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الثلاثاء، 28 يونيو 2011

Tourism in the city of hearts / Japan

Kobe (Japanese: 神 戸 市 = Kobe - Xi) is a city in Japan. Capital "of Hyogo Prefecture," and its largest city, located southwest of the island of "Honshu". Total population of about 1,513,967 people (2003). The city is located in the Kansai region, and constitute a major city in the Keihanshin

The city began in 1868 starters, with the opening up of trade in Japan on the world. Some parts were destroyed during World War II (American bombing campaigns), re-built after 1945. Came in January 1995 to the earthquake, the record according to Guinness World Records the most expensive earthquake in history, the number of victims has reached 6433 m, mostly the city of Kobe. In 2002, the city was one of the Japanese cities that have hosted the World Cup football.

 Located in the city, many Buddhist temples and Shinto Almzar and the oldest mosque in Japan, and includes statues Shahyran for "Buddha", as well as some Christian churches. Have the "Kobe" museums of Fine Arts. Founded the "Kobe School of Commerce" in 1902, before turning to the "Kobe University" in 1949.
Of the most famous areas of the city is the port of Kobe, Kobe Port Tower with Red
Are the cities of "Kobe" and "Osaka" large urban agglomerations (second in the country after the "Tokyo"). Of the most important economic activities in shipbuilding, and rubber industries.

  Addition, there are other activities Kalkimoyat, industrial machinery, electrical equipment, textiles, Thobl sugar, grain mills, breweries and local (the "Sake"). Reflect the "Kobe" the second most important port in Japan after the "Yokohama