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الأربعاء، 29 يونيو 2011

Arc de Triomphe / France

Arc de Triomphe (French Arc de Triomphe) is the arc located at the top through the Champs Elysees in Paris, France, a road decorated with trees. Arc de Triomphe and is located in the area of ​​Charles de Gaulle, formerly a star field of Forum 12 roads. Work began on the Arc de Triomphe at the beginning of the nineteenth century, Napoleon Bonaparte and wanted a symbol marking the victories of the imperial armies. However, the actual achievement in 1836 was the time of Louis Philippe Louis Philippe.
The design of the bow which has a height of 49.50 meters on a plateau Chelgran Engineer (Chaillot) to be off center star of five major avenues, were added to it later, during the re-planning of the capital at the hands of Baron Haussmann boulevards seven major (1854). Interior walls with a name 386 of the names of his military commanders, and 96 of the names of his victories. Also set up the French after World War I, grave of the Unknown Soldier below the Arc permanent flame in honor of his memory