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الثلاثاء، 28 يونيو 2011

Tourism in Los Angeles / USA

Name of the city taken from the Spanish language, a sense of "angels" and this name is an abbreviation for the name of the Spanish "Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de Los Ángeles del Río de Porciúncula" and literally means "Village of Our Lady Queen of Angels River Borcillonkkola. Joined Los Angeles as a city to the state California in April 4, 1850, the largest cities of Los Angeles County. based on official statistics of the population of the United States of America in 2000, the population of Los Angeles, 3.69 million people, although the statistical estimates carried out in July 1, 2004 showed that the population is 3.85 million people, and the last official census conducted in 2008 indicated that the residents of "Los Angeles" was 3,833,995 up from 11,500 inhabitants in 1887
It is worth mentioning that the city hosted the Olympics twice, in 1932 and 1984 as it hosted the final of the 1994 World Cup

 Accommodation Bay of Los Angeles for thousands of years all the tribes of Altongfa and Alichomac, before being discovered by Europeans year 1542 when the Portuguese João Rodrigues Kaprelo first exploration of the area, then settled in the Spanish region after a number of missionaries from the South endemism area after doing two tasks Tbshiratin in 1771 and 1797 Thus was founded the village of "Los Angeles" 1781 census 40 people (8 families, after the occupation of California by Mexico, newly independent from Spain, then in 1822 ceded it in 1848 after its defeat in the war against the United States of America, then became the city of Los Angeles, the capital of the province took the same name in 1850 was not then only a small village as various villages in the American West contains several houses, cafes, bars, games rooms and unpaved roads.

And in 1876 built the railway that linked the city with other cities of California were linked to the Pacific Coast city in 1885. Has increased the economic growth of the city and urban time because of the spread of citrus, especially oranges has increased the population of 2300 in 1860 to 50,000 in 1890 and then to 100,000 in 1900. Then resulted in the discovery of an oil well near the city's early twentieth century to a new wave of migration to the city. Thus, the city expanded rapidly and extended construction adjacent to the Mazda. In the same period flourished industries, particularly the aircraft industry thanks to two Douglas and Lockheed, and turned to the cinema industry and its thriving neighborhood of Hollywood. And continued expansion in the urban city to be reached to the San Fernando Valley shortly after World War II

The city is famous worldwide because of the Hollywood famous representatives and the stars and there are also the Beverly Hills high-end, home to the majority of celebrities and owners of companies and there is also a Rodeo drive-famous full of shops and luxury high-end and containing the city is also the largest and most film companies and studios such as Universal, Paramount