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الأربعاء، 29 يونيو 2011

Tourism in Marseille / France

Marseille (in French: Mersaa Marseille, and the origin of the Arabic word Italian: Marseille Marsiglia, of Alkstanih sender Marselha) second largest city in France after Paris, and the third largest city in terms of population after the city of Paris and the city of Lyon, located in the south of France on the Mediterranean coast , the most important seaport in France with a population of 7,206,231 people (statistics 2007).
The city of Marseille. A semi-circular shape. Extends to the inside of the port is not room for smaller modern ships. And filled with pleasure boats of this port, and is surrounded by restaurants and cafes, the most important features of the city that attract tourists. And extends to the inside of the old port and Alcanpier, a main street lined with shops, modern, and is also a landmark that attracts tourists

And runs a large modern port, 10 km west of the old port, one of the most active ports of the world. Commercial ships are anchored from several parts of the world in this port. And there are a lot of churches including the Church of Notre-Dame de la Garde. Featuring the city from the rest of French cities in the presence of a large proportion of the Arabs and the Muslims, who are out of a private Maghreb from Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria, where it was dubbed in Algeria, the state number 49 to the large number of Algerians. The team won Olympic Marseille on the French league championship this year, investigators seemed to elude him for many years.
And founded Marseille in 600 BC about a year. M, adventurers Greeks from Asia Minor, which they Mssalia. The independent city of Marseille until the first century BC, then came under the control of the Romans, and the deterioration of the same, then the city regained its importance in the Middle Ages during the Crusades. پroڤans has become a region in which it is part of Marseille in France in 1481 AD and bloody conflicts took place in Marseille in the late eighteenth century during the French Revolution. And save the Suez Canal opened in 1869, the Egyptian water route between the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean, and increased the channel from the city's importance as a center for cargo ships

Marseille's economy is based on trade, industry and accommodate the city's port about a third of the movement of ships in ports all the French navy. And using the port some 4,500 ships annually. And manufactured in the region of Marseille chemicals, food and oil imports from different parts of the world. Products include industrial city of brick or brick, candles and engines, medicines, soap and tiles.
Marseille, "the oldest and second largest French cities, founded by the Greeks in 600 BC. M, and then taken over by the Romans after prospered as a port and commercial center, and scattered historical sites and monuments the place, mostly additions Roman to the settlements of Greek first, and concentrated the attraction of architecture in the port and color effects

Characterized by simplicity and pragmatism Marseille and lacks a property review in French cities in general, especially with a lot of attractions and the many squares for pedestrians andwaiting for visitors.

Historic monuments dating back to the time of the Romans and Greeks, like Marseille insubdivisions and streets of Paris, making movement between its parts in the metro is
 And full of the old port area with restaurants, hotels, commercial buildings and a daily fish market on the marina pier, providing the Belgian city's upscale active area, and there is also the number of museums including the Maritime Museum.

Also famous Marseille Opera House architectural masterpiece decorated and situated in the heart of the city, which almost destroyed by fire in 1920, and is characterized by a population kindness, gentleness, openness and warmth of emotion, and are gathering multiple terms of ethnic Although about a quarter of the population are descendants of African origin and spread Abqa Africa atmosphere, and Marseille are the starting point to explore the natural beauty of the Mediterranean and the picturesque beaches and canyons of water surrounding the Mediterranean.

Of the most famous beaches from the city center near the beach "Dokatlanz" which is the beginning of the Corniche, Marseille, which ends in the Prado beach, which is characterized as the city's main beach and the purity of its waters.

And you can enjoy the sport of walking on the Corniche, which brings you to the entrance of sea water a wonderful scene and completed his image with many small fishing boats anchored near the rocks in the lake attracts lovers of boating, overlooking the flower gardens and palm trees and a botanical garden, and find many small bays along the peninsula Mamoosk.

As for the town of Cassis is a resort wonderful West Marseille and surrounded by rocks, the white high-rise was not caused by major changes and still preserve the ancient magic they lost French cities, which have formed the same aura of civilization and the level of sophistication, and established the town next to the mountain and focused the old village on the field shade

 And more what attracts tourists lie under the sun and visit the castle village dating back to the Middle Ages, which was built in 1381.

It trips the popular famous boat ride to the canyons of marine narrow period between the mountains and carved entrances in the limestone, and if you have the energy and activity you can walk to reach further and better grooves behind the beach on the west, which is located a distance of 90 minutes, and can descend climber rock to the beach and spread some of the trees Alosob where you find a place among the rocks to its roots, there is water deep and blue and swimming among the rocks high experience should not miss any visitor

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