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الاثنين، 27 يونيو 2011

Tourism in Luxor / Egypt

Luxor, capital of ancient Egypt during the reign of the empire and about 670 km from Cairo. A historic city located in the central province of Upper Egypt Aloqsiroqsy "level" is bordered to the south and north of Edfu Center Qus center on the east the Red Sea governorate to the west of Armant Center and the limits of the New Valley Governorate. The city of Luxor by combining past and present simultaneously; there is almost no place in the city of Luxor antiquities dating back thousands of years

There were many names that were fired at Luxor in its history, most famously good and the city cent door, as described by Homer Greek poet in the Iliad, and the city of the sun, and the city of light, and the city of Mace, and called the Arabs this name: Luxor, collect a combination of the word Palace, where the plural Palace (Palaces ) and generally have much collection or collection plus (Luxor) and in view of the palaces and temples that out, with the beginning of the Islamic conquest of Egypt. It is considered a great tourist city Mashta and a magnet for lovers of ancient Egyptian civilization.

The town has a unique character that distinguishes it from all parts of the world, where one of the most important tourist attractions in Egypt, and has more amount of ancient monuments, which is not without a place where the impact of the speakers the greatness of the ancient Egyptians thousands of years BC. The city of Thebes or Luxor in the south of ancient Egypt's most ancient cities in the world.
  And the effects of the city's famous Temple of Luxor temple complex of Karnak, the Temple of Deir el-Bahari, or the Temple of Hatshepsut, Colossi of Memnon, the Temple of Deir el-Medina, Medinet Habu, the Temple of Alrmseyoum, the Temple of Seti I Balqrna, the tombs of the Valley of the Kings is the most important kings in this valley a cemetery of King Tutankhamun Amon, the tomb of Seti I, Ramses III tomb, the tomb of Ramses VI and the tomb of Horemheb. There is also west of Luxor, the tombs of the Valley of the Queens. The most important Mabha of graves of the tomb of Queen Nefertari
 The Luxor has a lot of effects, most notably the Temple of Luxor and Karnak Temples and the Museum of the city and the tombs of the Valley of the Kings and Queens and the mortuary temples and tombs of nobles and other effects timeless. The Luxor has seen great interest in repairing effects and museums over the past years, with the opening of the third floor of the temple of Queen Hatshepsut, the first time after its restoration, as being the completion of the restoration of the tomb of Horemheb the largest and most important tombs of the Valley of the Kings, in addition to the installation of portals for all archaeological sites open to secure it against theft.
Luxor and attract the largest segment of cultural tourism and cultural movement in Egypt, Luxor is the store's ancient civilization, which more than «800» and the shrine of the most fascinating archaeological and heirs of the heritage of Egypt's human. Remained Luxor (Thebes), the capital of Egypt until the beginning of the Sixth Dynasty Pharaoh, when the capital was moved to Memphis in the north

A city dating back to prehistoric times, where it is the most famous ancient cities in the world and contains many temples and tombs, and the most famous temple of Luxor and Karnak temples and the largest houses of worship in the world. Of the names and a good city with a door and a good percent of the large palaces of Luxor short called Luxor thirds of the effects of the world. Luxor Museum is now open Oppe Cultural Heritage Center and the Mubarak Public Library in terms of the others have ended.