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الاثنين، 27 يونيو 2011

Tourism in Cairo

Cairo is the capital of the Arab Republic of Egypt and the most important cities at all, the population of the city of Cairo 7,787,000 people, according to 2007 statistics, representing 10.73% of the total population of Egypt, while the population of Greater Cairo 20 million and a half million people. Inhabited by more than a quarter of the population of Egypt, whose population at home and abroad 76 million and 480 thousand and 426 people, according to census 2006, the population density of over 15 thousand people per square kilometer, and was named as a historic city of a thousand minarets of many mosques.
Founded several cities and the capital, commanding Muizz to open the Cairo after the foundations of the Fatimid state, has the essence of Sicilian year AH 358 (969 m) to build a wall around the three cities and named the three cities of Cairo, including Cairo, the city of Fustat, founded by Amr ibn al-Aas year 20 AH, the city founded by the military, Saleh bin Ali Abbasi year 132 AH, Alktaea city founded by Ahmed ibn Tulun in 256 AH, in addition to the neighborhoods that have occurred after the reign of Saladin, until now

Cairo is the largest city in Africa and the most populous in Africa and the Middle East. City of a province, any province, they occupy the entire area of ​​one city, at the same time maintain a large city by itself. Despite being a city is the largest but it is one of the smallest provinces of Egypt as mayor. There is also known as the Greater Cairo which is an administrative entity including a semi-official addition to the city / province city of Cairo, Giza and some of its suburbs and Shubra Al Khaimah Qaliubiya addition to the provinces of Helwan and Sixth of October
Known in the Pharaonic era of Navarre as a beautiful port city of the sun and its suburb (hieroglyphs: Online and in Greek: Heliopolis). The capital of unified Egypt since King Narmer alone since 3,200 years BC. M. For different time periods, but since the Arab conquest of Egypt, the capital.

 The city of Cairo, one of the most Eastern cities, which accounted for writing and history, where dubbed the "Jewel of the East", since the age of Cairo over a thousand years, much Vhoahid history confirms that the place of this city was the capital of Egypt for most of its history, in the history of Egypt extends across about 50 centuries Cairo was in the broad sense is the capital of Egypt, as is due some to take Cairo, capital of the year 98 AD, when the children of Babylon Fortress, which still remains are found so far and when he came Amr ibn al-Aas to open Egypt established his new capital, Fustat, near the fort, and erected city ​​by the military, followed by the capital of the state Alktaea Tulunid in Egypt, Cairo, and established in the era of the Fatimid Caliph al-Muizz and that are still of the same name until today.

Some famous names to Cairo: the city of a thousand minarets (so called ancient traveler to the large number of mosques built in) and the city of Cairo, Egypt and the goats
Cairo is located on the sides of islands of the Nile River in southern Egypt, immediately south-east of the point where the river leaves the Nile valley and confined in the desert, divided into two branches in the Nile Delta region of low

  The oldest part of the city is located east of river. There, the city spread gradually westward, and the children of this part of the Western model of the city of Paris by Khedive Ismail, the ruler of Egypt in the mid-nineteenth century, which featured large neighborhoods, and parks and open areas. The older eastern section of the city differed significantly after randomly expanded over the centuries, and is filled with ways small and crowded buildings. While the filled-west of Cairo Balbnayat government and modern architecture, and became the most important part in Cairo, while the eastern half is that which contains the city's history through the ages because there are its mosques and churches, ancient buildings and relics and monuments are old, with the knowledge that there are extensions Oriental also after the old city and an example of this district, Nasr City, which is one of the most important, largest and most prestigious neighborhoods of Cairo.
And allowed water systems cross the city is also expanding eastward into the desert, and there are bridges linking the islands of the Nile Bashatrih east and west to Giza, where many government buildings and offices of government officials, cross bridges, the Nile is also a link to the city on the outskirts of Giza and Imbaba (part of Greater Cairo

West of Giza - in the desert - there is a part of the cemetery of Memphis the ancient Giza Plateau where the Pyramids of Giza the three, just 11 miles (18 km) south of Cairo, the modern site of the city of ancient Egyptian Memphis, and a nearby cemetery of Saqqara, these cities and other cities were earlier located anywhere Cairo

 Characterized by a climate of Cairo, up the temperature during the summer months and cold during the winter months, ranging from average daily temperature in July (summer) between 33 ° C higher temperature and 21 ° C lower temperature, while the estimated daily average during the month of January (winter ) between 17 ° C higher temperature and 6 ° C lower temperature. So lead breeze of the Nile during the summer months a role in the low temperature in Cairo.
  Nevertheless, moving large numbers of the population of Cairo to the resorts Egypt different that comes in the forefront of the city of Alexandria (Resort Egypt I), Ismailia, the resort closest to Cairo, which do not exceed the distance between Cairo, Ismailia, 122 km, and the city of Port Said Mediterranean (one of the cities of the channel with a European-style ), and the city would sometimes blow sirocco during the period between March and June, the wind is working to raise the average temperature by up to 14 ° C suddenly, as it reduces moisture in the air to no more than 10%, and the suffering population of Cairo much of minute dust particles originating from the hills and the mountain Mokattam red, and during periods of activity of the movement of surface wind until they were planting the slopes of hills referred to

Contrasting style buildings built in the city of Cairo are located in area Alqrivrh dramatically to reflect the historical period, which was built out, with frequent historic buildings with gates wood huge beautiful design and oriels (windows, wooden narrow web design), which was built during the Fatimids and the Mamluks, which abound in the neighborhoods ancient Egypt, especially al-Hussein and Zeinab Alozahrowalsadh and the door of poetry and the Darb al-Ahmar and the caliph.

  From there, historic palaces dating from the periods of Islamic rule and the most beautiful palace Sakakini relative to the built Sakakini Pasha, who called the neighborhood that surrounds the palace in his name, has started to Islamic architecture in Cairo at the hands of Amr ibn al-Aas who conquered Egypt in the era of Caliph Umar ibn al-Khattab years (18 e -639 m) and his successor, built the first mosque in Egypt, the mosque of Amr ibn al-Fustat, which was known as moving as the old mosque

Among the most important role, which was built since the Islamic conquest of Egypt House Amr ibn al-Aas city of Fustat and was located about four meters from the northeastern side of the University of known, and was surmounted by a dome gilded, and was this house very spacious even named the city as it was called the name of the palace golden and become Dara of the emirate until destroyed by fire caused by Marwan II during his escape, in addition to the palace of Prince Muhammad Ali in Heliopolis.

  One shortcoming of the old Palace of excellence in Cairo Baron Empain founder of Heliopolis (Heliopolis), a spectacular palace built in the Indian style. Cairo is known for a long time city of a thousand minarets of mosques, many dating back to different historical periods starting from the Islamic conquest of Egypt around the year 22 AH, 642 AD, when opened Amr ibn al-Aas and built the famous mosque, known in his name so far in Fustat.
It is an approach followed by many of the rulers of Egypt who built many mosques with designs unique to Islamic architecture such as the Mosque of Ahmad ibn Tulun, who had custody of the first stage of the beautiful and clear in the history of Islamic art in Egypt, he has qualities and characteristics have also constructed his palace and called him on the field play Alsoaljh name "field", and was located under the rock that held above the Citadel of Saladin, "the field of Ramla" In the south-eastern side of the palace

 And the Mosque of Sultan Hassan mosque Bey, who is set Bey Balaqrafah East created the most beautiful groups architecture in Islamic Egypt and due importance to the beauty of the coordination group with one which consists of a school, a mosque, for the book and the shrine of the minaret has played the accuracy of the industry as well as the beauty of proportion, an important role in highlighting the beauty of this most old architectural and established Bey also several fountains and agencies also made ​​several additions mosque of Al-Azhar, the Mosque of Sinan Pasha, the Mosque of Mohammed Ali and the mosque of Abu El Ela, and the Mosque of Al-Azhar, which was built by the Fatimids, who ruled Egypt during the period between 969 and 1171 AD, which became the Islamic University after it contributed Science in the spread of religion taught religious studies for expatriates to the sons of the Islamic countries, Muslim minorities in the countries of the world to become the largest Islamic university in the world

 Cairo tourist city middle-class, multi-out all aspects of tourism, which may require the visitor, there are archaeological sites dating back to the era of the Pharaohs and the old city walls dating back to the Islamic era, Islamic sites, Christianity and Judaism found since the entry of the different religions of Egypt and cultural areas and regions shopping famous and there are hundreds of palaces, mosques, churches, and the gates of historical and ancient buildings of different ages as well as the places of art, theaters, Opera House and the other, and therefore spread in Cairo, a large number of hotels and accommodations that may exceed the numbers that there may be a small country as a whole, and following some of the most important tourist sites in Cairo

Cairo Tower was built between 1956 - 1961 of reinforced concrete on the design of the Egyptian lotus, and is located in the heart of Cairo on the Nile River island of Zamalek, height of up to 187 meters, higher than the Great Pyramid in Giza, about 43 meters. There on the top of the Cairo Tower restaurant on the tourist platform revolves revolving restaurant goers to see the features of all aspects of Cairo, the Cairo Tower was built in the era of the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser, and reached its cost at the time, 6 million pounds.
Egypt is a central to a large extent then your capital is the center of everything in the country, all you want, the individual can not be found elsewhere in Egypt must find him in Cairo, Besides the government services provided by the State of the residents of Cairo and other cities coming specifically to end the interest is, which often are extracting a document from the Ministry or stamped from the ministry building itself, or even of a building complex editing, which is the largest service-center in Egypt, there are by many government offices, ministries and other offices

There are also commercial services that are offered to companies, business, and its subsidiaries, which is prevalent in Cairo than in other cities of Egypt, we find the presence of office of a company or a certified or power of attorney for a trading company in every neighborhood in Cairo, unlike other cities of Egypt, the other - with the exception of Alexandria - located by the office or one accredited center to serve the entire city, which may be the fact that the neighborhoods of Cairo, a city of many small interrelated

There is also in Cairo a number of shops, ancient, which was founded more than 100 years or more and preserved its reputation strong, and there are many large shopping centers of modern, such as City Center, City Stars, Mall of Saad Zaghloul, Talaat Harb Mall, Serag Mall, Arcadia Mall, a good Mall, Mall of the market era, Geneina Mall, Maadi Grand Mall and Mall of the technology and markets of the hotels such as the commercial attaché of the Ramses Hilton hotel, etc., and there are cinemas all over the city, cinema complexes in all the city's business centers,

 Cairo also has many of the souks, as markets food markets such as the threshold and Farag, transit and the altar, or the sale of manufactured products markets as markets Nahaseen, goldsmiths and Alvhamin and Alkaakyin and spice dealers and Adakkakan. Including market historical growth markets old infested residue fields of historical, which was down by traders and shoppers who come to Cairo during the periods of residence, and the most famous market of Khan El-Khalili and the markets are trading as a market Moski known Bazdhamh severe Vioagd a lot of goods, mostly clothing at prices much lower, and there is a market Faggala located by the major libraries of Egypt, and all kinds of books, scientific and literary subjects, regarded as a wholesale market and there are also Abdel Aziz Street in which there are great shops and agencies electrical equipment and appliances.