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الثلاثاء، 28 يونيو 2011

Tourism in Rome / Italy

Rome (Italian: Roma) is the capital and largest city of Italy. Located in the center of the Italian State on the banks of the River Alteverh and a population of about 2,555,000 people. Province of Rome, the capital of about 3,615,972 people, and also the capital of the Lazio region around 5.27 million. Named after the Romans. The city was in ancient times, the Romanian capital of the empire and became the capital of modern Italy since 1871. Is the capital of the province of Latium, the administrative division of Rome.
For several centuries, called the eternal city of Rome, the title earned as one of the most important and greatest cities in Western civilization, the empire was the capital of Romania, and is now the spiritual heart of the Catholic Church of Romania. Since 1871 and is the capital of united Italy
Lies the Vatican State, the smallest country in the world, within the city limits of Rome. UNESCO added the old city center of Rome and the Church of St. Peter and Vatican City for the World Heritage List. Take all of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the International Fund for Agricultural Development and the World Food Programme of the city-based

 Alabrose]] in the east of the city, located in the north-eastern mountains located in southern Sabine Mountains milk. The city is located in the basin of the Tiber, which passes by each of the Tiber River and the River Oninh united before entering Rome. For the latitude and longitude on the Rome is located on 41.53 degrees longitude and 12.29 degrees East on the line. Called the rural area containing Pkambanea Romana Rome or in brief "Campania." Limit the province of Rome from the north of the province of Viterbo province of Rieti, from the Middle Province of L'Aquila in the state of Abruzzo, from the South County and the District of Fruseynona Latina

Rome is divided into 19 municipalities and 155 area. Municipalities make up the outskirts of the city. Has been introduced dividing the 19 municipalities only since the nineties of the previous century. They were in the past 20 municipalities, but were separated from the city municipality of Fiumicino to become an independent city administratively. The outskirts of Rome ROMANIAN numbered figures to denote the history of ancient Rome

 Affected by the climate of the location of the city of Rome, near the Mediterranean Sea. Average temperature throughout the year, 15.5 degrees Celsius, while the average rainfall 880 Malmitr. Months of July and August / August are the most months of the year with an average temperature of the temperature ranges 24.5 and 24.7 degrees Celsius. It is also more than two months two drier months of the year by the amount of rainfall: between 14 and 22 millimeters. Months October / October to December / December are the most months of the year by rainfall, with an average of 106 is to 128 millimeters. Coldest months, January is the average temperature of 6.9 ° C

After World War II, Rome has developed a broad base of industries, traditional products such as textiles, tourism souvenir equipped with printed materials, a sophisticated fashion industry, food industry and the pharmaceutical industry, paper industry and metal products. Addition to the movie industry is very important.

Rome is a central focal point in the railway system in Italy is linked to the motorway many parts of the country, and the airport is Leonardo da Vinci International, located near the sea coast, one of the most congested airports in Europe, which is also served by a network of train tunnels
Legend has it that Rome was founded by Romulus, with the help of his brother Ramos, who was their mother is Rhea Silvia a priestess in the temple of God Vista goddess of hearth and in the days when you were going to the garden god in March appeared to her in human form and raped her and was one of the hypotheses that the priestesses of the temple virgins jailing and the two were in a box and threw in the river until he settled on the beach Fund Frathma lupus had been placed Varedathma. Killed his brother and became the first king of the city. ROMANIAN ancient peoples were formed in the eighth or ninth century BC, when northern tribes came to the depth of the Italian peninsula to settle at the River Tiber.

For several centuries, over time, Rome was the most important city in the Western world, when the empire was the capital of Romania. With the emergence and spread of Christian vocation, Rome became the center of the Christian faith and the seat of the popes of the Catholic Church. In the Middle Ages, especially after the decline of the Romanian Empire, entered the era of darkness. Brighten the star again in the Renaissance and became one of the artists and literati of Italy the political capital of Europe.
Most large construction in the city that were built in outer suburbs such as the the EUR Blazo del Lavoro (Palace of the work). Allows a narrow construction within the center of Rome, for fear of exposure to the effects of the old city. Excavations are now huge in the old field (where the runway Colosseum). In general, the impact history of the city to build and clear. Any project for the development or expansion of an important building in the city is facing opposition, for example, faced the project of building garage parking under St. Peter's Square in 2000 vigorously opposed

Therefore, unlike other major European cities, the underground train network (subway) is very modest compared with those in Europe. Metro Line No. 3 has not been updated to now, for this reason. To maintain the old pattern of Rome had a negative impact on the outer suburbs of the city, has allowed construction at random times after the end of World War II, which produced a picture of a beautiful building construction is in these areas.
  The presence of a large number of churches in the city center and the high expenses of maintaining them make the building and care of other new churches in the suburbs difficult to achieve. The "public toilets for all the" old neglected which is not in the reality of today. Improve the status of Rome just after the election of political Rutelli of the Green Party in the nineties of the previous century. Under the jurisdiction of the Pope John Paul II lived the city Bharin the two largest in its history. I was in the liturgy, which was held during the World Youth Day events, where attended by about two million people. He also participated three to four million people at his funeral on April 8 / April 2005