Hello to you with the son of the Nile

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الاثنين، 27 يونيو 2011

The course of the eye wall / Egypt

There are eyes in the course of the Wall of the ancient Egypt and starts from the mouth of the Gulf to the door of Ms. Aisha Alaqrafah

About Alsoraaraf sur-Oyoun name Aqueduct water, the establishment of these arches is the Sultan al-Nasir Salah al-Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub (Salah al-Din), founder of the Ayyubid state in Egypt, who took over the governance in 565 AH / AD 1169 AD to in 589 AH / 1193 AD, and then renewed by Sultan al-Nasir Muhammad renewal of a full year 712 AH --1 312 m, and an established during his reign of Sultan Al-Ghouri denoting water by six drivers near the mosque of Aisha.

Was left of the arches ancient, founded by Salah al-Din Hia is the remains of a few in the beginning of the course in terms of the castle opposite the mosque of Aisha, had exploited the Wall of Cairo, who work and make the course of water taller the arches current was re-Sultan al-Nasir Muhammad built a complete two-stage , was established during which the four drivers on the Nile, the mouth of the Gulf to raise the water from the creek when the wall of monitoring, which is known today as the stable of Antar towards the mosque, the impact of the Prophet, a building that turned him Muhammad Ali Pasha, during his rule Jboukhanh of the weapon, and made ​​up this building arches of the wall a large extend from the mouth of the Gulf until the field of Aisha when old, so the castle was built here the wall of stone Alnhat and place it run its course over the range Dkhmnh of barrages (Contracts) pointed the ends by pouring water in a group of wells, large inside the castle, and in the reign of Sultan Al-Ghouri was held for these arches outlet water last played six drivers near Ms. psychological stream of water to strengthen the hyphen to the wells of the castle.