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الثلاثاء، 28 يونيو 2011

Tourism in the city of Pattaya / Thailand

Pattaya City is a coastal city follow the mandate of the Hanbura away from the capital city of Bangkok 175 km. Called the old Bad Ta O Pad Tha Ya means winds from the southwest toward the northeast and change the word the word to Pattaya (pattaya).

Until late in 1950 were not only small fishing town, like other coastal cities, which lies on the Gulf of Bangkok
Padilla or Pattaya Taken famous for when American troops based in Straanhm through the first military airport in Pattaya
U-Tapao in 1959, after the transfer of the headquarters of the state of Ostraanhm Nconrachassama (Korat) Nakhon Ratchasima because of financial disputes. And the small town famous for the world during the Vietnam War when the world media focuses on the war as a base for Strahh combat soldiers.

 The village was a haven for Taelnden of Bangkok residents to spend the weekend as it is the calm and beauty of sea and quiet. In 1978 the Thai government grant the title of the village of Pattaya - the city - and that on November 29, 1978 and this date has become an occasion for celebration by the residents of Pattaya each year.

Between the year 1980-1990 began to receive tourists, Europeans Staúhm to escape the cold and enjoy the beaches of Pattaya (and Smoah Alondiman Beach) Andaman and Samui. The Arabs began their journeys around Pattaya during this period was also due to rising income level of the individual due to the production of oil.

The number of tourists in the city of Pattaya and require the government to develop the city to build the finest hotels and tourism projects and solve the water problem in the dry season and established a plant to purify sea water and the establishment of a new airport in Bangkok called suvarnabhumi which is just about time to Pattaya, and also there is a draft train Bangkok Pattaya under construction and will see light soon