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Switzerland Tourism

The Swiss Confederation is a federal republic in central Europe. Consists of 26 Kenton. The city of Bern and its administrative center and capital of the Union.
Follow the foreign policy of neutral Switzerland, dating back to 1515. Is one of the richest countries in the world. And I've got one of its cities are Zurich, which is the largest city until 2008, the best city to live in the world for eight years in a row
Switzerland is located in South Central Europe, bordered by Germany to the north, France to the west, Italy to the south, Austria and Liechtenstein to the east, and occupy their land part of the Alps and the Jura mountains, and its importance in the middle of the continent of Europe, where the corridors of the Alps linking many European countries

Switzerland on the whole mountain, with about 7% of the area of ​​the heights of the Alps, this sector comprises 30% of the population and descend introductions to the Swiss plateau. These include introductions several lakes, the Alps are divided into several chains, and the highest peak in the Swiss Alps (Monte Rosa). She is Switzerland a part of the Jura mountains where followed by the southeastern part of these mountains, and contains many of the valleys and ridges, and penetrate some of the passages, extending the plateau of Switzerland in the form of corridor between the Alps and the Jura mountains, and the different height of the plateau from one place to another, and constitute the divisions of the mountain together estimated area of ​​41.285 square Kelemtr of the country. Has given the mountainous forest-rich nature of great tourist value. Confined to the mountains and among the many, such as refrigerators (Alanc) and (Jornervezch), and these refrigerators important tourist source, spread and freshwater lakes, Switzerland

Belongs climate of Switzerland to the model of Central Europe (climate alpine) and the climate cool in general covering of snow most of the land in winter and turn into refrigerators exploited by the Swiss in tourism for the practice of slipping on the ice, and blowing from the mountains (Fahn) to the valleys, affecting the climate of low-lying areas, and precipitation heavy, and sink in the warm summer areas on the plateau and the valleys low. But the climate is generally a wonderful climate, cold in winter or in summer, warm in nature and picturesque landscapes wonderful eyes caressed Vlatry but beauty does not feel fluctuations in the air

 Switzerland has a population of almost 7.8 million people and most of the population live in areas where the Swiss plateau is concentrated among the country's main cities are global cities are Geneva and Zurich as well as cities such as Basel and Lausanne. And less density of population on the highlands, and a member of the population into groups, German, and make up most of the population of Switzerland, and speaks 75% of the population is German, and among the population elements of French Approximately 20% of the population speak French, and there are elements of Italian and about 4% of the population speak Italian, and among the Swiss a large number of foreigners of about one million people 80% of them are coming from EU countries, according to UN reports suffer layer of foreign non-European racism, especially in recent years that has seen victory Swiss People's Party in federal elections, as issued this party since he took power laws against non-European foreigners, and agreements with the countries of the European Union to the European preference for foreign labor market Swiss

Switzerland has four official languages​​: German, French, Italian, Romansh. Speaking majority ofthe population of northern and central Switzerland, in German in the west, and there are few whospeak French and Italian in the south and mountain areas, but Switzerland is one of the countriesDucha (deutch) are strains of German

Switzerland is a secular in nature and does not have an official state religion, but its Constitution,the federal is still kicking off with the words "in the name of God." And religion common in theChristian both sects Protestant and Catholic, but the majority in Switzerland are Catholic 41.8%, and Protestants, 35.3%, and the proportion of 11.1% to Atdan doctrine certain. For followers of Islam constitutes 4.3% of the population (mostly Cosofen, Bosnians, Turks

  The Oriental Orthodox 1.8%, two of the religions that followed the children of minorities, including immigrants to the country. In the statistical survey of the Eurobarometer "Eurobarometer" found that 48% of the Swiss surveyed their opinions considered themselves "believers, the existence of God," while over 39% believed in the existence of "the spirit or the ability of things in life." And 9% are atheists while 4% said they do not Adrion. In 2003 found Grelli "Greeley" that 27% of the population do not believe the existence of a god. The distribution of the remaining 4%, other Christian groups and followers of religions, Judaism and Buddhism

 Different public holidays in Switzerland from canton to canton. Here's a list below includes the most important holidays in the Confederacy. Conqueror of January. Friday's sad. One of the Passover. Easter Monday. Conqueror of May / May. Celebrated only in some cantons such as Basel, Geneva and Zurich. Holiday boarding or Ascension. A Pentecost. Whit Monday. (Body or Holiday Holiday Eucharist) celebrated by the Catholic cantons only. (The conqueror of August.) National Day of the Confederacy. (15 August / August) Holiday rally in the Catholic cantons. (The second Sunday of the month of September / September) announced today the Federal prayer. (The conqueror of November) all the saints rejoicing, only in the Catholic cantons. 25 December / December. 26 December / December

Switzerland, a developed country, and one of the world's richest countries by income per capita as per capita income of gross domestic product (GDP) to U.S. $ 67.384. The Zurich and Geneva ranked the consecutive second and third in the highest level of life in the cities of the world

 The high per capita income to a high level, as a result of the diversity of economic activities, where agriculture is practiced in the valleys low and above the Central Plateau, and the proportion of workers in agriculture about 4% of the workforce, and produces Switzerland 50% of their need for food items, and the most important yields of cereals, such as wheat and rye and rye, potatoes and fruits such as apples, grapes, agriculture, any mixed breed animals in the areas of agriculture, increasing farmers' income, there is the movement of grazing on the slopes of the mountains in the summer.
  The famous Swiss dairy products, and for export large quantities, and LVL agriculture needs of the population, and forests cover large areas in the Swiss territory, but the country's poor mineral resources, as well as put in energy materials, but it is rich in strong electric generated by waterfalls, and is famous for industries minute Kasaat , precision machinery, medical instruments, chemicals and electrical appliances. Is the pillar industry of national income the Swiss Tourism is an important source of income in Switzerland. As well as trading in securities in the world

.Tourism is the traditional sources of income in Switzerland, although the Swiss, who are traveling abroad spend almost the equivalent of the expenses of foreign tourists visiting Switzerland. The tourism sector's third-largest export industry in the country, employing 250 thousand people, after the iron industry, engineering and pharmaceutical sector.

  .Early beginnings
Swiss tourism sector grew in the nineteenth century. But the Swiss picturesque scenes had been attracted since the seventeenth century - through books and the arts - a group of intellectuals and foreign celebrities.

Swiss tourism sector has flourished with its inception during the summer. In the winter months, heavy snow was an obstacle to the arrival of visitors.

With the advent of winter sports activities in the late nineteenth century, especially in Britain, turned the winter holidays into fashion. And today is a "weak tourist season" refers only to a few weeks in spring and autumn.

  Switzerland available today on the other summer resorts and winter, and many of the resorts that can be a recreation in both seasons. The period between winter and summer, filling the tourism luxury resorts and tourism conferences.

 One of the latest fashion trends of tourism, holiday, relaxation and wellness "Wellness" after active holidays, such as holidays or ski mountaineering.

It blends the comfort of those holidays, sports, fitness and beauty care in one hotel or group of institutions.

It is the most popular tourist activities in the Swiss recent trips short

 A full day or weekend.

And adopt those flights are often the means of rail transport in mountain areas and boat lakes. As a lot of demand for mountain restaurants, at the expense of the traditional hotel industry.

No region in Switzerland is not looking to exercise a kind of tourist activities. Include the core disciplines of the tourism sector mountain resorts that offer climbing during the summer and skiing in the winter. The resort, located on the banks of lakes, many of which suggests water sports.

It is a lot of resorts in the Swiss cities themselves, where they are available to many rural areas, especially in the mountains of Jura, also suggests a variety of tourist activities.

Organize most of the tourist areas, the Swiss activities and events to attract more visitors. And home to major cities conferences and museums at the same time provide opportunity for recreation on the shores of lakes and the confluence between businessmen.

Promotion of tourism to the task assumed by Switzerland Tourism Swiss Foundation has received support by private foundations and public authorities.

Switzerland now faces competition from other destinations, while still in State expenditure on tourism to promote the country's relatively modest.

In recent years, headed the Swiss Institute of Tourism to promote national tourism destinations in emerging markets such as India, China and Russia, where the increasingly affluent population