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Tourism in Cyprus

Cyprus, a state based on an island in the eastern Mediterranean in the south-eastern Europe and southwest Asia. Months has no sea border with Turkey and Egypt. Became independent from Britain in 1960. Was divided after the Turkish military intervention in 1974 into two parts with a majority of the Greek population (in the center and south) and part of a majority of the Turkish population (in the north). Announced in 1983 the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in the Turkish part

Cyprus has an area of about 9.250 square kilometers called easy-centered in the middle of the country Bmesorella

There Jblitan chains in the country: in the north Pintadaktalos mountain range in the south and west the mountains of Troodos. Most of the plains located on the south coast

The weather is mild rainy winters and hot summers.

 The country's population is divided ethnically, linguistically, and religiously as well to the current political Altksama part Greek and part Turkish. Two communities are similar in social customs, but differ greatly in private debt

Greek language spoken mainly in the south, while the Turkish north. This Altksama language dating back only to the period after the emergence of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in the north and drove the Greeks from the north to the south, before the Greek language is the most prevalent. English used on a large scale, due to the British colonial period of the island

 Dates from the ancient peoples that inhabited the island to around 6000 BC. M. And settled by the Greeks in 1200 BC. AD and established the city-states that were similar to the ancient Greek city-states. And before Christ, conquered Cyprus by the Assyrians and the Egyptians, Greeks, Persians and Romans. And enter the St. Paul and St. Barnabas Christianity to the island in 45 meters. In 330 AD Cyprus became part of the Byzantine Empire. In the year 1191 AD seized Richard the Lionheart of England over Cyprus, but he sold it to a French nobleman. The Ottoman Turks and the opening of the island in the seventies of the sixteenth century AD, and ruled it until 1878, when he handed over to Britain, which transformed the island into a colony of ownership in 1925.

In the fifties of the twentieth century AD, the Greek Cypriots under the leadership of Archbishop Makarios political campaign for union with Greece, and formed a secret organization knownsimply as EOKA, launched a fierce guerrilla war against the British. Britain announced a state of emergency on the island in 1955. In 1956, Britain denied Makarios to the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean. The Turks and the Greeks met in Zurich, Switzerland in 1959, where they come toan agreement that Cyprus becomes an independent state.

  Britain agreed on the Convention on the Zurich and Cyprus gained its independence on August 16, 1960 under a constitution drawn up by Britain, Greece and Turkey, with the consent of the leaders of Cypriot Turks and Greeks. And signed by Britain, Greece and Turkey to the Convention to ensure independence of Cyprus. Britain retained control of two military bases in each of Akrotiri and Dhecalaa areas along the southern coast. Archbishop Makarios becamepresident of the new state, and suggested that in 1963 thirteen amendments to the Constitution, claiming that it will lead to better management of the country. He said that some articles of the constitution threatens to paralyze the government's performance

Opposed by leaders of the Turks and the Cypriot Turks constitutional amendments, believing it would lead to looting of Cypriot Turks constitutional rights and guarantees. The fighting erupted between Greek Cypriots and Turks. In 1964, the United Nations sent peacekeeping forces to Cyprus, while efforts were ongoing to resolve the problem. In 1967, another conflict broke out between the two groups which led to the outbreak of a new crisis. In the period from 1967 AD to 1974 AD held Cypriot Turks and Cypriot Greeks talks aimed at reaching agreement on the constitution, and there has been some progress, however, that the differences remained

 Makarios was re-elected President of the Republic in 1968 and 1973. In July 1974 ousted the National Guard, led by Greek officers President Makarios, who fled following the Cyprus and his successor in the presidency publisher Naikos Samson, but resigned after one week, and assumed the presidency after Glafcos Klrdes Chairman of the Board of Representatives of Cyprus. Following the overthrow of Bmkarios, Turkey invaded Cyprus. The fighting broke out a large-scale between the Turks and Greek Cypriots. The Turks captured large parts in the north-east of Cyprus has provided thousands of Greek Cypriots to the south west of Cyprus.

  The negotiations resulted in a cease-fire to end the fighting in August, and Makarios returned to Cyprus as head of state in late 1974, and died in 1977 and was succeeded by Spyros Kyprianou, President of the Cypriot House of Representatives. But Turkey and the Cypriot Turks have refused to recognize the government of Spyros. The representatives of Cypriot Turks and Cypriot Greeks and the representatives of Greece and the Turks get together and turn away since 1974, with a view to the new constitutional arrangements, each island of Cyprus

 However, the strong differences on the management of the country persist. In 1975, announced the Cypriot Turks, led by Rauf Denktash and other Turks, to the northern areas of Cyprus, autonomous regions, and renamed the Turkish Cypriot federal states, and in 1983, Turks, Cypriots declared an independent republic, these areas Highness the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. In any case, the United Nations, all countries in the world except Turkey recognize Cyprus, one state, led by the Greek Cypriot government in the south-west

According to the sectarian diversity of the island, the country's constitution, which was implemented in 1960 after independence from the British Department of political positions between Greek Cypriots and Turks, with a majority of Greek Cypriots to take positions because they constitute the majority of the population

The official capital and largest city is Nicosia (about 195.000 inhabitants). Limassol (about 150,000 inhabitants) is the second largest city, followed by Larnaca (about 66.000 inhabitants), Paphos (about 36,000 people), Famagusta (about 37.738 people) and Kyrenia (population about 13,000). All of them fall in the Greek part of Cyprus with the exception of the capital, they are divided between the parties, and Kyrenia in the north of the country and Famagusta
Larnaca International Airport is the largest contribution to this airport, Paphos airport and there are ports in each of Larnaca, Famagusta, Limassol, Kyrenia, and Vassilecos. There are no railways in the country. Available about 30 companies from the airline directly linking the European countries of Cyprus and the Middle East and the rest of the world. Traffic system in Cyprus follows the English system, ie, driving cars, buses and all types of vehicles from the left and on the pattern of the Aruban side of the road.
Distances between cities are not far away.

· There are also private taxis to move between several cities for passengers and travel between major cities during daylight hours, but for the prices of transport is uneven and in some cities are almost reasonable.
· Many companies available for car rentals in Cyprus and during Sundays and public holiday open gas station pumps are equipped with rotating automatic and works 24 hours in all major cities and coastal.
· Buses available for transportation between major cities and there is an internal bus with a yellow color and run by the municipality of Nicosia.
· Yacht charters available in the cities of Limassol and Larnaca with the crew or without crew

 The northern (Turkish) suffers from unemployment rates and high inflation, due to the lack of recognition of the secession of the world and region economically. Depends mainly on tourism and agriculture sectors and the support coming from Turkey. Most of Turkish support in the form of loans, but for the most part the northern government is exempt from them.
· However, there are offices of the Tourism Authority of Cyprus in every city and is open every morning except Sundays, and in the afternoon on Monday and Thursday

  · Night life in Cyprus appeals to all tastes, where there is music, traditional Greek dancingrhythmic Greek in a large number of restaurants, and leave the clubs dance impression of funand pleasure to the patrons and is contesting the finest clubs dancer in Europe, are also available live music in most hotels. Restaurants Arabic in Cyprus Restaurant Cleo Patraintersection of John F. Kennedy Street Khrsteina Court No. 2, Limassol, restaurant Babylon (Byblos) Street Khieu No. 15, Nicosia, Restaurant falconry Street Mestackcio No. 38, Nicosia, Restaurant Semiramis Lebanese Street Voltaaro No. 17, Germsugia area, the Lebaneserestaurant lantern Street Solonos 7, Nicosia, Makarios Avenue No. 23 of Larnaca,
· Available on the island of Cyprus, a series of good hotels and luxury and those moderate and simple addition to the apartments with self-service is also available hostels and campsequipped with necessary facilities, in addition to the many travel agencies that advertiseconstantly on the organization of great software for a walk in many places beyond the routine.

 Hotels in Cyprus.
· Hotel Jax.
Located at the intersection of Giorgio Neophytou Nicolau and Limassol. Hotel is ideally located in the center of Limassol, the commercial center and is linked to the beach, and is known for excellent service, and has room on 176 Oppe bathrooms pool, gym, tennis court, steam bath, fitness center and spa, children's playground. Hotel and Resort Hawaii Grand is situated in the Amathus Limassol, a five-star hotel distinctive architecture of modern, and contains the furniture is not the tradition, and built amid trees, thick green, and its 255 rooms and business center, swimming pool, and includes places for the activities of arts and crafts, games and many of the children of Games water and inadequate buildings and a cinema open sand, and is located just 5 minutes from the center of the city, located about 40 minutes drive from the international airport.

Hotel Avante is located in a street Bosodon year. Is an exceptional hotel and popular and is located in the heart of Paphos low across the road to the beach, near shops, restaurants and places of interest, and contains a unique service and entertainment programs on a large scale, and consists of 243 rooms, swimming pool, steam bath, fitness center and Turkish steam bath and a playground squash and tennis court, It is located 15 kilometers from the airport.
Hotel Coral Beach Resort (Coral Beach Hôtel) is located in the Coral Bay Road, Paphos. This hotel is located just 500 meters from the sandy beach of natural, near the town of Paphos, and offers services of high and features a cuisine that does not forget that offer and provide food in various ways, and has a swimming pool, tennis court, steam bath, bath spa, steam and at a distance of 24 km from Paphos airport and 155 km from Nicosia and 135 km from Larnaca Airport. Hotel Ivadhiotis is located in the St. Nicolau Roussos No. 50 of Larnaca and has apartments located only 100 meters from the beach, and after only 5 minutes from Larnaca International Airport, and its 42 rooms, and contains a restaurant, shops and tourist services, and offers all the comforts of hotel for guests, which is close to the archaeological sites and many tourist