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الاثنين، 27 يونيو 2011

Tourism in Jordan

Jordan enjoys the benefits and components of geographical, historical and natural make him a tourist country in all seasons of the year and meets most of the goals sought by tourists. Where there are religious sites, archaeological sites, Almcati ranches and natural springs, forests, deserts and beaches.
And can be passed the type of tourism in Jordan in the following points

 Cultural tourism: includes visit archaeological sites for information and knowledge of cultures and traditions of the peoples who lived in the area during ancient times. There are thousands of historical and archaeological sites in Jordan is the most important cities of Petra and Jerash, the citadel of the ***, and Rabd, Umm Qais, the Roman amphitheater and the Cave of the Inscription, which occurred when the story of the owners of the cave mentioned in the Koran.

 Medical Tourism:
Means natural mineral springs for comfort and physical and mental health clinics, and visit places of healing is the most important beaches of Aqaba and the Dead Sea and Spa Ma'in, Ofra, the sulfur water in the Jordan Valley and especially in the Hamma

Found in Jordan many modern hospitals equipped with instruments and equipment, developed and supervised by doctors Jordanian unique in their clinical skills and specialize in all kinds of treatments, whether in government hospitals or private, and receives Jordan each year more than one hundred thousand Arab citizens of the treatment carried out for each open heart surgeries, and the transfer of kidney and treatment of infertility .. Etc.

Religious Tourism: The mean visit places of historical, religious, and there are in Jordan, many of these places and shrines, especially in the areas of the ***, Maan, Jordan Valley, and Salt, such as shrines companions Ja'far ibn Abi Talib and Abdullah bin Rawaahah and Zaid bin Haritha, Abu Ubaida bin wounds and Sharhabil bin good Dirar bin Azores and God bless them

Tourist resorts
The diversity of climate zones in Jordan is a blessing from God, many tourists come to Jordan to spend summer vacation in the air space, such as the picturesque forests and mountains of Ajloun and Debbine. Also that the atmosphere in the capital, a nice and refreshing, especially in mountainous areas where there are gardens and parks.

 Sport tourism: tourists as practiced many kinds of sporting activities such as the popular water skiing, swimming, fishing and hunting, particularly in the areas of Aqaba, Wadi Rum and Blue

Winter tourism: includes spend the winter or part of it in places of natural warmth, especially in the areas of the Jordan Valley and Dead Sea and Aqaba. There are other types of tourism

Medical Tourism:
Are places where one can get the physical and emotional healing are very few, and perhaps are the places in Jordan, one of those few places where the disease disappears with the physical emotional. This is due to the natural beauty available in Jordan with all therapeutic resources from hot water passing through the mineral-rich volcanic mud and the mild weather and breathtaking scenery

 Jordan is one of the leading countries in the field of therapeutic healing, as it is in addition to its natural healing resources of water saturated with minerals, waterfalls, hot water and volcanic mud, it is also gifted with a lot of hospitals, prolific doctors and have established a status that is known all over the world

Natural Healing

There are many tourist sites are rich in minerals and water-saturated volcanic mud, which makes them spas frequented by many people. Here are some of the most important of these hospital sites:

Dead Sea:
This area is warm and sunny throughout the year, where the average temperature is 30.4 degrees Celsius. The rays of the sun brilliant in the Dead Sea are not harmful to humans in this region

As for the air is dry and saturated with oxygen. The famous Dead Sea black mud is very rich in salts and minerals. The Dead Sea water contains a high percentage of minerals, especially calcium, magnesium and bromine.

  The unique blend of salts and minerals in these waters is an important source of natural healing that is supervised by a group of resorts available to persons with competence

And about eighty-five kilometers south of Amman, and below sea level by 120 meters. It is famous spas and natural clinics that provide treatment for patients who suffer from skin diseases and diseases of the circulatory system, bones and joints, back and muscle pain, offering clinics in the area also physical training activities

Hamma Jordan:
Hamma is located 100 kilometers north of Amman, and is considered one of the most therapeutic and vital tourism in the region. The resort has been established and some clinics that provide many services for visitors to the area. A center for people who suffer from diseases and respiratory problems in addition to centers that provide treatment for skin diseases and diseases of the nervous system and joints. On the other hand, the Hamma hotel can provide a haven for people who wish to stay more than one night

Afra Falls

In the south of Jordan, just 26 kilometers away from Tafila, off hot water from more than 15 sources to fill the atmosphere of the place with healing minerals. Experts say that this particular water has tremendous power to heal infertility, varicose veins, anemia and rheumatism. I have been building a center for public services next to the restaurant and the natural clinic

 Hospitals: Jordan has a medical network in both the public and private sectors. The medical services in Jordan famous for their novelty and the existence of some of the best names in different medical fields. In Amman, the capital, there are many specialized hospitals that treat cancer, heart disease and visual disease and infertility and family medicine as well as other areas of specialization. The King Hussein Medical City and one of the most famous medical centers in the region and the world because they contain a large number of doctors and surgeons are more important in the world
 The city is carved in the rock, and hidden behind the impenetrable barrier of mountains that barely compacted porous have a mysterious charm. The traffic Balsik, a corridor through a narrow aspect of high-rise height, which barely allows the passage of the sun, provides a dramatic contrast with the magic to come. And suddenly opens into a natural square the famous Treasury of Petra carved into the rock, glowing golden in the sun

There are several interfaces that entice the visitor throughout the ancient city, one monument to another teacher leads Bantoa distances. The overall size of the city and the beautifully carved facades is staggering and makes it give him an idea of ​​the level of creativity and industry of the Nabataeans who made ​​Petra their capital more than 2000 years ago. It is capital that the Nabataeans were able to establish a network of caravan routes which brought spices, incense, myrrh, gold, silver and precious stones from India and the Arabian Peninsula, to be traded onto the west

As a result of the wealth they acquired, they adorned their city with palaces, temples and arches. Many of them have been built have disappeared, but many were carved in the rock Kalkhozna, shrines and altar of higher and still exists to this day in excellent condition and complete to the point you feel that you have entered a time wrap. Petra is a magical place that captivates and excites the senses. Its overwhelming size, rich textures and stunning surroundings create an ambiance almost impossible to describe

As you set off from the gate entrance to the city and the valley is quite wide open. This section is known as narrow entrance door Siq. The first thing going through is a jinn, a group of three freestanding rock cubes just to the right of the corridor

Upon crossing through the slit more visitor sees Obelisk tomb carved in the cliff. At the moment of passage from a wide turn to the dark gap width not exceeding several feet. Suddenly, a few steps you get your first glimpse of Petra, the finest achievement of a safe that looks to the eye under the hot sun and carved in the rock

At the widest point outside the Siq, a gully to the south. The corridor takes you to the highest point on the site a Nabataean archaeological site of the offerings, altar, carved in the rock. The vision of Petra from that height is considered worthwhile

After moving the altar, the visitor to the temple garden. There are two freestanding colonnades in front of the remains of the temple. And to walk more Triclinium passes before reaching the Temple of Romanian troops and Altrickllenium

There are many sites of Petra holy. On the windswept summit, which was the Nabataeans glorify their gods in that place called the high altar. Street in the area known faces, you can see many ruins Nabatiyeh

Outer Siq, turns sharply to the north Anattafta and leads to the Roman theater built on the typical Roman style. The Palace of Pharaoh's daughter shows that the Nabataeans were able to build separate buildings

The monastery is a second important sites in Petra and the spectacular, and for a sense of the enormity of Petra and the immense power of the rocks, the trip is necessary. And through the palace of Pharaoh's daughter there degrees leading to the Museum of Petra, which includes a small group of the best souvenirs