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Tourism in Sicily / Italy

Sicily (Italian: Sicilia) "Sychelaa uttered," Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean, and autonomous regions in Italy. Small islands around islands such as Alajulih is part of Sicily. Its official name is the autonomous region Sicily.
Most of its history of Sicily occupied a strategic position is crucial. This is due in large part to its importance in the Mediterranean trade routes were considered part of the region where the Magna Gracia Syracuse Cicero described as the greatest and most beautiful city in ancient Greece, Archimedes is one of the greatest scientists and mathematicians in the ancient world Sicilian origin and was born in the city of Syracuse.
The island state in itself one of the stages in its history. The influence extended from Palermo, Sicily, southern Italy and Malta. Later became part of the Two Sicilies under the Bourbons, which was the capital of the Kingdom of Naples and the island and included most of southern Italy. Resulted in the unification of Italy in 1860 to resolve the Kingdom of Sicily became an autonomous region in the Kingdom of Italy. Sicily today's self-rule region in Italy. The area of ​​Sicily 25.708 km2 (9926 square miles), making it the largest Italian Regions and the area has a population of just over five million people

Sicily has a rich culture and unique, especially with regard to the arts, music, literature, cuisine, architecture and language, which was the cradle of some of the greatest and most influential figures in history. Sicilian economy is based largely on agriculture (mainly orange and lemon). This has brought the Italian countryside and natural beauty of Sicily tourists frequently in modern times the importance of Sicily also archaeological sites and ancient necropolis Pantileka such as temples and the Valley.
Suffer Alskulaian politics and economics of organized crime
Extensions of Sicily's population are three specific groups of ancient people in Italy. Most prominent and oldest people Sikana, who, according to Thokededs reached the island from the Iberian Peninsula (perhaps Catalonia discovered historical evidence important in the form of graphics caves painted Alsikana and covers the period from the end of the era of the Ice Age around 8000 BC. M associated with the arrival of the first humans with extinct hippopotamus pygmy, elephants dwarf . Alalemyin believed to be returning to the Aegean Sea and were second tribe migrated to Sicily to join the Sakanyen

Although there is no evidence of any war between the tribes, when Alelimeon settled in the northwest corner of the island Alsikanaon moved to the east. Arrived Alsakolion of the Italian mainland the main nearly in 1200 BC. M and believed they Uighur from Liguria, which prompted the Alsakanyen again to settle in the center of the island groups Italic other small inhabited island Alawscenion (islands Alajulih Milazzo) and Almorgat (Morjantina). There are many studies on the genetic records, which show mixed population of different regions of the Mediterranean with the oldest inhabitants of Sicily. Among these peoples the Egyptians, Phoenicians, Iberians and Phoenicians settled the island by the early Greeks. The name of a Phoenician Palermo

Sicily is known since ancient times, form the triangle almost giving it the name Trinaccraa. Separated from the Italian region of Calabria in the Middle Messina Strait. The distance between the island and the Italian mainland across the Strait of Messina, about 3 km (2 mi) in the north and about 16 km (10 miles) south of the strait is characterized by a mountainous island with a scene heavy. Major mountain chains and is Nbroda Madouni Baloretani in the north and northeast, while the mountains in the south-east Alheiblianih geologically a continuation of the Apennines of Italy. The mine and I Caltanissetta leader in the production of sulfur during the nineteenth century but has fallen since the fifties of the last century.
Sicily and the surrounding small islands of exciting the attention of volcanologists. Mount Etna, which is located in the eastern part of the mainland to Sicily, up 3320 meters (10,890 feet) is the highest active volcano in Europe, the most active one in the world

 Alajulih islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea to the north-east of Sicily, Stromboli volcanic complex containing the currently active as well as three volcanoes are dormant and Volkanillo Volcano and Lipari. Off the southern coast of Sicily there Verdinaye underwater volcano which is part of the largest volcano Empedclais which last erupted in 1831. Agrigento is situated between the coast and the island of Pantelleria (which is itself a dormant volcano) on Vlegrean Fields in the Strait of Sicily
  The island is difficult for a number of rivers flowing through most of the central region and enters the sea in the south of the island. Saleso River flows through parts of Caltanissetta and I before entering the Mediterranean Sea at the port of Licata. To the east there is the River Alcantara in the province of Messina, which expires in Giardini Naxos and Simito River which flows into the Ionian Sea south of Catania. Other important rivers on the island located in the south and west such as Bilishe Blatani

Sicily is known for a long time Petrptha fertile and gentle climate and natural beauty. There is a long hot growing season, but frequently during the summer drought. Agriculture is the main economic activity but is hampered by the long and absentee ownership of agricultural roads and irrigation is primitive enough. The establishment of the Development Fund for southern Italy in 1950 by the national government to the reforms in Macleh land and an increase in the amount of land available for agriculture and general development of the island's economy. Nevertheless, the mafia and that still impede effective government efforts to make reforms in the region of Sicily is still very low per capita income and high unemployment rates, although the number of workers employed in the "black" or in the work of unreported

 Weather sunny and dry in Sicily as well as landscapes and cuisine, history and architectural factors attract many tourists from Italy itself and from other countries. Peak tourist season in the summer months, although the tourists are on the island year round. Includes bookmarks with tourists Mount Etna, beaches, archaeological sites and major cities such as Catania and Palermo, but the town of Taormina, the ancient and Resort Giardini Naxos nearby attracts visitors from all over the world, as is the case of islands Alajulih and Arichi and Chevalo and Syracuse and Agrigento. The latter includes some of the best preserved Greek temples. Take many of the cruise ship terminal in the Mediterranean island of Sicily, the island will also visit many wine tourists.

Often portrays the people of Sicily, they are very proud to Bdzerthm, identity and culture, and it is not unusual to describe the same people they Skulaion before they were Italians, despite the presence of major cities such as Palermo and Catania, Messina and Syracuse, the stereotyped image of Sqliyn hint usually to the people of the countryside, for example, Coppola is one of the most important symbols of identity and Sicilian origins back in the hat to the flat countryside of northern England, which reached the island in 1800, when King Alborboni Ferdinand fled to Sicily, the first under the protection of the British Royal Navy
Sicily subject to the control of different cultures, including the Italic peoples, Romans, Vandals, Greeks, Byzantines, Normans and Muslims. Contributed to all of those civilizations in the culture of the island, particularly in the areas of the kitchen and architecture. Most Sicilians tend to link themselves closely in southern Italy because of common history

The population of the island of Sicily, about five million and ten million more people of Sicilian origin all over the world. Reside mainly North America, Argentina, Australia and other European countries. As is current with the rest of Southern Italy, immigration to the island is very low compared with other regions of Italy, where workers tend to go north because of improved employment opportunities in northern Italy. Show latest figures of the National Institute of Statistics there are about 100 thousand immigrants out of a population of 5 million, or 2% of the population; a Roman largest minority counts about 17 thousand people, followed by Tunisians, Moroccans, Sri Lankans, dairy and other in most of Eastern Europe

Associated with Sicily has long been the arts and many of the poets, writers, philosophers, thinkers, architects and painters. Can return history to the Archimedes Greek philosopher, a native of Syracuse who became a famous one of the greatest mathematicians Gorjias and Empedclais two of the early philosophers Sicilian Greeks, while he was Abicarmos Aserqosj innovative comedy began the golden age of poetry Sicily in the early thirteenth century through the school Sicilian, which had a significant impact. Some of the most famous personalities in the field of poetry and writing are Luigi and Salvatore Berandelo Koizimodo and Faneziano Antonio and Giovanni Verga. On the political side, a number of Sicilian philosophers like Giovanni Gentile who wrote the doctrine of fascism and Julius Aafulla

   Famous island Balkhozviac, goes back ceramic art in Sicily to the indigenous peoples of old Alsakanyen, also developed her occupation during the era, the Greek is still a prominent and distinct to this day are the paintings Tkulaidatan Hapetan prominent in Sicily, both Mstouhtan out Normanni; cart Sicilian a panel of the wooden carts decorated with complex scenes from Normanih romantic poems, such as pay tribute to Roland told the same stories in the traditional puppet theater or Bobby de Teatro, which features handmade wooden dolls that depict the Normans and Muslims engage in mock battles. These offers are particularly popular in Ochiraala. Famous painters of the Renaissance Sicilian artist Antonello da Messina, Renato Gotoso and Greek-born Giorgio de Chirico, who usually called the "father of the surrealist art" and the founder of Metaphysical art movement

 The family is the heart of Sicilian culture as it always has for generations. Living family members often near each other and sometimes in the same apartment complex. Living sons and daughters are usually with parents until marriage, which tends to delay now compared to what it was previously. Today, couples are having fewer children than ever before, but infants and children have a lot of reverence in the Sicilian culture and almost always accompany their parents to social events

Sicilian weddings luxury, expensive, traditional and are usually in the church. The Catholic Church is a major player in the important Sicilian life. Held almost all public places crosses on the walls and contain most of the houses Sicilian images and statues of saints and other relics. Each town has its patron saint and the city's, and during the days of Eid processions adorn the streets and fireworks displays

 Of Sicilian religious festivals also Brisibe Wiwenta (Mashhad birth of Christ), who are rejoicing at the time of birth. Combine religion and folklore deftly in the village of Sicily from the nineteenth century witnessed the birth of Christ, where a scene wearing people of all ages fashion of that period and adopts some of the Holy Family, while others take the role of workers and craftsmen. Usually ended a long plunger with the arrival of the Magi on horseback.
The oral tradition plays a major role in Sicilian folklore. The transmission of many stories from generation to generation of personal-called "Giova." These include Personal File Sharing features of Sicilian culture as well as carrying moral messages

 Sicilians also enjoy the outdoor festivals that take place in the domestic arena, venue of the live music and dancing on stage, exhibitions or food Sagura where held in the booths surrounding the arena. These kiosks provide various local specialties as well as the typical Sicilian food. Usually these events ending with fireworks. Of the most famous is the Alsagura Sagura del Karceoffo or artichoke festival held annually in Ramaka in April / May. Carnivals take place in the famous Sicilian Ochiraala and Misterbianco and Regalboto and Patrno and Shaka and Termini Ammersee