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الأربعاء، 29 يونيو 2011

Tourism in Homs / Syria

Homs is a province in central Syria, where the largest province, its capital and largest city of the ancient city of Homs, central Syria, the most important cities .. Going through the Orontes River, which is an important natural resource for the cities, villages and towns of this province that the diversity of the terrain between the plains and mountains and valleys and the desert.
Homs's tracking a lot of cities, regions and towns, including the famous ancient city of Palmyra km from the provincial About one hundred and sixty kilometers.
History over here since ancient times in the city of Homs and throughout the province spread a lot of effects and the number of the most important archeological sites and historic monasteries and castles such as the Citadel fortress archaeological, one of the most beautiful Crusader castles in the world, and mediates the provincial capital castle Osama (Castle Homs) and by a number wide range of wild and historic buildings, churches and mosques such as the Church or girdle, and mosque Khaled ibn al-Walid and the patriarchal monastery of St. George and the Kingdom of cotton, Cadiz and the short Zahrawi and spas in the area Aburabah and other monuments and ruins and raised too many

The area of ​​Homs governorate, 42,226 square kilometers and a population of roughly 2 million people .... Live and Homs mixture of Islamic sects and Christianity are homogenous and mixed in very heavy, the largest Syrian governorates in terms of area, ranked third in terms of population after the province of Damascus and Aleppo and extend land preservation in all directions and is bordered by the provinces of Hama, north of Tartus and Lebanon to the west and Damascus from the south and Deir ez-Zor and tenderness east, Iraq and Jordan from the south-east a large area of the province in all directions from the mountains and forests to the banks of the Orontes River to the fertile plains to the desert

Homs with its unique location where the center of the most important areas in Syria from the Mediterranean and the Syrian coast, mountains and forests and the desert in the east and Nehraasa and proliferation effects of the many areas of historical castles and forts and the beauty of natural beauty in the areas of Homs and resorts wonderful, springs and waterfalls and prosperity of the great and the location as a corridor of the cities of many in the north and west of Syria and the excellence and richness of its markets especially in the central city of Homs, made ​​it a great summer in the areas of towns and Massaifaa where there are hotels, restaurants and unique parks in all areas of the province in the city of Homs, built in the cities of Homs and the areas many festivals, among them

 o Homs Cultural Festival hosted by the Technical Council and the city of Homs
o Tourism and Shopping Festival and hosted by the City Council of Homs
o destroy the tourist and festival hosted by the province of Homs
o Festival of the Silk Road in Palmyra, which is held Balastrk with the cities of Damascus and Aleppo
o Festival of the castle and the valley of the culture and the arts in the area of ​​Castle Valley Alhsno Christians (Mmermrita Carnival and Carnival Rabah)
o Festival of Homs, literary and cultural Hair
o festivals in different cities of the province
Homs is also characterized by the villages, especially Western ones climates beautiful and fresh air are packed with summer holidaymakers and expatriates returning home and the recreation, tourist sites of the city of Palmyra and the Krak des Chevaliers

 Krak des Chevaliers castle is located within the mountain ranges the Syrian coast in the province of Homs and away from the city of Homs, 60 km.
· View of the importance of historical and architectural of the fort was considered by UNESCO historical castle are important because they contain a great human heritage, and in 2006 recorded a castle on the list of world heritage.
Built a fort Almerdacin in 1031 by Cub state Nasr ibn Boumerdes sued the fortress was young, his goal to protect by trade caravans coming from the coast of the Levant into the Levant. And Osknoha Kurds to protect the road, and therefore bore the name of Fort Kurds, also called Fort slope or forgiveness, Karak this name is derived the name of the Crusader Castle