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الثلاثاء، 28 يونيو 2011

Tourism in Yemen

Yemen is still a tourist destination very interesting .. Diverse natural component; and depth historical and cultural heritage; and attendance is important for the civilization of Yemen in the system of civilization of the High Commissioner, all of which are a source of inspiration for many people, raise their curiosity to visit Yemen in order to know a lot about this country, which was known as "Arabia Felix". Importance of tourism to Yemen derived from this rich heritage, and therefore tourism; the basis of this inheritance, should represent an important benefit in the formal agenda, now and in the future, at the time a development is one of the largest and most important challenges facing Yemen.
My Love God the Almighty Yemen varied terrain paint a visitor Panel stunning and map of the nature of a comprehensive, combining the plains and towering mountains, basins and fertile valleys, hills, hills, beaches, deserts and climate of a diverse coastal, desert and mountain, That reflected this diversity in the land and climate in cultural diversity included the social habits of people, their clothing, Muruthathm People , in addition to the diversity of archaeological inventory in each region resulting from the long history and civilization in the depths of the extended time, making Yemen a unique privacy and do not own many of the countries

All these ingredients give Yemen a great opportunity to be one of the key countries in the tourist industry in the Arab region, but it remains subject to the flow of large investments in this sector and to establish the elements of a tourist industry to be one of the main sources of income and a tool for achieving balanced development and strengthening of economic integration among the regions of different .
The advantage of the availability of resources, Yemen and the foundations of a variety of tourist attractions in the whole tourism such as cultural and historical elements of the monuments and historical civilizations of the ancient Yemeni states (a - Saba - Thamud returned - and the people who followed).
It also represents the cities of Yemen and its art unique architectural traditional souks multiple and distinct and traditional industries are also a tributary of the cultural tourism product in addition to the Yemeni customs, traditions and cultural traditions and folk arts, which helped the different geographical diversity and environmental enrichment and diversity. Tourism also represents one of the beaches, diving attractions Yemen has a coastline stretching more than 2500 km on the Red Sea and the Strait of Bab and the Gulf of Aden and Arabian Sea

There are a large number of Yemeni islands with natural features a beautiful and attractive for marine tourism and diving tourism and recreation ... and others. In addition to the mountainous heights multi characterized by the beauty of nature and picturesque Madrjadtha green permanent and especially in the summer of each year and tops and slopes and caverns and caves, and can exploit these mountains to View and summer and sport climbing and walking tourism.
As well as the natural diversity and climate Altdharysa multi-Yemen, and collaboration with the wealth and the balance of a civilized, cultural and humanitarian and historical enormous, and the impact of the creation of integrated mix and diverse for one of the most important tourism product unique to the level of the Arabian Peninsula, and to highlight the types of new tourism and contemporary, including adventure tourism, according to the latest classification of the types of tourism products internationally recognized

 This diversity beautiful, reflected in the fun of tourism in Yemen, of various types that do not start at Tourism climbing hard on the chains and mountain peaks towering and widespread in Yemen, just as it does not end at the diving tourism in the depths of the sea where the coral reefs, captivating, and tourism paragliding and gliding, riding waves and outdoor living population of the desert on the way conventional to primitive man, where European tourists flock of fans to Yemen in search of adventure tourism for a bus full of secrets and memories that never leave the memory.

 He Yemen, one of the best tourist destinations on the map of international tourism, says his World Tourism Organization, "Yemen tourist destination, welcoming and attractive and unique in its culture and civilization and the diversity of landforms, and possession of the elements of tourism resorts and water sports for the balance of cultural and historical enormous, and considered the cradle of the oldest civilizations in the world that still evidence of some place so far and some of them disappeared, including Ahqaf - returned (the first) and seen by historians as before the Pharaohs, in addition to the civilizations of other historical extends older than 5000 years BC, the most important civilizations (SABA, Osan, Kingdom of a particular civilization Hadramout , Himyarites, and others. as it is home to Arabs and Arab Arabh extinct,

 . And containment of Yemen for many scientific centers and Enlightenment, and the tombstones in a large number of areas of Yemen and the possession of the balance of diversified tourism comes in the forefront of adventure tourism and tourism climbing in the mountains and most famous of these mountains and the most fun to practice this kind of tourism all full of its risk and adventure and hardship, climbing the summit of Mount Prophet Shuaib west of the capital Sanaa, a height of 3,600 meters above sea level, and the mountain ranges west of the city of Mahweet Yemen stunning Bmaangtha of clouds and fog and clothe the stands and agricultural areas of family trees famous Yemeni coffee.
In addition to the Haraz Mountains and other mountains, which is characterized by caves, caves, springs, waterfalls and various sulfate minerals. And on the tops of the mountains of Yemen, highlights another kind of fun adventure tourism, is in the sport of hang gliding and paragliding, which emerged in the last ten years as a kind of tourism new in Yemen, which Tgdb thousands per year from the fans this topic of sport in Europe and promising too such as this type of tourism in the coming years especially with the implementation of a number of pilots and paratroopers Acharaian the French and Germans, and Yemenis for a number of aviation programs and mass flight in different regions of Yemen

The trade routes Yemeni ancient route incense and frankincense associated with civilization of Yemen the old one the attractions of tourism desert, which makes the adventure in these methods interesting and very enjoyable, and most important of these roads (roads from now) caramel Sbotain (Marib) - Shibuya old (freeing) - and the bad, and other

Yemen possesses elements of many natural together constitute the main factors and secondary to the medical tourism based mainly on sources of Spa treatment, which is frequented by many people, especially in the Alhuyemi (pilgrimage), Tbalh (Hadramaut), Bath Sokhna (South East Hodeidah), bath long as you (Dali ), Dees East (Hadramaut) Bath Ali (Dhamar) and other areas

Yemen possesses elements of many natural together constitute the main factors and secondary to the medical tourism based mainly on sources of Spa treatment, which is frequented by many people, especially in the Alhuyemi (pilgrimage), Tbalh (Hadramaut), Bath Sokhna (South East Hodeidah), bath long as you (Dali ), Dees East (Hadramaut) Bath Ali (Dhamar) and other cities

 Located in Hadramout are lots of other natural hot water treatment temperature ranging between 40 and 65 degrees Celsius. And these sites are
· Ma'ayan Hassan - Protector
· Ma'ayan Awad - Tbalh
· Ma'ayan Alsoiber - Dees East
· Ma'ayan K - Tbalh
· Aimed Ma'ayan - Tbalh
· Ma'ayan minimum - Tbalh
· Ma'ayan merchants - Tbalh

And all the therapeutic nature of these sites frequented by people every day throughout the year to recover from diseases, God willing.
Old Sanaa neighborhood pools are:
· Sultan Bath
· Bath thanked
· Bath Agazzala
· Bath Sheba
· Bath aorta
· Bath Toshi
· Bath Yasser
· Bath field
· Bath Alquah

And spread in all lanes of Old Sana'a and water supply from wells where he was followed all the hot water of the Bear or more, and it is believed that the Old Bath Sheba, as well as Yasser bath, which may be attributed to the king Hameeri "Yasser Ihnam"

  The rest of the bathrooms is attributable to the different stages of its history from the era of Islam
· Bath Punic
· Bath Ali
It is believed to date back to (the sixteenth century AD), the date of the neighborhood by the Ottomans during the first period of their rule Yemen.
· Sultan Bath
· Bath-Mutawakkil
· Bath Alves
And dates back to the early (eighteenth century AD) when he created the Imam-Mutawakkil "denominator" a number of service facilities in the neighborhood of the bottom of the baths

Environmental Tourism
The features of Islamic civilization in the mosques and shrines, including the Great Mosque (Sana'a), soldiers and a mosque, a mosque, the people of the cave (Taiz), a mosque and tomb of Sheikh Ahmed Bin Alwan (Taiz), inclusive Aidarous (Aden).
Historic mosques in the province of Dhamar:
Darkness of the area are numerous historic mosques in the isolation of the Directorate, including, for example, "Mosque of the bag in the isolation of the Bani Asad Makhlav Razeh" and the Mosque of the choir "in the chorus of Makhlav isolation between the Sea."
The majority of mosques in the Directorate of the darkness of the old mosques built that dates to ancient historical periods

Shrines in the province of Dhamar:
A multitude of shrines and domes of the parents and the righteous, for example, "Ahumaidh, Sharm Alsavl, and the migration deprived" and others, a wooden coffins decorated with motifs strong bars vegetable and written and geometric forms, all executed on wood in a way engravings, and still a number of shrines in place and the situation good.
- Shrine and mosque crab: one of the most important shrines in the Directorate of Immigration deprived of Makhlav called.
Yemen wooden shrines known since the early (seventh century) is the tomb of "purgatory Mohammed crab" of the most important because it has a date closer to reality than any other, the shrine was built on twenty of the month argument Year (1076 Hijri).