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الثلاثاء، 28 يونيو 2011

Tourism on the island of Crete / Greece

Or Crete Crete (Greek: Κρήτη) is the largest Greek islands and the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. And its almost 35 ° u, 24 ° S. It overlooks the Aegean Sea on the south and although the area of ​​not more than 8336 square kilometers and a population of less than half a million people are of the most important islands of Greece in terms of cultural importance. Stands where the mountain range stretching from east to west and is bordered by rocky shores. The highest peak is the peak Bsaluretes which reaches a height of 2456 meters above sea level. In this series spread olive groves and grapevines, cultivated corn and tobacco

 Most long time ago in this island of civilization Minoan relative to the legendary King Minos, who founded the civilization and urbanization in the island for nearly 4000 years and soon the distinctive beauty of this culture palaces and the magnificent buildings that Sptt control over the entire Aegean. This is still a prominent landmark in their history.
The island remained a subsidiary of the Empire Byzantine until opened by the Abu Hafs Omar Albulouti Andalusian, which established the Emirate of it, then Malbut that restored him to the Byzantine emperor Nagafor the second year 960 and then watered, however, the Venetians in 1204 during the Fourth Crusade, included the island to Greece in 1913 after centuries of Ottoman rule.
Known to Arabs as the "Crete" and known to Turks as "Dzet." It is an island rectangular length between the West and the East 255 km, and the largest width of 50 kilometers, an area of ​​8331 km, and is the land of Crete in the middle, where there are mountains in the line running from east to west, and the highest peaks of up to 2456 meters, where the mountains Oadha Urus. Coast of the island and surrounded by coastal plains, and descend to a short fast-flowing rivers, and enjoy the coast of North Island with a number of natural bays serve as ports, and most of its cities on the north coast ports

Manakhittan two regions in Crete, the Mediterranean and North Africa. Mild climate of Crete in the original, but increasing atmospheric humidity sometimes depending on how close to the sea. Winter nice and mild, and snow falls in mountainous areas. In summer the temperature ranges between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius, except the south coast, which includes forest and mountains Misara Ostirosea, which is located in the North African climatic zone characterized by solar days more, and temperatures are high in the summer. May be the best time to visit Crete is spring and autumn chapter

Live in Crete about 800 thousand people and belong to multiple items, most of the Greeks, then the Turkish community and reached the island during the Islamic rule to them. The population of the island in agriculture, producing wheat, corn, olives, grapes and citrus, also working in the trades sector, including marine fish and sponges as hunting and trade outside their island, and there are a number of other works in grazing and traditional industries