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الاثنين، 27 يونيو 2011

Giza Zoo

Giza was founded in 1891 AD. Is the largest zoo in Egypt and the Middle East and the first and oldest zoos in Africa. Was called the "crown jewel of the zoos in Africa

Is created by the Khedive Ismail. Where it opened in 1891 by Khedive Tawfiq Mohammed Ibn Khedive Ismail. Which started with flowers and plants imported does not exist in nature in Egypt. There in the garden about six thousand animals of about 175 species, including rare species of crocodiles and cows brutality.
The area of ​​the park about 80 acres, and its gate facing the main street of Charles de Gaulle in Cairo. There are on the West Bank, Cairo Nile and there are streams and caves, waterfalls, wooden bridges and water, and lakes of the birds on display. It also contains the Museum was built in 1906 and houses collections of rare animals and stuffed birds and reptiles. The estimated number of visitors to the park by about two million visitors annually.
The park was closed in February 19, 2006, fearing for the animals and birds from bird flu, but was re-opened on 24 April of the same year