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الثلاثاء، 28 يونيو 2011

Tourism in the city of Nagoya / Japan

Nagoya (Japanese: 名古屋 市 Nagoya - Xi) is a city in Japan, and the capital of "the province of Aichi", located in the south side of the island of "Honshu" (the largest island in the Japanese mainland). A population of about 2,258,908 people (2010) and is the third largest agglomeration and the fourth of the city where most of the population in Japan

The city began to evolve since the beginning of the 17th century, when the Japanese commander decided to "Tokugawa Aaih - Yasuo" the founder of Tokugawa dynasty, the transfer of the provincial capital of Kyousso Aware, which lies about seven kilometers to the place of the current Nagoya (her name was written 那 古 野) in 1610. Built castle Nagoya from materials taken from the castle Kyousso participated about 60 thousand workers in the construction, after a period become the tomb of Otsota station as "Mia" on the road Tokaido which connects Tokyo to Kyoto and raised the town around the mausoleum to serve the passengers, and with the years and the integration of Castle Nagoya and the town around the shrine grew what is today the city of Nagoya.

 I knew the stage of economic development and industrial fast during the period after 1880. In 1907 was annexed to the port of Otsota (to the south). Exposed to the destruction of a largepost-World War II and most of the buildings that exist today were constructed in the post- war.
Nagoya is famous landmarks include:
· Nagoya Castle, built in 1612 AD, and then destroyed during the U.S. bombing (World War II) in 1945 and rebuilt after 1959,
• In the vicinity of the city is located two of the most important Shinto shrines in the country: Otsota shrine and shrine Ise
Served by Nagoya Chubu Airport International Airport and Nagoya

 Within the scope of the transfer of the railway station, the largest stations in the Nagoya Nagoya, linking the Tokaido Shinkansen Line, Tokaido main line, main line Chūō metro Nagoya.
In the maritime port of Nagoya is one of the largest ports in Japan and used by Toyota, a major port for exporting their products
Naguyamn is the oldest ports in the country, the city is located within the Easy Bay. Is an important industrial center, and economic activities: Conversion Alehidid and steel, chemicals, automotive industry, air vehicles (aircraft, etc.), textile industries