warm and the lack of rainfall. In general, the weather on the central plateau, where the more moderate rise up to the highest point 600 meters above sea level. Summer: November to April. Temperatures range between 25 to 31 degrees Celsius. Aloasirbin might get in November and May. Winter: May to October. Temperatures range between 15 to 25 degrees Celsius. Of sea temperature around 27 degrees Celsius during summer and 22 degrees Celsius during the winter

The census is a population of Mauritius Panel variety of races, cultures and religions, living with each of the religions of Islam and Western Christianity and ethnic Creole, Chinese and Tamil together in perfect harmony, where is this harmony between all cultures and races a absorptions to the island. This rich cultural heritage and stunning range of mosques, churches and temples is evident in every corner.

After the independence of the Republic of British colonial rule decided a plethora of Europeans - especially the British - the country's stability and not to return to the mother country, due to the natural beauty of the islands near the strategic Mofha and international shipping lines between each of Africa, Asia and the Americas. These community economic elite in the republic as well as other communities Kalbannanyen, Egyptians and others. In general, the bilingual inhabitants of Mauritius, where they speak both French and English fluently. The official language of the island is English, but French and Creole are sprawling more in addition to the existence of several oriental languages ​​are also

Until the night of independence in 1968, was the economy of Mauritius is supported on the production and export of sugar only. In the seventies of the last century, the island began to diversify its economy by encouraging the establishment of export-dependent companies in the export processing zone and the development of the tourism economy.

Eighties: in the early eighties, the government launched a program directed Nhh Amendments intensive development of economic development through export, agricultural diversification and expansion of the tourism market. As a result of this program, the manufacturing sector led economic growth in Mauritius during the eighties where he became the most successful export processing zone to attract foreign investment and the largest single-owner business.
Nineties: the Export Processing Zone has become heavily dependent on textile and clothing industry during the past thirty years. The nineties saw a great variety and the entry of Mauritius to the advanced sectors such as IT, engineering and design jewelry. Also developed sectors of ports and sea lines with the expectation of the services sector to play a key role in the growth of the economy in the future

 New Millennium: In the period between 2000 - 2005, were identified new sectors of growth, in particular the outsourcing of work (outsourcing), processing seafood, shopping tax-freeschemes integrated resorts, which allowed foreigners for the first time ownership in Mauritius.Assisting the Government of India, was founded the city of Eben digital in order to attract foreign investment and create jobs in the outsourcing business. The campaign was launched transformMauritius into a paradise for shopping exempt from taxes at the same time. Since 2005, it became easy to reach Mauritius by air, which is active tourism and make it one of the most important factors of economic growth.

 Were also adopted additional measures to liberalize the economy and attract foreign investment from all over the world and to invite foreigners to work and live in Mauritius. There are also many projects, plans integrated resorts under development, which would reform the economy in spite of resistance from some parties. Today, located Mauritian economy between the two layers of middle income and higher education, with an average annual growth during the past five years 5%, while the adoption of additional measures to liberalize the economy and open to the world, the government has certainly follow up on human rights issues in Africa and not be ignored. The preservation of the environment of the most important priorities of the government, where she worked hard to preserve the natural beauty of the island despite the accelerated rate of economic growth over the past decade

The population of the country's nearly 1.2 million people in 2006, follow the Hindu religion claim they make up 50% of the population, while Christians make up 32% of the population (73% of whom are Roman Catholic) The Muslims, while 17% is about 1% of the population are atheists or agnostics or other religious

The population of the island in agriculture, working in agriculture, 24% of the workforce, and sugar cane plantations cover half of the island, and represents the most important sugar exports, sugar cane is grown along with tea, tobacco and some food grains, an important trade and tourism on the island