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الأربعاء، 29 يونيو 2011

Tourism in Tartous / Syria

Tartous is the southern part of the waterfront's western Syria. Beach with a length of 90 km of the border are barred from the south to the River Age north and the province of Latakia and strewn in front of several islands (Arwad - Abbas - ants - Abu Ali) and the island inhabited only is the island of Arwad, which lies 5 km from Tartous and 2.5 km from the shore of the depth of the province of Mediterranean west to east with a maximum of the provinces of Homs and Hama 36 km and an area up to 1890 km 2.
Coastal plains: Akkar depth of 16 km was the right place for the settlement of the Amorite and the Phoenician and narrows north of Tartus to a depth of / 4 / km even in the lawless west of Banias castle observatory.
Mountainous region: a part from the mountains of the Syrian coast, which extends from the Iskenderun mountain ranges north to south elevations ranging from 400-700 m and increasing to more than 1300 m-cool exterior when the Prophet and the Prophet Saleh and other mountain peaks

 Tartus is located at the confluence of longitude 35 ° -52 minutes -30 seconds. Latitude 33 degrees -30 minutes -30 seconds. And thus enjoy a mild climate (Mediterranean climate) on the coast and a temperate climate and italic for the cooler on the mountain slopes in summer and cold in the winter rain on the coast, with snow on the mountain slopes.
The annual rate of rain / 1000 / mm in some areas of the province more than 1800 mm
Distributed in the province of Tartus archeological sites, cities and castles among the mountains until Qqm Sea coast originated by the greatness of Arwad (Arados) and flourished Amuru (Tel Kzel) (Simira) and has Awsnato and Tartous Amrit has been named the first name of Entrados

 The effects of Tartous important: -
o Castle Qadmous
o Cave Castle
o Castle observatory
o Castle Yohmor
o Castle Khawabi
o Castle bush
o Castle or monsters
o Castle Aeryma
o Castle Arwad
o Tower Mier Shaker
o Tower Safita
o Church of the fish
o city of Amrit archaeological and tourist
o Pino Khikhi (Fort Solomon)
o City Taratos archaeological
o Tal Karni
o City Abandara archaeological
o City Awsno archaeological
o Tel River hippocampus
o fortress Solomon (Almlajh - the town of Creatine
o Cave Naghos (town Creatine)
o Cave Alqasomah
o Cave Valley House
o Cathedral of Tartous) ** Tel Smarjan

 · City of Tartous, which is a beautiful city with its distinctive character, the second Syrian port on the Mediterranean, and Tartous Phoenician city old has a lot of monuments around town, and the Phoenicians call it a name (Tourosa) The Byzantines Vosmoha (Entrados) and flourished in the stages of history are many and the ships were sailing of them loaded with goods to the ports of the Mediterranean and in addition to raised important is the museum with a lot of discoveries and important museum building is the cathedral magnificent Roman times, and Tartous modern where all elements of tourism, modern hotels restaurants, parks tourist villages, beautiful beaches and will soon be opening the largest tourist resort in the Middle East where (Project Junadah bus) and the surrounding area of mountains and green forests in which they can see the view of the sea Banias * Banias second city to maintain its distinct and overlooking the castle imposing is the castle observatory in Banias, a lot of monuments and famous by Organization petroleum refinery Banias oil and surrounded by orchards, forests and mountains Add the green shores of beautiful

· City Mashta sweet from the resorts famous in Syria away from Tartous Province about 55 km is famous for viable tourism many the resort a world class (resort Mashta sweet) and are available in many hotels, restaurants, guest houses and all tourist services, high-end faces great moderate in summer and in winter the snow-covered and thus resort in the summer months and perfect in the winter months in the wonderful region, the more you can visit the site: site Mashta sweet.
· Safita city is characterized by a beautiful mountain town surrounded by its development of urban landscapes on each side is famous for the huge Bbergha archaeological center of the city where there are excellent hotels and all tourist services.
· City Draykish 35 km from the city of Tartous, which are of a climate of mountains and clean air and stunning views, springs, metal canteens and Recreation in large seated on the river Kish, and between the folds of the mountains, and is famous for Draykish Natural Mineral Waters and sericulture where there is a silk factory natural and there are many archaeological sites are Syrian and a famous summer resort Tesht

 · Ulkipron beautiful resort and has a particularly attractive when many hotels, restaurants, cafes, parks and water fountains and is surrounded by forests and greenery and the beauty of nature on every side.
· Of Sheikh Badr important cities in the province of Tartus and a lot of historic areas, a city leader, Sheikh Saleh Al Ali revolution against the mountains of the coast of French colonialism, and near the city a number of caves and cave and surrounded by picturesque nature.
· Arwad and located opposite the city of Tartus, the island was called the great historical (formerly Arados) in several castles and the Museum of the boring popular control a large part of the Syrian coast is famous since ancient industry, ships and boats, where the number of restaurants and cafes, wonderful sea

The town of Creatine is a town Creatine (Hamana), a name out of Byzantine and meaning of the castle protected due to its geographical location between the high mountains overlooking the Mediterranean coast and divided streets and neighborhoods of the town, on four hills of mountainous and divided neighborhoods then gradually from the top of mountain peaks boiled fertile valleys green, a town -rich springs that exudes from basalt rock and has a history of witnessing richness scientists astronomers and scientists of religion, politics, and a large number of parks and owns the following villages (from east) House monk - House Cnbur - Jouret buffalo - Dahr Creatine - House of generosity - (Western) Jeras - Hbabh - Almlajh - Bjmrh - rip Souiri]] - Hbabh village: The village Hbabh of picturesque villages and beautiful overlook and is characterized by dramatic scenery and nature

 Enjoy Tartous beauty of nature where green mountains, forests, lakes, magnificent beaches and tourist villages and spread resorts in various areas of the province, as well as the large number of archeological sites made ​​Tartous Bmdnha and having its head office and Massaifaa kiss for tourists, where there are hotels, restaurants and natural parks and beaches are linked to Tartus with the provinces of Syria and the cities and towns to maintain network modern highways, roads and railway lines to modern. Held in Tartous Festival tour an annual festival of Tartous tourist place where Valiat technical and greet artists and singers, singers Syrians and Arabs, and offers cultural and heritage and is held in the month of July of each year, in addition to a number of cultural festivals and tourism that are held in different regions of the province

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