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الاثنين، 27 يونيو 2011

Marsa Matrouh / Egypt

Marsa Matruh Matruh is a city or cities in Egypt Matrouh governorate, the capital of that province. Located to the west of the city of Alexandria, about 298 km, and to the east of the Libyan border, about 217 km.
Cleopatra's Spa is the most important tourist attractions the city, where there is private bathroom Queen Cleopatra, a bath in the water up to the people inside it through a series of rocks. And enter the bath water on every side, has become the most beautiful sights in recent years especially after the attention and care renewal and clean.
Archeological sites in Matrouh
Temple of Ramses II
The disclosure by the impact of d to about Pep Habash in 1942, and includes remains of the temple inscription deep in the hieroglyphic name of the King Ramses II

Area Cleopatra (Cleopatra baths)
Rock known as rock Cleopatra and Cleopatra bath and some of the hills by the archaeological excavations carried out by some body.
Hakfah cream
An archaeological mounds and tombs carved in the rock and still need to excavations and exploration.
Sidi Barani
Hills and ancient tombs carved in the rock of the Greco-Roman period and need to archaeological excavations.
Mount Dakrur
There Mcyprtan phenomena, one of the six columns made ​​in earlier eras and Greco
 The Mountain of the Dead
There are several tombs carved in the rock, four of which contain scenes are colorful graves o Amon - Ni Barbathoto Isis and the crocodile cemetery cemetery fees and richest S. Amon, a cultivated Greek lived and was buried according to ancient Egyptian religion.
The area of ​​Abu Shroff
Funk is probably wide-era Greco-Roman and there are hills of central stone cabin area.
The Simla
Tel is a need for enriched excavations.
The area of ​​Abu Mriqik
Tel is a need for enriched excavations.

The area of ​​Abu fun
An archaeological mounds and tombs carved in the rock at a distance of 4 km west of Matruh.
Tel enriched the need for excavations.
Aware of rum and Alhishama
Tel enriched the need for excavations.
 Beer Drunk
Tel enriched and the remnants of Mdanek need for excavations.
Of wisdom
Tel enriched the need for excavations.
Commonwealth Cemetery
Located south of the road paved in front of you break flags of 7367, a cemetery for the victims of Britain and New Zealand, Australia and South Africa, France, India, Malaysia, how many there are 11,945 names of soldiers who have not found their bodies some of them have names written on the walls.

German binoculars
Was built in 1959, located at a distance of 3 km west of El Alamein and directly overlooking the sea, the mountain is relatively high and includes the remains of 4280 of the German soldiers who were killed during the battles of El Alamein in 1942.
Italian Cemetery
Located at a distance of 5 km west of El Alamein, which was considered the most beautiful cemeteries in terms of luxury, architecture and includes a small church, a mosque and a hall of memories and a small museum as well as 4800 of the victims and the Panel suggests that the desert has swallowed up the bodies of 38 thousand of victims.
Will be held in the tombs of the victims of World War II Balalpman annual celebrations in the month of October every year