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الأربعاء، 29 يونيو 2011

Tourism in the Kuril Islands / Russia

Kuril Islands chain of islands located between the Kamchatka Peninsula, Russian and Japanese island of Hokkaido. Stretches of the islands in the form of parentheses separates the Sea of ​​Okhotsk from the Pacific Ocean. This extends a series of islands, a distance of approximately 1200 km. The total area of ​​15.5 thousand square kilometers and population Nfosha more than 20 thousand people. Are two strings of islands are parallel series big and small.

  Asalseltan includes 30 islands large and a large number of small islands. Islands are divided into northern Kuril Islands and the South Kuril Islands. All these islands in the Russian province of Sakhalin. Islands archipelago and is still the South and Aatorob Konascir Habomai and Shikotan, and the subject of dispute between Russia and Japan, which regards as belonging to the Hokkaido Prefecture

This is a series of islands within the area of ​​seismic and volcanic active and most of the area of ​​mountains and volcanic rocks, where the highest point in these islands 2339 meters above sea level (Atlassofa Island). Located within the volcano about 100 islands of which 39 active volcanoes, and there are lakes and springs of hot mineral water, and in addition to this there are more than 60 volcanoes hidden under the surface of the water.

  These islands and the surrounding waters are rich in mineral wealth, including mercury and metal colored, natural gas and oil also discovered on the island of "Aatorob" reservoir of the metal rhenium is the only one in the world, and there are SO there. The estimated size of the gold reserves in these islands about 1870 tons, and about 9300 tons of silver, titanium, about 40 million tons, while the iron is estimated size of about 275 million tons. Despite this, the extraction is still limited Jaddafa these islands.

Since the islands stretching for a considerable distance from north to south, the flora is very different. The northern islands of plants are few and consist mainly of poplar and birch trees, willows and pines. The southern islands are growing in coniferous forests and trees, oak and elm and Alasvindan and various climbing plants such as Chinese Artancea, lemon and blueberries. The most important plants that grow on the island of Kita and continue south, where bamboo plants are thick forests where the traffic is difficult. Abound in these islands of various wild plants, fruiting.

Living on these islands are different kinds of wild animals such as bears, foxes and various types of rodents, and different types of birds such as plovers, gulls and albatrosses, ducks, owls and hawks and other
Live in the waters around these islands and beaches kinds of amphibious and aquatic animals such as various seals, whales and sea lions and various kinds of fish, crabs, mollusks, squid, sea cucumbers and sea urchins and marine plants.

Decided in the month of February 1984 the formation of protected "Kurilsk" natural, live and grow where 84 species of plants and animals listed in the list of Russia's endangered species.

The Kuril Islands, a unique blend of natural phenomena Kalprakin, earthquakes, tsunamis and other natural phenomena of exceptional

 Terrain of the coastal rocks of different forms of wonderful and gravel of different colors and the most important and wonderful places in these islands is the head of columns on the island of Konascir. Vertical wall that overlooks the water's surface and consists of five huge pillars Bzaltah and six ribs formed by volcanic magma congelation when dropped in water

The highest volcanoes of the islands is a volcano, "Allied" on the island of Atlassofa (2339 m). In fact, the entire island is a top of the volcanic cone. The last eruption was in 1986.

Continue the process of changes in the terrain of these islands because of volcanic activity and earthquakes

 And tsunami. Another tsunami hit the islands was in November 2006.

The difficulty of access to these islands and the lack of population centers and the unique geography makes them attractive sites for tourists and adventure enthusiasts. For sightseeing and only three islands (Konascir and Aatorob and Shikotan) not enough for one visit. The places worth visiting in the islands, rivers salmon, as these fish come to the river to put their eggs in the months of May and June and last period of some species of salmon until the autumn