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الثلاثاء، 28 يونيو 2011

Tourism in Izmir / Turkey

Izmir is the third city in Turkey and is well Asratha an important commercial center. Curfew in the commercial centers very cool. On the side of the city extends west peninsula "Jhma" famous Bbhrha beautiful Bashtanha bathrooms and hot water. There is also a city of ruins "Efes" of the most famous ancient cities, which was one of the largest cities in the Roman era. This city shows us the cultural richness of the Ionian civilization, and it is famous for the many art festivals.

Is known as Izmir and Izmir at the head of beautiful long and narrow bay, surrounded by ships and boats sailing from each side. Advantage of Izmir and its temperate climate and fresh air coming from the sea and the sea that goes the summer. Along the coast and see the wide streets and dotted with palm trees. Port City is the second port in Turkey after Istanbul and is famous Bmehrjanaa technical exhibition and international ..

 Museums of Izmir

Mir - wages

The word means the wages the city center and market. To this place a lot of work in the fields of religious, legal, political, but most focused on the arts and philosophy. The heart of the merchants.

This mall is due to the Roman period (second century AD) and is composed of three floors.

Museum knuckle

The museum has many of the effects of the Bronze Age to the Age Albznsa. There are many examples of structures in the work of this era. In the Department of Ethnography and there are many carpets and rugs from the region itself.

 Home Birija Tchaker Agha

The house consists of three floors, was established on the ground floor of stone and other floors of the wood.
 Avas - Seljuk


The remains of major importance in the world because it is due to 4 thousand years BC. And played an important role in science, culture and the arts.

Because of the continuous change of the remains of Avas Avas extends approximately eight square kilometers.

 Museum Avas

Effects have been organized in the museum by the places and found out the effects. And therefore the classification is as follows Hall houses the foot of the mountain and has the remains of houses and the hall metal working and treasures and the remains of graves and lounge lounge lounge Artmisa and the emperor. In addition to the structures and architecture are before.

There Avas at the Museum of more than 50,000 artifacts.

 House of Our Lady Mary

Christians believe according to the East (Erthodquis) that Our Lady Mary died in Jerusalem and 63 years old but there is no proof of this. But the disciples saw the empty tomb after three days. There is nothing about the last days of Our Lady Mary in the Bible. But some of the writings that were found says that Our Lady Mary came to the Avas with storytelling in John 37-48 and died here at the age of 44 years.

Archaeological Museum in the old Izmir
The museum was organized to meet all requests from galleries and laboratories and stores and a place to shoot and a library and meeting room. The museum has more than 1500 pieces.

 Izmir Ataturk Museum

This museum was opened on 29 October 1978 in the name of the museum and Atatürk Atnogravea and in the May 13, 1988 change to the Museum of Ataturk.
 Museum of Ethnography in Izmir

The museum was established three-story two of the display, and the third for storage.

And displays at the Museum of Craft, which has become very small, which was more abundant in the nineteenth century.

Museum Odamish
Atnograve Museum consists of two floors. In addition there is an old raised from the Bronze Age 3000 BC and Erkiak 700-480 BC Classic and 30 BC - 395 AD and business 395-1453 AD. And effects in ceramics and cutting machinery and machine vision, and lamps, glass, pottery and decorative purposes, structures, pottery and marble structures and there is a piece of metal 2545

Pace of the Directorate of Museum

Displays in this museum antiquities removable from 3500 BC up to 1100 AD, such as structures and tombs, marble and pottery, glass, lamps, and presented chronologically. And Ethnography in the lounge there is a handwritten Koran Karim and Women's and Men's Clothing and Accessories for the purposes of and device boxes and SRAMEK and rugs and paintings

 Places to visit

Palace, "Jagger Birgi Agha" in the village of Selcuk - Hirinjh, Khan "Qazelr Aghasi" and archaeological elevator, you see the Archaeological Museum in Izmir Ataturk Museum and "Kordon Yoyo" and "market Composting folding", and the cable car pools Mrlkz Balthova, you see the ruins of Efes and House of Mary and the village of Hirinjh, City Bergana archaeological and coast Thishimh, taste Kofta Izmir in a restaurant elevator archaeological, kebab Odmich, pastries Buyoz, and apply Alqoomro & Sweets kufr k & Kordan, and buy Tina dried and grape Bowl and cherry Kamal Pasha and Bergama cheese and Turkish delight, and the bead to consider - Gorjh prohibited and Yemen, and see the exhibition and festival Selcuk Izmir