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الثلاثاء، 28 يونيو 2011

Tourism in the city of Marrakech / Morocco

Marrakech is Morocco's third largest city located in south-central Morocco, the total population in 2004 to 340.334 people, built by the Muslim Sultan Ibn Yasin in 454 AH corresponding to 1062 AD, as a token of love to his wife Zainab Alinvzawah.
  Name is due to the word Amazigh Marrakech things N. Yako any country where he has used the word Amazigh Tamurt or things that mean a lot in the country named the countries and cities.
Still many Arabs call the whole name of the Marrakech Morocco

 Described Marrakech as the Red City, spacious quarters,, University of the Free has been shady, snow and palm, the capital of the Almoravids and the Unitarians and Saadian, which he said the deaths objects: Marrakech, a great city built by Imam Yusuf, the base for the Maghreb and diameter, position and pole, spacious postponement, incorrect air, a simple square and rectangular area, many mosques, great scenes, collected between the freshness of water, and mild air, and good soil, good fruit, and the capacity of plowing, and a great blessing

Bathrooms: The number of bathrooms in Marrakech Twenty-four bath. Schools: there are six schools, the most famous school, the school Yusufiya Abbasid School Houmt Aldkalh door, and the People's School, a school and a school Almuasin Houmt Sidi Mohamed Ben Saleh. Aseel River Valley: It was built on the river bridge for the passage of pedestrians. Wall of Marrakech: built by Caliph Ali Ben Youssef Amtony proposal from Imam Ibn Rushd al-Faqih, was spent on the construction of seventy thousand golden dinars and built in eight months

The number of mosques in Marrakech, one hundred and twenty-three mosques, including:
· Koutoubia Mosque
· Almohad mosque of al-Mansur
· Mosque of Sheikh Sidi Mohamed Saleh
· Mosque is hot
· Mosque Sheikh Jazooli
· Mosque Moulay Yazid (Kasbah Mosque)
· Mohammed Mosque

 Gates of the city
o the door of a sound
o door Thursday
o the door of the new
o Bab Doukkala
o door Ogmat
o the door of the Negev
o door molar
o door Qusayba
o door purchaser
o the door of the store
o the door of worm gears
o door Tagzot
o door Algrazh
o Bab al
o the door of Amin Bin Mohamed Manfaloti
o door Egilli
Biology Home
o Sidi Youssef Ben Ali
o Daudiat
o Gillies
o dizziness military
o City

 Even Ataathol tour, dear tourist, you are in the city of Marrakesh, to the anxiety and boredom, maybe you will have to listen to some advice, who have been there to visit, or ask the opinion of Moroccans may encounter in the street or put them conditions of residence and roaming in your way.
We have to agree first, that human rights is the same, whether French or Somalis or Iraqis or Australia, or even from the far east. Human nature and one, the difference in the ratios, only: Taibobh ratio, the proportion of loyalty, mastery of work rate, the proportion of humanity in the treatment of human being and another, regardless of race, color, nationality or their standard of living

Touring in Marrakech, for example, can be turned into a nightmare Anfrck of the place and its people. Marrakech is the city extended its history and its effects and its hotels and arenas, across geographic require the visitor mobility through buses, taxis, large and small, and vehicles towed or «Kuchi» ", a name given by Alemrakxion colloquial language on the truck towed a horse and one or two
To buses, taxis, small and large vehicles Kuchi, there are buses exposed, Tourist Transport, a subsidiary of a foreign company. There are also buses for urban transport, buses known «Elsa», and sew the city and the suburbs, throughout the daylight hours

All these means of travel and distances, nothing equivalent to roam in Marrakech on foot: Sports and the economy of money and pay them followed the cloud may make you a driver greed does not pay much attention to the reputation of tourism in Marrakech to psychological and intelligent tourist.
  Some taxi drivers do not hold the counter. Some of them specialized in the transfer of tourists. Can someone to wait long hours even accrue Bsbon drive him to a foreign destination. Must be the cause of this long wait to ask questions regarding pricing and the extent of its legitimacy

To agree, first, that the meter is to judge between the passenger and the driver of the taxi. In this case, the driver must be running the counter, and may not be asked to move by a corresponding customer to the destination desired. The customer has the full right to request operation of the counter, and can be requested from the driver that the fear of God in himself and in his city.

  Screaming in the face of greed is the driver of the contribution to the payment of a bad habit.
  Tourists can threaten the driver's car registration number and file a complaint to the relevant interests, and can think of no better way to make the driver stop greed compelled to any police officer, he should be doing his duty to deter the driver. Certainly that would improve tourist and then relaxed

For vehicles towed, La Paz to ask the officials or employees of the tourist hotel, which houses the approximate price for a tour through the city. Drivers of tractor-powered vehicles do not have the counter have occupied. As well as in the case of large taxi. Among them is only their understanding with the customer. Maximum charge, for the Kuchi vehicle, may not exceed AED per cent. It depends on the distance to be cut and the generosity of tourists. In this case, the ceiling becomes a reasonable ceiling AED per cent of driver and customer.

If the vehicles towed glory and Haaratha through the rhythm of the speed horses are wandering through the city and its streets, Valhafelat open for the transfer of the tourist set for Athman and orbits meet the expectations of tourists to visit places that are furnished with the city's red, by two lines and orbits go around: «Marrakech Romantic», by seven points to stop or start, leading tourists through the gardens Majorelle and Albalmora, and «Marrakech Monimantal», through eighteen point of departure and arrival, leads the tourist through the city's markets and squares, to the Menara Gardens and the Koutoubia and the Djemaa El Fna and the Badi Palace and the tombs Saadian, safety, street Glees

Of the advantages of tourist buses it is equipped with open hearings with individual multi-lingual digital audio in eight languages​​, namely Arabic, French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese and Portuguese. The advantages, as well, they provide the tourists a number of expenses, including taxi tour guide, as well as to avoid falling into the operations of financial extortion by some greedy.

Above all, it will be a tourist, when you coming visit Marrakech, Morocco, is to control the standard of living of the country will descend by tourists and determines the difference in prices, in order to deal on that basis. The trip by taxi, carrying tourists through the streets of Amsterdam or Washington, for example, will not be the same price a tour through the neighborhoods and streets and squares of Marrakech. Tourists can count on for inspiration Erhristith waiter or driver dirhams extra. Then it will be comfortable doing this voluntarily, without feeling a lump in the throat, only because the Moroccan was the deal with greedy Fastgvlh