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Tourism in Moscow / Russia

Moscow (Russian: Москва, Moskva) is the capital of Russia, the largest city in terms of population, and entities of the Russian Federation. Moscow center of politics, economy, culture, religion, finance, education and transport in Russia, is considered a global city, the seventh largest city by population. Moscow's population (as of January 2010) 10,562,099 people.
Located on the Moscow River in the Central Federal District in the European region of Russia. Moscow lies on the junction of three geological platforms historically, was the capital of the Soviet Union, and the Russian Empire (for three years from 1728 to 1730), Czarist Russia, the Grand Duchy of Moscow. Site as Moscow Kremlin, one of the world heritage sites in the city, which serves the Russian president as a home. Russian parliament (State Duma and the Federation Council) and the government Alrossia fall in the city as well.
Moscow is a major economic center. They contain many of the scientific and educational institutions, and many sports facilities as well. It possesses a complex transport system which includes four international airports, nine railway stations, metro system and the second busiest in the world (after Tokyo), which is famous for architecture and construction with its works of art. Metro Metro is the more crowded the individual player in the world

Over time, the city gained a variety of aliases, most point to its preeminent position in the life of the nation
The city was renamed on the name of the river (old Russian: град Москов, meaning "the city next to the Moscow River"). Carl in the novel generation of Harvard University, "born of the river," argues that the name refers to the bumper support from the holy places which were built by the Slavic tribes who founded the city at the beginning of the tenth century. The first talks about a Russian source has been issued in Moscow in 1147 when Yuri Dolgurukiy called Prince of Novgorod - Svrskiy saying, "Come to me, my brother, to Moscow

After nine years in 1156 Prince Yuri Dolgurukiy city of Rostov is building a wooden wall, which was rebuilt several times, to take the city arising after the dismissal of in 1237 to 1238, when he burned the Mongols whole city and killed its inhabitants, recovered Moscow and became the capital of an independent principality called Vladimir - Suzdal in 1327. Contributed to its positive impact on the headwaters of the Volga River to the stable expansion. Moscow has evolved to the Emirate of a stable and prosperous, known as the Duchy of Moscow, for many years attracted a large number of refugees from across Russia

.Under the reign of Ivan the first from Moscow, the city took the place of the city of Tver as the Centre for Basic Vladimir - Suzdal and became the University of the Mongol taxes only. High praise, Ivan won an important concession from the Khan. Is the other Emirates at the time, did not divide Ivan Moscow to give each part of his son, but gave it to his eldest son. However, Moscow's opposition to foreign rule grew. In 1380, Prince Dmitry Donskoy of Moscow led a united Russian army to an important victory against the Tatars in the Battle of Kulikov, but they were not a decisive battle. Two years later Moscow was sacked by khan Tuchtmich. In 1480 Ivan III had finally stopped the rule of the Tatars on the Russians, Sameh Moscow to become Russia's power center under the rule of Ivan III the city became the capital of an empire which ultimately will contain all Russian land in this day and other regions as well

Moscow City is located on the outskirts of the Moscow River, which is being more than five hundred Iklmitr easy through Eastern Europe in the middle of Russia. Forty-nine cut river bridge within the city limits, with many Alqtawat water. Muyco rise in the center of the show all - a Russian, is located in the area where the most important branch of the weather observatory, equivalent to 156 meters (512 feet). The highest point in the city are high on the high Thblostansquia 255 meters (837 feet Moscow City View from west to east 39 g equivalent to 7 km (24 g 7 miles), and the length from north to south, account for 51 Iklmitr 7 g (32.1 miles).
The road system is concentrated in the Moscow Kremlin on the whole, in the heart of the city. There are ways of branching out to intersect with the ways Daúaria ("shavings").

  The first and closer to the center and the main loop, Pulvarnuelh Coltso, which may be his sons on the old site of the city wall of the sixteenth century, who was called Billie Jurad (white city). Alpulvarnuelh Kaltsu in fact not a loop, it is not a complete circle, but begins with the arch of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior to the River Aauza. Hear is changing the way several times on his way into the city.
Second cycle primary, which is located outside the loop Alpulvard, called Sadowsquiah Kaltsu (Garden ring). Alpulvard such as ring, ring the park are the impacts of the ancient wall of the sixth century, which was to be ten of the city. Episode III, the third transport ring, completed in 2003, fast high-speed route

Moscow has a humid continental climate (Köppen climate classification), with warm summers and wet, winters long and cold. Heat warm the traditional months of June, July, and August of 23 degrees Celsius (73 Fahrenheit), but in the heat waves (which occur between May and September), temperatures during the day may become higher than 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit) - numerous times. for a week or Attan. In winter, temperatures fall to 10 below zero Celsius bikes almost (14 Fahrenheit), but there are some times when the temperature rises to above zero (32 F). Greatest recorded was 36.8 degrees Celsius (98.2 Fahrenheit in August 1920, and the least recorded was 42.2 bicycle Celsius (44 - F) in January 1940. A layer of ice (available for three to five months of the year) started yet to take shape and precipitation in late November and melt in mid-March

Moscow Engineering-known internationally. Moscow is also famous as the location of the Cathedral of St. Basil, with Kabbath a form of onion, and the Cathedral of Christ the Redeemer and Alhqsqat seven.
For a long time, the appearance of the city was ruled by numerous Orthodox churches. Creative City is a large change in the Soviet Aladhar, especially because of Joseph Stalin, who made ​​a great effort to make a civilized city. He knew the ways of a large city and major roads, some of them more than ten rows, but the destruction of many important historical works in the same time. Hucharev Tower, and many luxury homes and shops that were on the edge of roads, and a lot of religious architecture, such as the Kazan Cathedral and the Cathedral of Christ the Savior demolished during the reign of Stalin. In the nineties was Alkatdraúaatan they construct again, despite the presence of a large amount of cash because of the high commission and the lack of historical perspective

There were 96 parks, 18 park in Moscow, the equivalent of 4 botanical gardens. There are also 450 square kilometers (174 square miles) of the logic of the green is 100 square kilometers (39 square miles) of forest green city of Moscow if Mqrntha other cities in Eastern Europe and America. There is an average 27 m square (290 square feet) of the parks for the people in Moscow, Mqrnta of 6 in Paris, 7.5 in London and 8.6 in New York.
Central Park of Culture and Rest, which marked the name of Maxim Gorky, was established in 1928. The main area (689,000 square meters) on the Moskva River is made up of platforms Merfoat, areas for children (including the pools of water control with boats and water bikes), dance, tennis courts, and other sports facilities. Park it next to Nescochwi (408 000 square meters), the oldest park in Moscow and place of residence of the old emperor, who Bmdj the fact that three pieces of land after the eighteenth century. Green garden where the theater, one of the largest stands open in Europe, its capacity to accommodate 15 thousand people

Azmailovski Park, which was established in 1931 is one of one of the largest civic parks in the world with Richmond Park in London. Area equivalent to one quarter mile 15.34 (5.92 square mile) six times larger than Central Park in New York.
Sokolniki Park, named to the sport of hunting falcon that were practiced there in the past, is one of one of the oldest parks in Moscow and an area of ​​6 km square (2 square miles). There is a large fountain in the center and corridors of trees, maple and elm. Labyrinth composed of green lanes are located after the blessings of deer in the park.
Theme park Ocna Ostrov National (Park "Deer Island" national), with an area of ​​more than 116 square kilometers (45 square miles), located next to Sokolniki Park was the first Russian national Menzah. It is also known as the "Tigha city" because of the presence of deer in it
.. Garden plants of the Academy of Sciences, founded in 1945 and is the largest in Europe. It covers an area of ​​3.61 square kilometers (1.39 square miles) and is located near the exhibition center and the Russian has an exhibition consists of twenty thousand species of plants from the sites of the world as well as posting program of laboratory research. Also contains Todr 20000 of rose bushes, and oak forest with average age of trees exceeding 100 years, and a greenhouse area of ​​5000 square meters.
Russian Exhibition Centre (Всероссийский выставочный центр), formerly known as the Federal Agricultural Fair total exhibition and also the achievements of the national economy although its official name "Permanent Trade Fair", is actually one of the most prominent examples of Stalinist-era architecture. Extends between large areas of the amusement park dozens of detailed wings, each of which represents either a branch of Soviet industry, science or one of the republics of the Soviet Union. Although during the nineties, he was, for some still misused as a huge shopping (leased most of the wings of small companies), but still includes architectural landmarks, including two of the fountains large (flower stone and friendship between peoples), and the Cinema 360 degree panoramic

Known Lilac Park, which was founded in 1958, Bmardh of sculptures and supplied large.
Moscow has always been known destination for tourists. Some of the best known tourist sites include the site of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Kremlin in Moscow, Red Square, which was built between 14 and 17 centuries, the Church of Ascension in Colominescua, which dates back to 1532, is also the site of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, other tourist points.
Another popular site rocked Moscow zoo, garden contains more than a thousand species of animals and 6500 samples. Each year 1.2 million people visit the park

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