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الاثنين، 27 يونيو 2011

Tourism in Brasilia / Brazil

Brasilia is the capital of Brazil is located in the province and the federal set up in April 21, 1960 at the hands of President Kubitschek Jusylina to be Brazil's third capital after the establishment of Brasilia, the government moved all offices to the federal

Designed and planned and planned to know: outline of the plane at the hands of architect planned the famous Brazilian architect (Oscar Niemeyer - Oscar Niemeyer) and planned (Lucio Costa Lucio Costa).
Brasilia is divided from the north wing and south wing, the military section of civil, Department of workshops, Printing Division, Department of camping, the middle section, at the crossroads federal ministries, embassies section north and south, the three forces Square, the Palace Alrthys

 Is considered by UNESCO Brasilia cultural property world and is visited by nearly one million tourists annually and is the most important tourist areas in Brasilia (Square troops three bridge Juscelino Kubitschek, garden urban Sarah Kubitschek, and National Park of Brasilia, the National Council, Cathedral Square, Juscelino Kubitschek. Brasilia is the capital of the Republic of Brazil's new, dating to 21 April 1960, has inherited the "Rio de Janeiro," which remained the capital of the country for 125 years. The area of ​​the federal District, where the capital, 0.5814 km 2. has stripped the area of the state, "Goias "in the territory of the Middle West. and arrived to the Brazilian population of 44.1 million inhabitants (in 1983).

 The city is located at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level, and away from the city of Rio de Janeiro coastal 1000 km almost to the northwest, and it has the choice of this region as the capital for several purposes, including: * provide the nucleus pulls the people towards the inside, with the aim Tamieralmntqh interior of Brazil . * Provide administrative services for the Midwest, where there are states of "Mato Grosso" and its "Cuiaba" and "Matujruso South" and "capital" Campojerand "and the mandate of" Juez "and its" Guayana ", in addition to the mandate of" Brasilia "federal . Moreover, the good climate of the region, and the widening spaces plain flat, allowing the horizontal expansion of urban areas in agriculture. the city is a center for land and air transportation, as established by the university in 1960.

And Brazil, the largest and most populous area in South America. Is the fifth country in the world in terms of area. Famous for the production of coffee. From the north is bordered by Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana and the West Vnzuelaomen Colombia, Peru and southern Bolivia and Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay and the Atlantic Ocean Manalcherq.

  Brazil is a country with a strong economy is classified as tenth in the list of countries by annual income. Passes through the equator and where large parts of the Amazon River and Their land is so full of tropical forests or areas suitable for Zraaahibad study by Professor Adelino Osvado concluded that the word (Brazil) came from the language and those of
There could be the root of the Phoenicians

During the reign of Alambrootooria known and linked to the name tree Pau Brazil) Brazil Arabic type wood from the trees in Brazil is growing tired to the color red was issued
To Europe for the manufacture of paint.

And in 1967 during the reign of the military government transformed the name to the Federative Republic of Brazil and used the name to this Aleomckl Heights Agheiana the country's natural border with Venezuela and Guyana.

  In the north of the country are Shoulihod Amazon in the south or on the ocean there are many mountain ranges Kadidaha low-rise high in some areas of 2.900 m. The country's highest peaks are Pico da Nblina near the border of Brazil and Venezuela above 3014 m above sea level
. Amazon, the largest river in the world in terms of flow and volume crosses its territory. Alsopenetrate rivers and Albarana Alaijuaso and the river Rio Negro, or black, Sao Francisco,Shingo and Madeira
Occupies the eastern part of South America, and is the fifth of the world space, and controlsalmost half of the continent,

  And shares borders with all South American countries almost except Chile and Ecuador, and supervised from the east and north-east Atlantic Ocean earth is made up land of Brazil from the Golan is the arm of Brazil, covering about 60% of the total area of ​​Brazil, and operates is the east and south of the country,

Section II of Brazil, a coastal plains in the east and north, and the third sections terrain Amazon basin, and occupies a large portion of the land of Brazil, the Amazon's largest rivers of South America in length, and the first river in the world of water, and has a hip one-third of Albuladalbraszel densely populated coasts and densely populated the deeper we went low in the interior.

Residents of the southern regions in general are Europeans who began to come to the region since Avashr century. Most immigrants came to Brazil from Italy, Germany, Japan, Portugal, Spain, Lebanon, Soeriaovelstin.

There are also many other communities Kgalah Polish, Dutch, Ukrainian, Chinahoalchorah North. The majority of people in the north and north-east are the people with different races, there are Alskanalosalion of the country, as well as people of African descent and Europeans in the south Akther