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الثلاثاء، 28 يونيو 2011

Tourism in Greece

Greece is a country in southeastern Europe, on the southern tip of the Balkan Peninsula. Bounded to the north of Bulgaria, the Republic of Macedonia, Albania, Turkey and the east Aegean Sea, the waters of the Ionian Sea and the Mediterranean Sea to the west and south. Greece has founded a cultural legacy, dating back thousands of years back. Western historians today is that Greece is the cradle of Western civilization

The area of ​​Greece about 130 thousand square kilometers, compared with the Arab countries, Vmessahtha the size of both Jordan and Palestine combined. Greek islands are about a quarter of this space, with a total of about 9841 islands. Crete is the largest, with an area of ​​8260 km

 Greece is located in the southern part of the Balkans, the Corinth Canal separates the peninsula of Peloponnesus, land of the territory of Northern Greece. With a total length of the Greek coast about 15,000 km and the total land border of 1160 km. Approximately 80% of the country's area is a mountainous heights, making Greece one of the most European countries up from sea level. Western Greece contains lakes several

A series of mountains called the Home Bendus, reaches an elevation of the highest peaks of 2636 meters. This is a smooth extension of the Alps dinar, which descends south to eventually reach the island of Crete. In fact, the islands along this line was once a the tops of the mountain range that was covered with sea water medium, Olympia or Mount Olympus is the highest mountains of the country, with a peak height of 2.925 meters above sea level. Is a series Rudovh (Rhodope) in the mountainous north of the country, covered by dense forest. Located in the eastern plains of Greece and in the north as well. And about half the size of the country covered by forests

Climate of Greece is divided into three types: Mediterranean climate, alpine climate (relative to the Alps) and a mild climate. Climate is characterized by the first Bhrarth summer and moderate winter. Greece enjoys an average temperature constant and moderate general. Falls of snow in winter on the heights and even on the Athens and on the island of Crete, sometimes

Greece because of the proximity of the continents of Africa and Asia, there are many foreign communities resident in the country, immigrants make up most of them. Most important of these communities: Albanians, Bosnians, Arabs (Syrians, Iraqis, Egyptians), and others. Use some non-legal immigrants Greece as a transit to other European countries.

Greek language is the official language and first language in the country, whose history dates back 3,500 years. Almtdoualh language now in Greece is Modern Greek ones. The number of Tdatha in the world, about 15 million people, mostly in Greece itself

Most people condemn the Christian Orthodox religion. Greek Constitution formally guaranteed freedom of religion does not define the country's official religion, but refers to the center of the Orthodox is important in Greek society. For Muslims, they make up 1.3% of the population, mostly of Turkish or Bulgarian, who are based in Thrace (north-east of the country). In addition to about a million Arabs living in Greece legally and illegally for economic reasons. There is no mosque in the capital Athens, and the government refuses to permit the establishment of mosques in the capital. Situation may be emerging from the historical enmity with Turkey, there are also other Christian minorities as Catholics and Protestants
I played the Greek relations with the European Union, United States, Turkey and Arab states play an important role in defining the direction of foreign policy over the previous years. Was for the accession of Greece to the European Union in 1981 had a positive impact on the Greek economy and supportive of the Greek foreign policy with other countries, especially with Turkey, which has important relations with Greece, tense in most cases. Turkey is a major neighbor of Greece and its main rival in the southern Balkans and eastern Mediterranean and NATO. The reasons for this relationship of tension to the hundreds of years back, especially since the beginning of the Ottoman occupation of Greece and until independence in 1821.

  Increased especially with the increasing border disputes, after the Turkish military intervention in 1974 on the island of Cyprus, Greece, collected with the language, culture and religion. Followed the previous Greek governments, which have been dominated by the socialist nature of a policy supportive of Arab rights in the Arab-Israeli conflict, the source of this position is a strategic alliance announced between Arab countries and Greece, against the Turkish threat and support from both the United States and Israel. Today, Greece is seeking to focus its foreign relations within the framework of external relations of the European Union

Greece follow the economic policy almost a capital with a large public sector and its contribution to about half of gross national product of the Republic. Tourism also plays an important role in bringing revenue. Greece is also a leading country in maritime transport, where is the world's first possession of the container and the third in terms of the acquisition of ships flying their flag. European Union contributes about 2.4% of gross national Greek

 Culture of modern Greece are closely linked to the cultural heritage of the ancient Greeks or the ancient Greeks. Proud of being the first Greeks to lay the foundations of democracy and urban civilization. Was of the Greek philosophers and thinkers in the great credit of the discovery of many theories. For more in this context, see the history of Greece. Today, talking about ten million people, only the Greek language, and the spread of Greek culture is linked to either the Greek Orthodox Church, which regards itself as a center for the Eastern Churches, or migrants in the Greek Diaspora. The Greeks deployed before the Islamic conquest in several areas outside the current borders of Greece, where they were, for example, have most of the current western Turkey

Greek cuisine quite Kmtabkh the Mediterranean region, famous for the use of spices, and wild thyme, and rosemary, thyme, garlic, lemon juice and Sage are many common dishes with neighboring countries, especially Turkey and the former Yugoslavia. Greece is also famous for its feta cheese made ​​primarily from goat's milk, and the power or authority Altsashiki option with milk and garlic are used frequently in the preparation of meat dishes, especially beef and pork. Deals with the Greeks of alcoholic beverages in most occasions the Greek drink is the national drink Alawzo. Read in this context: the Greek kitchen