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الاثنين، 27 يونيو 2011

Tourism in Brisbane / Australia

Brisbane was the last stopping point for tourists heading to the Great Barrier Reef or the beaches of the Gold Coast, but the eastern Australian city that has become a tourist attraction in itself.
After finally returning to the city where I grew up and left it 15 years ago to live and work in the city of Sydney with a fast paced, I could not identify. Is no longer a major regional city, the capital of Queensland state, but the fastest growing cities. And crowded with cafes and shops should not forget the Gallery of Modern Art, which makes you spend several days in the city to explore

The city was known in the past in the name Bresfegas (because of the casinos and night life in the eighties), and the Brisbane River divides the city, which makes his way to the Gulf of Morton, passing through the wool stores, which turned into luxury apartments, and historic houses built on poles. The former power plant turned on the edge of the Gulf to the art center. And the latest tourist attractions is the Gallery of Modern Art and the Queensland art gallery, which was re-renovated, next to the Gallery of Modern Art on the last corner of the river in Stanley Place South Bank in the gardens. The Gallery of Modern Art is the largest art galleries in Australia, featuring Australian artists and foreigners

. Representative, including Indian-born British artist Anish Kapoor and the German Katharina Grosse. And windows overlooking the magnificent scenes of the city, and the exhibition, which is adjacent to the new State Library, by a special cinema and art center for children. The new extension includes an exhibition of Queensland exhibition entrance glass and Asian history.
And accessible to museums walks through the river corridor, a corridor connects the floating zone NewFarm the central business area, a swimming pool in the area around the city.
And a museum in Brisbane does not ignore history. If you want to know the role of the Brisbane headquarters of the Allied forces in the Pacific in World War II, you can visit the MacArthur Museum in Brisbane, dedicated to General Douglas MacArthur, who chose Brisbane his base for two years. In that period over the millions of Americans through the quiet city that I think a lot of people it will change after the war. Instead, the city center almost closed after the decline in the number of people who have moved to live in the suburbs

Now managed areas such as Fortitude Valley, an area brothel before, to transform itself. Also started the hotel in the Emporium area bus garage. The hotel has a shopping center and restaurants. Guests can use the swimming pool salt mainly in the roof of the hotel overlooking the city and Story Bridge. And in the vicinity of the hotel there is «James Street» is an industrial area past and is now the headquarters of shops for the designers of the likes of «S & Bade, where you can find jeans and fashionable for a number of famous international designers from the likes of Sara Jane Clarke, Hyde, Middleton, who grew up in Brisbane.
In Slavdj Street Byers can buy anything from a chandelier to the French glass jewelry boxes and pearl necklaces

   .At the center of Emporium, we have to visit the Depot, a cafe open to accept him figures of modern

 And open areas close to the watt modern dinning restaurant in the center of theaters known as the «Brisbane Powerhouse,» which was a plant to generate electricity for the tram network hidden. Octopus can be ordered hot or fresh fish with French fries and dine overlooking the river. Paulo says restaurant owner Pescaaro Bekovino, who moved to the city from Melbourne three years ago: «it is not known in Brisbane continued operation of anything after the tenth time and a half, but things have changed

We have grown the city ». Friday evening and the restaurant was crowded with young people waiting to sit down. The concepts of eating that has spread in Brisbane is eating a mass appearing in places like cirque café, who lives a strange interpretations of ethnic food, such as a burger of lamb with Moroccan mint yogurt.
Food did not achieve mass success in the beginning, according to Kelly Vaughn co-owner in a restaurant cirque café, one of the people of Melbourne who have moved north. The «were watching these events do not care about it, but now there are queues».
In the evening, crowded area of ​​Fortitude Valley. While complaining about the bands in Sydney and Melbourne from a lack of places, those places are crowded Brisbane. In Puri bar in ann street, for example, teams playing jazz music