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الثلاثاء، 28 يونيو 2011

Tourism in Newcastle / England

New Castle is a beautiful city located in the North East of England near the sea (10 minutes), the most beautiful cities in England and most important, is characterized by sizeable market in addition to historical monuments dating back some to BC, where many of the effects of the Romans who settled two thousand a year. Characterized Newcastle night life unlike the cities of England, Newcastle and won by nearly 3-year title of best city for the night, so superior in both New York and Las Vegas, Amsterdam and Paris, and others.
  The people of Newcastle, hospitable people and improves the reception of tourists and students, who represent some of the 70,000 inhabitants, and is known population Paljordes (Geordies) and the reason for calling them that name because of the eighteenth century, when he championed the people of Newcastle, King George unlike the people of the north of England who backed King of Scotland, and the name George took the name of Jordi, and consider them usually English people as people below the level

 Characterized by the people of Newcastle Aljordi indigenous dialect, a dialect is difficult to understand English because of the terminology is not in English dictionaries, when you come to Newcastle Malsoqat Usually you see a nice car says: Divn't dunsh us, I'm a Geordie, and do not mean shock me, I am Jordi
. Found in Newcastle two universities, University of Newcastle, the University of Northumbria, both Atabran of the best universities in the United Kingdom, there is also the Faculty of Newcastle, and was one of the best colleges Britain, but abounded reception of foreign students and rely on quantity rather than quality, making it the Faculty of undesirable by the official authorities in Britain has also been suspended for acceptance for a period of time by the Embassy of Saudi Arabia. Newcastle is located on the River figs so called Newcastle upon tyne, separated by the river between the city and the city of Newcastle Jatsed. There are a lot of Muslims, particularly Arabs from Saudi Arabia and Libya, as students, missions and also there are a number of Palestinians who settled