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الأربعاء، 29 يونيو 2011

Tourism on the island of Malta

The island of Malta, the smallest EU countries, located south of Sicily in Italy, an area not exceeding 27 km in length and 14 kilometers wide and is famous for Btksha warm sunshine and beautiful beaches.
The number of residents of the island of "Malta" between four hundred thousand people because of the small area of ​​the country, the proportion of population density is very high, approximately 1200 people for you to box this ratio makes it the third highest country in the world in terms of population density is 94% of the country's population live in cities .
The tourism and light industry, the backbone of the economy of Malta, is famous for its textile industry, jewelry, jewelry of silver and gold, pottery, blown glass and handmade objects that Maltese is creative in its formation

Malta is a tourist destination, where first-class destination for tourists to enjoy the beautiful scenery and a request for sun and sand beaches and a mountainous spacious field for the lovers of water sports for both skiers above the water or diving
Gathered Malta between the date with the latest manifestation of global tourism, tourism, archaeological Cup runners in Europe with Africa and Arabia, they crowded the effects of historical events, and features Arabic is still the dominant on the Maltese people, such as generosity and intimacy, and most tourists come from the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Libya, numbering nearly half a million people per year
.The tourists can Note intermingling of Arab and European civilizations tend to Malta, where the Italian appearance of buildings, and the touch of Arabian horses in the wood, which occupies oriels Introduction homes.
The tourist can visit Qotain of fortresses on the same day, as the area of ​​Malta are small and these Kulatan are the "fortress city" Arabic, which has retained much of the manifestations of life, the old Arabic in Malta, and the castle of "Knights of St John" one of the castles famous medieval, these two Kulatan do yield to the tourists the idea of ​​complete civilizations which Ametzjta to make modern Malta, and the best way to explore is on foot.
There are three areas in Malta, considered by UNESCO World Heritage: the capital, Valletta, where Bozktha famous historical temple Migalit, Allve dating back to the Stone Age, and the Temple of the event Saflina, Allve dating back three thousand years

Malta is geographically situated within the African continent, but politically within the continent of Europe.
The country consists of three islands are inhabited: Malta, and Goudec Commune, and the uninhabited islands: potentials, and doubles as the island of St. Paul. This arose in the islands for remnants arrived geographical, once linking the continents of Europe, Africa, the country's climate is a Mediterranean climate. Monthly average temperatures range between 12 and 26 degrees Celsius, while it is 19 degrees Celsius on average for the whole year. Rainfall of approximately 500 mm, falling mostly in winter months
The most important Rkaún Maltese economy are agriculture, fishing and tourism. Company Malta Dry Docks (Malta Drydocks) is the largest operator of employment in the country and the second largest shipbuilding dock in Europe, with the presence of company Maltese another claims company fortunes Azzopardi (AJD TUNA), the largest company in the Mediterranean basin specialized fishing sea, especially fishing and fish farming blue fin tuna, and most tourists come from the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Libya, numbering about a year half a million people. The years 1992 to establish a stock market in Malta. There are strong trade ties with Italy and Libya

..There is no railway network on the island, in contrast, there is a dense bus network linking most parts of Malta each other, especially around the capital Valletta. The history of this network to the era of British colonialism. International airport located in Luke, there is no line of helicopters on the island of Malta Gozo link. There is also a movement phrases several times a day going to Gozo, while the rarest is the movement to the island of Comino.
With the knowledge that I have a Malta a small island, a source of income of the Arab countries, especially Libya, known Maltese smuggling Libyan oil cheap to European shores, especially Malta, the state of Malta is the beneficiary of this process, which is the amount of 4 million liters per week in the summer months

Maltese culture influenced by its neighbors and Manlleha throughout history, particularly the north of Italy and Britain (the former colonial power), language is also influenced by the Arab countries to the south. As mentioned above, the strong influence of the church in the country. Malta tried to fight the Italian cultural influence in the country through the adoption of English as an official language, especially in education. Now an Italian television channels, many first Ambassador of Italy in the homes the Maltese, Italians, followed by tourists visiting the country in the thousands annually.
  Traffic system in Malta Alangleza follow the system, ie, driving on the left of the street. Maltese folk dance is a dance similar to the Italian and the Arab Maghreb, through groups, Men's and Women's intertwined hands. Italian cuisine common in Malta. Maltese are known to proximity to human Maghreb, which dealt with throughout their history.
There are three areas in Malta, considered by UNESCO World Heritage: the capital, Valletta, where the famous historical Bozktha, Migalit temple, which dates back to the Stone Age, and the Temple of Sflana case, which dates back three thousand years BC. M

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