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الثلاثاء، 28 يونيو 2011

Tourism in Rabat / Morocco

Cities such as women, each one of them, as they say, perfume and charm in memory. And Rabat, the administrative capital of Morocco is characterized by tourist flavor derived from the walls and gates and the archaeological museums and famous historical landmarks, entrenched in the foot. Was founded by the Almohad Yacoub El Mansour in 593 of migration corresponding to 1198.
If the city was a transit site for caravans tourist coming from abroad, they are recorded, although the proportion of housing is not significant, increase in number especially in the summer, the occasion of the festival's annual «balance», which has become an annual appointment favorite of many fans frequenting Vdhaeadtha vast and gardens Fayhaa, where the play calm, amid greenery, the Eternal Symphony

 Administrative city streets devoid of pedestrians in the first hours following the evening, to wake up tomorrow ready to catch the offices of government ministries and departments, where time flows such as the turtle continued heavy lazy relaxed and resigned to daydream.
This does not mean that the city remains deserted of people, or free movement, but the key attribute them throughout daylight hours, is the boom, what that flooded the morning sun enlightenment in the first moments of the morning, so turned to a cell a real ripple of vitality and enthusiasm, as if a young in the twenty-year-old full of love and hope and dream
Is the old historical city, this is true, but they are continually renewed, and qualify to embrace the future through new projects are in the majority of nature tourism and recreation and urban, such as the creation of banks of Bouregreg and directed its coast on the Atlantic Ocean from its isolation, the provision of infrastructure and tourism promotion capacity of hotels for the reception of guests and visitors

.Has been the hotel «Balem» for a long time shelter and a pilgrimage site for the political and media figures from inside and outside the home, the land where Rahal to his presence downtown and its proximity to the departments.
For as long as it bred political rumors such as fungus, and she fell governments, other governments stepped up its place! All of this in the sessions on coffee cups, or cups of mint tea in the cafe terrace, off Parliament.
Perhaps this is the strategic location of Hotel «Balem» is what won him fame sweeping in the popular imagination of Morocco, and make it into the contemporary history of his door wide, as a space meets the political elite and the press and cultural rights, agree and disagree and think out loud in discussions on topical issues and affairs and anxieties

At one stage, there was a «Sultan Balem» promote and comes, persists, and touring, as governor of a real, wearing the clothes the traditional afternoon, Bzleamh and Trbuch, while he, in fact, just a simple citizen taken from this appearance suggestive flaunt authority, a means and a source of income and fraud.
Many stories told about Mqalbh rhythm and many people, large and small, exploiting the naivete of some of them and confidence in its external profile which gives the impression, for those who do not know him well, prestige and influence. And later disappeared «Sultan Balem» Other signs also disappeared touch the last change, the long months and the biggest street in the city, claiming development

Spread in the center of the city cafes and restaurants, which provide their patrons with everything from couscous to the lentils, and fish to «Albesarh» with cups of tea. Among the most famous spaces in this place, space «union», near the bus station square «door Sunday», which is currently under renovation touches the other, by changing the tracks.
This space, called the «Association» is not a place for rallies and trade union struggles and the unions, may also come to mind, but a cafe, a popular restaurant, but the oldest, its doors open day and night, in the face of residents and visitors alike. Long chairs, eating a variety, the diversity of colors of Moroccan cooking, but «Albesarh» or bean soup, bean, which is the essential element, is the headline for a list of meals that are frequently in demand here

.The place looks like the effects of bygone decades, but recently began to invade the marble walls untouched since the era of dyeing time no one remembers its history in particular. Here at this popular eatery, very famous, intellectuals and artists Moroccans, in time, come to him individually and collectively, after midnight, Vicmlon their meetings and discourses loud, about the various Altnzirat intellectual currents of cash around the text and intertextuality, and other terms that prevailed then expired ...
! Most of the painters, poets and critics have gone through here, they ate and drank and Tsamarwa, and went out in last night, and they Eetmazhon and tearing the cover of night, star-studded, Baldgat and Guffaws, from whom the record of those memories in some writings, making reference to the stage live recesses of memory

So far, still some of them frequented the place, between periods of time too far apart, driven by nostalgia, or the so-called «nostalgia», to revive the ties of kinship with the cafe once, the meeting place of choice, to crown the evening, eating it «Kaware» or chicken meal hot vegetable Casserole in a diverse real plastic pallets.
Only cats inseparable coffee shop, stay the night and the parties to the day, come and go down the tables, at the feet of customers. When Adahmha drowsiness, to give up his power safe and secure, not only the voice of undisturbed spoons over dishes, and appeals waiters welcoming all the guests
This popular restaurant has the right as he said it one day, intellectuals, to raise the slogan of «democracy eating». All social groups find it what they wanted, according to the budgets of their pockets, beggars, to the staff and painters, travelers and passers-by

And Rabat, as a point of convergence of an ancient civilization and history, is also a city of hospitality in all its characteristics and forms, and unique restaurants, trendy scattered through various neighborhoods, to provide all the dishes of Eastern and Western European and, in addition to eating Moroccan epitome of pleasure, because it satisfies all tastes. There are restaurants on the beach lying on the Atlantic Ocean, specializing mainly in fish, soft cooked just set it from the sea.
If the «all roads lead to Rome» Going to the city of Rabat, the old fenced by walls, not only through the gates of historical famous five: «the door Sunday», «door-to-high» «door Chellah», «the door pyla», «the door Navigator» .
Each door leads to piles of spaces Arig the distant past, and interact with the changes and developments present

  .Among those places «peduncle» which is a world strange and wonderful, flowing movement, people and crowds, where the piling up of goods coming from all flung, all types, whether original or fake, on the shelves of shops, narrow seating barely of their respective owners, amid the rubble of the goods.
Popular market and modern at the same time, selling everything and anything, side by side in the shops nearby, as if she is assigned to each other: fruit, meat, vegetables, spices and perfumes, traditional clothing and old fashion last cry in the world of fashion, and plastic utensils, dishes, concave, mobile phones, computers and digital devices, and the latest developments in modern technology, and in the «Jawtih» in particular many of them.
The fans can manufactures, textiles and handmade jewelry to find the desired grasp it, and all that dreaming of souvenirs, the ancient city is famous for its traditional Bhrvha inherited from father to son, Tsakbha fingers of gold in the crucible of magnificence and beauty

 The ligamentous carpet industry, for example, hit fame Bhassanha prospects and quality, have even become an ambassador for the authenticity of Moroccan abroad.
Therefore, foreign tourists are keen to acquire them, and take it with them, send Asaha warmth in their homes cold light colors and simple designs and decorations and Tnoaatha. And Rabat is an Arab city par excellence, has opened her arms to embrace and welcome members of immigrant families from Andalusia, after the fall of Granada, and found the fort fortified shelter and sanctuary, and merged with the population in the merger fully, and have become part of them, and they had a clear impact in architecture, engineering, heritage, literature, music and singing. present danger is still visible even now

* Tourist attractions
Rabat historical landmarks and tourist Mzaradtha visit is not complete without them, many and varied, there is nothing wrong here stop at the most prominent:
· Hassan Tower tourist coming to the city of Rabat, the airport city of Salé, across the bridge and the valley of Bouregreg, it is necessary to raise attention, at first glance, the presence of silo Mosque of Hassan, which has a long tall in the highest height of up to forty-four meters. Built the mosque of Sultan Yacoub el Mansour Almohad, before Adahmh death in 1199, and prepares to become one of the largest mosques in the Muslim world, and still the columns upright in the yard and decorated carved in accordance with the format Andalusian witness to this trend, steadfast in the face of ordinary time and natural erosion.

* Mausoleum of Mohammed V
* Close to the Hassan mosque, stands the tomb of Mohammed V Brkhamh bright white, andgreen tile
The pilgrimage to daily number of tourists who are impressed Bmuammarh inspired byengineering the Arab-Islamic, in an atmosphere pervaded the incense emitted from within, with the voice of reciter recite verses from the Quran, in memory of the fallen asleep inside the shrine: They are two angels by late Mohammed V and Hassan II and Prince Moulay Abdellah
  .* Chella
* From a distance, appear to stun rod parked above the high hill overlooking the River Bouregreg, fortress inhabited myths, and in time was a popular destination for those looking for «the treasures of gold», believing they are buried in the soil.
Chella was born as a city in the Roman era, and turned in the tenth century AD to the barracks to collect the Mujahideen to face Barghoath tribe, as the history books, and then became a cemetery for the kings of Marinids during the thirteenth century
, Because of sleep terribly pathways, not only broken flutter wings Nightingales that have chosen to live in the walls of their buildings, where Alabhae facilities and domes send a self-memories of the glory of the ancient builders of ancestors, continued to deposit on the accuracy of perfection and magnificence of the architecture. And above the silo mosque Chellah found stork that this is the preferred place to build his nest on high, away from the rioting children and bustle of the city

 * Reed Oudayas
* The Kasbah Oudayas of the most beautiful archaeological sites in Rabat, Bhdiktha Andalusian Fayhaa, and Bmgahaha traditional to drink tea, Moroccan, and Bozktha narrow dyed blue, and decorated with plants hanging from the balconies, and its unique location of its kind on a high rock overlooking the river and the sea together: the valley of Bouregreg Beach Atlantic Ocean, and the city of Salé, Hassan district, too.
And once each year to meet jazz lovers in the annual festival.
Because of the calm, who dominated, resorted to artists, politicians, painters and musicians to live where
The Oudayas recently in the heart of a heated debate, following the publication of what was said in the press for displays some features of the distortion at the hands of officials quickly issued a real data to raise the charge for themselves

Out of the sea near the Kasbah Oudayas continue to work offline to create the Cornish coastal ligament on the front stretch for a distance of 12 km in the direction of Herhorh beach, on an area of ​​330 hectares.
On completion of this new project is named «ambassador» contribution to the capital of AED will be enhanced infrastructure equipment tourist birth of vehicles serviced with a high position and the role of cinema units and recreational and commercial activities that advance the prestige tourist and cultural capital of the political, which were also available for sports enthusiasts and Altvsh vast areas as well as to practice their hobbies , both in swimming, golf or equestrian or Ltinays, or surfing, or water-skiing, all under the warm rays of the sun, in a temperate climate most of the seasons of the year