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الثلاثاء، 28 يونيو 2011

Tourism in the city of Osaka / Japan

Osaka (Japanese: 大阪 市 = Ōsaka-shi listen)) is a city in Japan, and the capital of Osaka Prefecture, located south of the island of Honshu (the largest island in mainland Japan), overlooking the Bay of Osaka, where the mouth of the River Eodogawa the Bay of Osaka. A population of about 2,636,257 inhabitants (2007).
Be the city with its suburbs Keihanshin area which is the second largest urban agglomeration in Japan, in terms of area and population (16.6 million). This form of assembly of each of the cities: Osaka, Kobe and Sakaúa, runs along the 75 kilometers, and occupies the volume of exchanges that take place in ports ranked second after the Tokyo Bay area
The historic city of Osaka as the national cuisine of Japan, or so-called (in Japanese: 天下 の 台所) Tin uttered no Hika

The origins of the city to about 300 BC. M, and was called Naniwa. In 1583 AD, the Japanese commander Toyotomi scrobiculus - Yoshi taking his capital and built the great palace (later demolished in 1615 AD). During his reign became the center of the country and Osaka, the center of a booming trade.
  In the 18 th century AD, the city has maintained its position as the capital of the local trade was also famous in the fields of culture and the arts. Badly damaged during World War II, then rebuilt again. Hosted the event in 2000 World Cup football, having restored the home to the main (1996 m) and raised capacity to 50,000 spectators.
Osaka was for a long period of economic importance by a large population of the merchant class in the system of the four classes of society

The western side of the city of Osaka on Osaka Bay is open, but others are surrounded by cities and small towns are all affiliated with Osaka Prefecture, excluding the city of Omagasaki that follow Hyogo Prefecture in the northwest. The city occupies approximately 12% of the area of ​​Osaka Prefecture

Reflect the city's many channels interspersed with numerous bridges, leading some to call the City naming a gun, Japan. Many of the gardens where, and the largest park Tnnuggi, and houses inside the city botanical gardens, the city is the stronghold of theater art in Japan, scene Balokhadd Bunraku (puppet theater or puppet). Where there are many institutes of higher education: Osaka University (founded 1931), Kansai University (1886), and Osaka City University (1949). Was the establishment of the World's Fair Expo in 1970.

 Represents the Kansai International Airport, which was built in 1994 on one of the artificial islands in the presentation of the Gulf beaches, a vital point in the route network in Japan, Osaka, an industrial city and financial and commercial center. Transfer dominates the iron and steel industrial activities in the city, along with the textile industries, shipbuilding, automotive industry, electrical equipment, construction equipment