Hello to you with the son of the Nile

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الأربعاء، 29 يونيو 2011

Nile River / Egypt

Is the second longest river in the world and pave the land of Egypt from the south to the north is divided into two branches to pour into the Mediterranean Sea are the Rosetta Branch and the Damietta branch

Length of its sources in Lake Tanganyika up to its mouth in the Mediterranean Sea 6690 km and covers an area of 1.9 million square kilometers and extends in ten countries: Tanzania - Kenya - Zaire - Burundi - Rwanda - Ethiopia - Eritrea - Uganda - Sudan - Egypt

The River Nile springs from Lake Victoria and slopes strewn with waterfalls and rushing to overcome this obstacle strongly up or down until it reaches to normal

The most important projects of the organization of the Nile water at all, is a project of the High Dam has protected Egypt from devastating floods and drought, where water is stored in front of him in the years of high floods, as well as a wide implications on the areas of irrigation, agriculture and power generation

River Nile carries life, fertility and growth to the land of Egypt, and also wrote the Greek historian Herodotus, "Egypt is the gift of the Nile" and so out of touch of what Nehralnal importance in the lives of Egyptians.

   Began to measure the water level in the River Nile from the era of the ancient Egyptians, when they tried to use what is known as scale Nile Nilometre, was this measure a form of three: board, column, or peace, each of which carries gradually, and the unit of measurement fixed forms of the three, known Balciobt cubit became standards Nile tourist site.

    Are calculated amounts of rainfall over the area of ​​the River Nile, by addressing the images captured by satellite to the regions of the Nile Basin Blue Basin White Nile and quality control, and then transferred automatically to a prediction to analyze weather patterns for the seasonal variations of rainfall over the Nile River Basin in order to predict the seasonal long-term of the actions of the River Nile

Of the River Nile was a great influence on life in Egypt since the time of the ancient Egyptians to the Islamic era, particularly with regard to agriculture and religious beliefs. And adopted the Egyptian civilization along the Nile in the food and transportation, and religious practices, they reflect its importance.