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الاثنين، 27 يونيو 2011

Tourism in Sharm el Sheikh / Egypt

Sharm el-Sheikh is the largest city in South Sinai Governorate is the center of international tourism. Famous for its diving. South of Ras Mohamed are natural.
Are located in and around the most important natural reserves in Ras Mohammed and Nabq. In the face of Sharm el-Sheikh there are islands of Tiran and Sanafir at the entrance to the Gulf of Aqaba .. One of the main areas and Ras Nasrani Ras Umm Sid to the Ras Mohammed.
Each day, The city of Sharm el-Sheikh in South Sinai Governorate new, so that yesterday had discovered something different if I had today. This is the truth that turned with the vast desert and high mountains at the crossroads of the Gulf of Aqaba and the Gulf of Suez and Red Sea to the modern city in 10 years only, which qualified the Sharm el-Sheikh to win the award by UNESCO for being selected among the top five cities of peace in the world among 400 cities worldwide.
The Sharm el-Sheikh of the newest areas for recreation and relaxation in the world, and within ten years has become more than 150 hotels, most are designed to be a resort, that is, the hotel itself enriches the tourist searching for fun and recreation in another place, The hotel in which all entertainment

There are restaurants and luxurious that are happy tourists, including offer of food east and west, in addition to cafes and nightclubs confused tourist to choose between them, they are multiple activities, from horseback riding or play tennis, or amusement of children, to water skiing, or snorkeling or diving, where are tourism centers of diving activity is today a tourism that attracts large numbers of unusual and reflected by the increase in the number of these centers, reaching 346 centers in 2005., Egypt has 3 sites designated as one of the top 3 dive sites in the world.
Or trips to enjoy the wealth of water and natural water, which can be viewed by tourists in the sea, a glass on his boat. Has visited British Prime Minister Tony Blair on his visit to Egypt as tourism has had French President Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife in their tour in Egypt.
Sharm El Sheikh is always referred to as "the land of peace" or "city of peace" because the land is witnessing conferences and summits on peace and many of the political, scientific conferences and tourism
President Mubarak has hosted many international figures and held many conferences at home and in order to support world peace in general. Among these the following conferences
1 - Peace Summit of 1996, attended by leaders of some 70 countries and international organizations including the presidents of Egypt and the United States, Russia, France and the Palestinian Authority and the prime ministers of Germany, Canada, Japan, Spain, Italy, Israel and the kings of Morocco, Jordan and Saudi Arabia and the princes of Bahrain, Kuwait, the Secretary-General of the United Nations
2 - Group 15 summit, which was held for the first time in Egypt in 1998 and in Sharm el-Sheikh summit held alternately in one of the group countries.
3 - the Wye River agreement between the Palestinian leader, Yasser Arafat, like them, and Israel represented in Prime's estimated at the time, Ehud Barak, in September 1999 was attended by a Convention, King Abdullah of Jordan and President Mubarak and U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.
 4 - tripartite summit which was attended by President Mubarak and Mr. Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister at Camp David.
5 - Summit, President Mubarak and Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah in Sharm el-Sheikh to review the situation with the Arab and the peace process and bilateral cooperation.
6 - three-way summit that brought together President Mubarak and Crown Prince Abdullah and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to discuss the ongoing process of peace in the Middle East and focus on the field Syrian - Palestinian negotiations.
7 - Summit Presidents Mubarak and Assad in 1998 to review bilateral relations and latest developments at the level of the Syrian - Turkish for "Adana Agreement" security between the two countries have addressed the leaders of the peace process and the Convention on the resumption of negotiations on the Lebanese and Syrian tracks.
 8 - bilateral summits between the leaders of Egypt and Jordan to discuss the deteriorating situation in the occupied territories and pave the way for an Arab summit.
9 - Sharm el-Sheikh summit on 17 October 2000, which were considered the top leader called for by President Mubarak next to his call for the international community and the United States to put an end to the violence carried out by Israel in the occupied territories. The summit was attended by U.S. President Bill Clinton and King Abdullah of Jordan bin Al-Hussein and Palestinian President Yasser Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Barak and UN Secretary General Kofi Annan. On the sidelines of the summit, held various meetings with the responsibility of African and Arab countries and Europe. It was not between the summits and meetings is restricted only in the political field but also included conferences, industrial, economic and tourist
10 - and hosted the Sharm el-Sheikh in September 2000, the Strategic Forum for the World Trade Organization.
11 - donor conference held on the fifth of February 2002.
12 - Arab summit fifteen in Sharm el-Sheikh in March 2003.
13 - Arab summit - America was held in Sharm el-Sheikh on the third of June 2003. The summit discussed the peace process in the Middle East and the situation in Iraq and the fight against terrorism.
 Since peace is the one aspect of the peaceful coexistence of the hand and avoid the horrors of war on the other hand, we must convey to the new generations the urgent need for peace based on justice and equality. Under the theme of comprehensive and just peace, host city of Sharm el-Sheikh masses of young people of the globe to establish their camps on its territory. Under the banner of peace and friendship meet these meetings of the various religions, races and colors of love and brotherhood.
- In Sharm El Sheikh held a work camp brings together 150 participants from 20 European countries and African and Arab in August 1997. - In 1998, another camp was organized with over 300 young people from thirty countries and in an atmosphere of friendship and love for peace, expressing their determination to achieve world peace. - In 1999 Aandmt Fifty countries to the camps, which became one of the features Sharm el-Sheikh. Reflects the participants in these camps for their firm just and comprehensive peace, including the camps of different types of sports and cultural rights. Some of the information from the site of Sharm el-Sheikh Guide