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الثلاثاء، 28 يونيو 2011

Tourism in London

London (He was also to London again and the scarcity and Mentagrophtes) is the capital of the United Kingdom and the largest cities. Located on the River Thames in southern England. Live in the city, about 7.5 million people, of whom about 2.7 in the interior districts of London again. With a population of around 12,599,561 people (Statistics 2005), making it the largest city in the European Union (Europe without Russia and Turkey) and one of the most important centers of political, economic and cultural rights. Form of the current administrative division of London in April 1, 1965 with the establishment of a major London again. The city has large number of universities, institutes, museums and theaters. Also take a lot of international organizations and international companies based in the city

Took control of Canute the Great Canute on the throne of England in 1016 and took control of the country and the city until the year 1035 where the death to restore control by the Saxon Edward the Confessor the Confessor last king of Saxon, which re-established Westminster Abbey Westminster Abbey adjacent to the Palace of Westminster has become the City of London again in this time the city the largest and most prosperous, although the centers of the government was still in Winchester Winchester, and after the victory of William the Conqueror r in the battle of Hastings battle of Hastings was Ttoih Duke of Normandy king of England on Holiday Birth years 1066 Westminster Abbey gave the citizens of London again special privileges and ordered the building of aspiring now known as the Tower of London in the south-eastern corner of the city.

 In 1097 was William II, King of England and Westminster Hall building adjacent to the monastery, which became part of the Palace of Westminster to be the residence of the Royal Ministry throughout the Middle Ages and thus became the Westminster headquarters of the Royal Court and the government. The population of London again in 1100 and about 18000 for the year 1300 increasing to 100,000 the growing Jewish population in London again until the Royal Order of King Edward I King Edward I expelled them in 1290 from England. London again to remain immune from civil wars during the Middle Ages with the exception of peasant revolution year 1310. Lost City of London again for the third Scanhabesbb Black Death, which hit her in the middle of the fourteenth century

The Industrial Revolution led to the rapid population increase dramatically during the nineteenth century and early twentieth century, and continued to London again as the most populous cities in the world until 1925 when I got to New York this title. The number of the population during the year 1939 8.615.245 people, and in mid-2006 was the official number of residents in the Greater London again to 7,512,400. However, in 2001 was the continued construction of civilization outside the boundaries of Greater London again hosts 8,278,251. Contains the total urban areas with between 12 and 14 million (varies by identifying urban areas). According to Aroustat to London again is the most populous cities in the European Union and the second in Europe (third if we consider that Istanbul is located in Europe).

Region covers an area of ​​approximately 604 square miles (1.579 sq km) population density of up to 12.331 people per square mile (equivalent to 4.761 inhabitants per square km), which is ten times larger than any other region in England. For the rates of pollution, to London again occupies the twenty-fifth place. And the order in the seventh century in the size of the areas of urban civilization. It also occupies fourth place in the number of Alumblyardarat (U.S. $). Are considered to London again the most expensive cities in the world in the cost of living with Tokyo and Moscow.
Lost to London again with the passage of time from the leading industrial position in Britain, the industrial sector today is only 10% of employers in the city. Play printing presses and publishing houses an important role in this sector. Where workers occupy one quarter of the industrial sector comes third year of production for London again. Pharmaceutical industries and electrical and electronic still play an important role in the city, but there are plans for most of these companies and factories to leave the city in the future. Light manufacturing industries are located clothing and food industries

.Is through the port of London again for the river run 10% of the total exports and imports toBritain. Has become the annual economic growth of the city since 1971 by 1.4% less than theoverall ratio of the country in which the rate of 1.9%. However, the services sector in the city, especially banks and insurance companies are a source of revenue and the movement ofimportant trade for the city and Britain in general. Kingdom are the main stock exchange inLondon again, the London Stock Exchange, which is the third most powerful stock exchange in the world after New York and Tokyo. Insurance company to Lloyds (Lloyd's), which is one of the largest insurance companies in the world, based in London again for the headquarters.
 London again to visit every year about 20 million tourists, making the tourism sector of the profitable sectors in the economy of the city. Transportation Corporation Trasport for London (Transport for London) manages the movement of trains and public buses for the city. To London again is the most important air transport hub in the world. There are five airports in the city, international travel per year of which 120 million passengers. The five airports are Heathrow Airport (Heathrow), Gatwick Airport (Gatwick), Luton Airport (Luton), Stansted Airport (Stansted) Airport and the city (of London again) (City Airport).
  Network of underground trains (metro) in London again is the oldest in the world where dating back to 1863 and today form the overall distance of 415 km the longest. There are eight stations, the main railway in London again, is the station Charing Cross (Charing Cross), station Ustun (Euston), station King's Cross (King's Cross), station to Liverpool Street (Liverpool Street), Paddington Station (Paddington), St Pancras (St Pancras), Victoria Station (Victoria) and Waterloo station (Waterloo) and London Bridge station (London Bridge

Site Angeltrutmtd London in London about a distance of 40 km on the banks of the River Thames and an average height of 62 meters above sea level. The city was founded originally on the north bank. The Bridge Tower of London over many centuries the only bridge that connects both sides of the city together. The center of the city, business district and the important streets on the north bank of the river

. With the construction of other bridges and extending rail lines, the city expanded in all directions. The nature of London is generally flat. The River Thames in the past, present than it is now, with the construction of several dams on it. Because of its proximity to the North Sea was subject to London for a number of floods. Been identified geographical longitude, which passes the Royal Astronomical Institute (Royal Observatory) at Greenwich line length zero. It is the day the line is calculated on the basis of the different time zones in the world

Found the city in the moderate climatic zone. Summer is usually warm and winter is cold but the temperature of not less than zero Celsius. July is the hottest months, with an average temperature some 16.3 degrees Celsius while it is 3.9 degrees Celsius in January, which is the coldest months throughout the year.