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الثلاثاء، 28 يونيو 2011

Tourism in the province of Nan / Thailand

Nan Province (in Thai: น่าน) (in English: Nan) is one of the five provinces of Thailand and adjacent to the seventy Mahvazat Uttaradit and Frey, and neighbors as well as to Laos

Province is located in the valley of the River Nan, surrounded by mountains covered with forest areas. Highest mountain, 2079 meters high, which is located northeast of Nan, towards the border with Laos.

For centuries, the Nan kingdom independent and due to its geographical term the contacts together other kingdoms few UK The first was near the area of ​​Muang Fa (also known as Faranajara) dates back to the late thirteenth and the rulers of the dynasty of Foca, which relate to founders of the capital of Laos, the current Vientiane later became associated with the Kingdom of Alscottaa was chosen to maintain the current capital of Muang Nan since the fourteenth century, in the fifteenth century separated the kingdom of Nan Alscottaa and become loyal to the Kingdom of Anathaa

After that forces seized the Vietnamese Phayao and then Hajmo Nan later became Nan under the sovereignty of Burma and tried many times to free itself to no avail until the rule of Nan in 1714 AD In 1788 AD the rulers of Burma and then liberated Nan were expelled Albormin been accepted Siam in 1893 and became independent a certain degree for the rulers of Siam until 1931 where it was incorporated and became a full province of follow Kingdom of Thailand