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الأربعاء، 29 يونيو 2011

Tourism in the forests of the Amazon / South America

Located in the Amazon forest of Brazil in the continent of South America
Amazon is the lung-breathing during which the land is virgin forest in the American continent = one of the largest forests in the world and so would not expect this news, that all the world's scientists did not discover Astiawa is a small part of the Amazon. And the rain forest from the inside, and there are some scientists think they are crazy little and they believe that there remains some dinosaurs inside and the year of 1932, decided a group of scientists and slaves to enter to explore the forest they entered did not get out of then did not enter a there is Indigenous Peoples
  With developments and satellite are want to make sure the inside more, but could not because the trees were dense Fbdo other methods of illegal a naked aggression on the forests where they are bulldozing and cutting unfair to trees and plants to be converted to highways and residential cities not to mention the drug cultivation in the establishment of manufacturing plants and the conversion these drugs to be smuggled into the poison all over the world by the help of some dangerous gangs of rulers and dictators the world. Donkey Altk

And is currently exposed to risk, he said scientists from Brazil and the United States Alajtthat posed to the Amazon jungle larger than was previously understood about 60 percent.
And the team completed a study using more sophisticated techniques than their predecessors based on satellite images, which enabled him to capture human activities was not possible before monitoring
They discovered, for example the wood exploiters Amazon pick the types of trees, especially for the quality and value of wood, and leave other species.
The Brazilian government welcomed the report but said the numbers are exaggerated

== A study of NASA == 33 and noted that the problem of uprooting trees in the forests of the Amazon is so great with his impossible without the use of satellites.
It was not traditional images show some aspects of the problem Kkon loggers choose high-value trees Khger Almahojani.
The researchers used the resources of the U.S. space agency NASA. The study concluded that the areas destroyed in the Amazon rain forest between 1999 and 2002 was higher than expected thousands of square kilometers.
The study says that the amount of carbon resulting from human activities in the Amazon, the largest at 25 percent, enough to contribute to global warming.
Brazilian officials praised the study as they shed light on the selection of trees without the other, but they said that these figures hard to believe.
He claims to businessmen who take advantage of Amazon timber to cut trees and leave the other less harmful to the environment, but environmentalists say the achievement of high quality trees requires the construction of roads and bring in heavy equipment to 2 the heart of forest

And also, the latest worst drought in more than 40 years of damage to the largest rainforest in the world and ignited fires in the Amazon River basin and injured residents of the territories bordering on the river ill from drinking contaminated water has also led to the deaths of millions of fish because of the drought tables.
The Donisvaldo Mendonca da Silva, fisherman, 33 years, "the terrible thing for us is that all these fish have died and when the water returns there will be any of them."
In the neighboring vibrating piranha in the convulsive movement in very shallow water are what remain of what was once a river flowing Parana de Manakwere a tributary of the Amazon. And scattered thousands of rotting fish along its banks Gaftin.
The governor announced a state of Amazonas state of crisis in the 16 municipalities where the impact of ongoing drought two months ago, the inhabitants of areas bordering the river who can no longer find food or sell crops
And sheds some scientists blame higher ocean temperatures due to global warming, which is also linked to a series of unusually deadly hurricanes hit the United States and Central America in recent years.
Some scientists say that the air high in the North Atlantic, which fuels storms, may cause fall in the air above the Amazon and prevent the formation of clouds and rainfall