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الأربعاء، 29 يونيو 2011

Tourism in Paris / France

Paris, capital of the French Republic, which is also one of their territories, and the circle is divided to 20 (Arrondissement). Each circle in turn divided into four sections, runs the entire city mayor of her town, and two conservatives with the help of the General Council. Paris is located on the River Seine, the two international airports (Orly and Roissy Charles de Gaulle), the famous tunnel that links France, England under the English Channel, which opened on May 15, 1994, which facilitated travel by train TGV high-speed between the two countries.
Due to the tribe name of the Paris Kltah were the first inhabitants of the region and claims Parisian (French Parisii). As you know Paris as the "City of Light" (la Ville Lumière), because it in 1828 was the first city in Europe's roads are lit kerosene lamps. Paris is a very important river port and is the fourth most important port of France (after Marseille and Le Havre and Dunkerque

The city grew originally in the "deer - de City", a small island occupies a part now of the Ministry of Justice and the City Hall and the Church of Notre Dame - de Barry, was a small fishing village when the invasion of Caesar, and soon grew to Otiaa Baris Euerm, to become a Roman city is important, allowed the emperor Julian of Frnkyin they are the Germanic tribes crossed the Rhine River and stability on the borders of the empire Romanian, and when the decay and degradation in the western part of the Empire, the Romanian in the fifth century AD incursion Franks in the territory of the empire, and colonized the northern parts of Wales and arrived in the northern city of Paris, Romanian,
  One of their kings Klaudion bearded, who defeated the armies ROMANIAN led Oisius then the rule after Mirovius which is attributed to strain Almirovenjah, and Paris became the fifth century capital of the kings Almirovengiyn, and in 845 raided by the Vikings on Paris, and Hasrōha between (885-886), also ravaged by Nordic raids in the ninth century. And the proclamation of Hugh suppressor Count Paris king of France (May 987 - 24 October 996), Paris became the national capital and flourished as a trading center and cultural in the Middle Ages, and in 1120 was founded the University of Paris, but has suffered much in the Hundred Years War, occupied England (1420-1436

Characterized in all its history spirit revolutionary liberal, and has appeared in this spirit in the civil war led by the Latin Marcel (1358), and in their resistance to Henry IV (1589-1593), and in Alfrund I (1648-1649), and the revolution, in 1789 and 1830 1848, and the siege German (1870 - 1871).

Tourist areas in Paris
Eiffel Tower
It is located on the first floor of the tower's height of 300 meters at an altitude of 57 meters and the museum audiovisual devoted to the story of its construction, in addition to many photos and documents, and there in the Taig second (which is located at an elevation of 115 m) the number of restaurants and shops selling souvenirs. The third floor and the last is located at an altitude of 274 meters, and the museum housing the office of architect Eiffel. And you can of the floor, when the weather is clear. Take a look (panoramic) to Paris and to be able to see the places located at a distance of 60 km.

 Triumphal arch
Historic place

And serious, without a doubt, one of the sweetest and interfaces Yaris many and distinct, which is visited by people in all seasons, and flooded with life day and night. And the myriad shops of all kinds, in addition to the big coffee shops (and some internationally renowned), restaurants, movie theaters, theaters, banks, airline offices, exhibitions, sale of cars ... In more serious example of two shops selling CDs and videos (Alvannak and Virgin) and replace the oldest French perfume (Gerlan) and the biggest shop in the capital of Perfumes (Sephora) ...
The major fashion houses, chose the boulevards and streets near and adjacent to a place Hnzalise