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الأربعاء، 29 يونيو 2011

Tourism in Aleppo / Syria

Aleppo is Syria's largest province in terms of population, located in northern Syria and its city of Aleppo. Divided the province of Aleppo, according to the administrative division into eight regions. Aleppo is the most important industrial center in Syria, in addition to important commercial and agricultural. The city of Aleppo, the oldest and most famous cities in the world and is well known and famous since ancient times their industries traditional

Varied terrain in the province between the hills and plains and mountains in the north-west lies the highest peak of Mount Bulbul and a height of 1200 m and is characterized by north-western region as the most fertile area in the province also contains several stretches of forest and agricultural land on the whole territory of the province.
Challenge of Aleppo from the south-eastern desert and marsh called Jabbul the largest in Syria, as passed in the province of Aleppo, several collapsed Section is from the Euphrates River is located in the northeast of the province Kmaiga River Alsagor River Qoik the less attributed significantly and there are river Afrin and a length of 113 km is and its tributaries have been built on April 17 river bridge and formed a lake behind Lake April 17 presentation of 2 of 3 km and a length of 17 km and there are black River in the far north west of Aleppo, which enters the field of Ikbis and passes with a distance of 22 km border with the banner of Iskenderun

There are a number of waterfalls, lakes, waterfalls and plenty of water Anlabie deployed in ruralareas of the province of Aleppo. Aleppo, home to Arabs, Kurds, Armenians and other minorities.. The firm presence in the Kurdish north and north-west of Aleppo, where they make up the majority in the districts of Kobani (Ayn Al-Arab) and (Afrin) and there are Kurds in the spread ofCarchemish and Aleppo in the door and in the villages of Achrafieh and Sheikh
Aleppo-known and famous, long ago, at the level of industrial cities has been identified andknown for its industries, known since ancient foot again behave like textile and cotton ginningindustry and soap and olive oil industries, food industries .. Aleppo is famous for many types of products and industries in addition to the traditional industries of modern art of all kinds.
Aleppo today, especially the city of Aleppo is the most important industrial city of Syria, Arab, and the latest modern industry at all is the ancient city of industry and famous

Aleppo areas very rich antiquities and archaeological sites dating back to the civilizations is one of the oldest civilizations in the world, dating back in some areas to eight thousand years had passed since the cities and regions of Aleppo civilizations such as the Acadians, Babylonians, Alaramen and Alhethein and Sumerians, Romans, Greeks, Byzantines, Arabs, Muslims, carried out by a lot of kingdoms and nations,
  The city of Aleppo, which is one of the oldest and the first cities in the world's capital in more than one historical era, is the cities and towns of the province of Aleppo Museum is important for the main effects and the events of history for thousands of years and was one of the most important cities and carried out by the civilizations along the territory of the province of Aleppo hundreds of sites and ancient cities, and the date of Aleppo is full of events and effects to show the greatness and nobility of this city's most important cities of the East and said by many historians and travelers are the key to the East and the gate

Areas of archaeological
Aleppo is famous for their regions archaeological deployed in many cities and towns, conservation and archaeological sites in Aleppo: -
o Cyrus Prophet Hori
o Citadel of Aleppo, which was built by Alexander the Great and is one of the largest castles in the world.
o Great Umayyad Mosque
o Castle star
o Cave Aldidria
o Castle Deir Samaan
o Temple of Ain ​​Dara
o doors such as door Guensrin Aleppo and Antioch door and the door of victory and the door and the door above the door of the vagina and the fetus, and others.
o clock tower clock Bab Al Faraj
o boxes Aleppo customs such as Khan and Wazir Khan and Khan and Khan Venetians silk and Judge Khan and Khan soap and your Khayr Khan and Khan butchers and others.
o Aleppo Eastern markets and is the longest archaeological Covered markets in the world extends for a distance of more than 15 km.
o Afrin River bridges Alothreyhaly
o bimaristan Aragonese
o bimaristan Nouri
o hospices are many of them (hospice Alencima) Pope Perm Hospice and Hospice and Hospice Almkhamlja Dervishes and Abu Bakr Alovaúa hospice and hospice and the hospice setting forth the Perm Alakhlasih Alrvaih and other

 There are churches in the city of Aleppo in the cities of the province and its regions, and dozens of ancient churches and is one of the important months of the Eastern Churches such as the Church of the Virgin Mary, the Latin Church, the Church of Albandarh, a church of forty martyrs of the Armenians, the Church of Our Lady, the Church of Mar Elias and many more.
o mosques, schools, monuments are very many, and belongs to all historical periods, among them school Hazbouktah, collector Adlah, collector Albhermeh, School Alkhsrovih School, Ahmadiyya, a school and a mosque Alkltaoah, Mosque of snakes, School Lhaloah, school Alcabanih, Rahman Mosque, Mosque of Paradise, Almrsh Camellia, Almekdmah school, virtual school, the school Bowl, and much more.
o cities of Mount episode dozens of sites and ancient cities
o sites of Mount Simon - Churches - Monasteries - ancient buildings - archaeological sites
 Aleppo city's magnificent capital of northern Syria one of the major Eastern cities at all, extend the province of Aleppo and the diversity of terrain, from the plains to the mountains and fertile agricultural land to natural forest wonderful being in the province several rivers most famous river Afrin and the Euphrates River in the east and there in the province of Aleppo, a number of resorts wonderful nature and forests and waterfalls in a number of areas,
  There are in Aleppo, a number of excellent hotels and various grades and spread restaurants, casinos and parks, all levels, there is in Aleppo International Airport, a Aleppo International Airport, which is linked trips with all the Syrian airports and the lines of international to many cities in Europe and the Middle East, Asia and Africa, as well as a network of railways which linking the cities of the province in all cities and regions of Syria and the flying train from the Premier League in trips to Latakia, Damascus and Homs, where there are services, luxurious hotel, as well as a railway international with Turkey and to Europe, stretching from Aleppo latest roads and highways in all directions

.Visit Aleppo large numbers of tourists and tourist groups from European countries such as Italy, Germany, France, Spain, England and others to visit the city of Aleppo historical wonderful embodying cities in the Middle Aadtha and markets of East and bazaars, restaurants, traditional high-end inside lane of Aleppo and visit the areas and sites, castles and hills archaeological across the province Vhalb known history heritage in every corner of the city raised the back of an era of Mbaney ancient churches and mosques, schools, historical and markets has raised are history, in addition to the famous Aleppo rich network industries and the quality of their products traditional or modern, which compete with the best global industries ..
Spread along the Aleppo sites worth a visit and mineral water springs and waterfalls, sulfur or Tabieihaljamilh in rural areas where maintaining the beauty and splendor of nature