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الاثنين، 24 يناير 2011

Regime-day Greek occupation of Egypt

The verdict was in Egypt during the Greco-Roman is divided into two different types, during the Greek Ptolemies were considered self-proclaimed goddess of their subjects but in the Roman era Egypt was under the rule of Roman Emperor Deputy for

 In addition to the King there was a number of ministers, most notably the Minister of Finance and the Chief Justice and the Minister of War.

In addition to the King and the ministers there was a careful and organized Administrative staffed by an army of trained personnel and consists of heads of Mderoa interests and different departments.

In addition to the Central Government there was a high-pattern three cities: Alexandria classes to arrogance to Lemes. These three Greek cities in Egypt represents a sovereign independent State, but was subject to the king However, it maintains the independence of self simple special

Other than that Egypt has been divided into administrative units, provinces and major non-Ptolemaic Egyptian Pharaonic names of the provinces has retained the conservative Egyptians and their positions to their positions by the appointment of the Governor and the military was Itq to maintain the name "Tomark

Every province is divided into regions "Toboy" and was the capital of each province or provincial governor's headquarters and each Administrative Region governor "Apittaitis" The Mayor "Tobark" and Riis of the police and financial officer. And is divided into regions to the centers and centers to the villages of each center and administrative governor and police chief financial officer

Was the administrative system of government during the Greco-Roman era pyramid shaped top and base, King has helped the people of this exact system for easy management of the Ptolemies ruled Egypt and put it in Qdinm through the chain of administrative

 Sar Romans in the rule of Egypt on the same administrative system of the Btalmp and increased power to the leaders on this system was at the head of the Administrative Governor-General acting emperor to rule Egypt held the title of "Brivictos" a commander of armies and the Central Government has the power to appoint and dismiss employees except as designated by the El Embrator himself. It is also the first judge, which was held three meetings per year

The country was divided into three regions for each region governor called "Abestratijus" a (Delta Egypt Central good). Each province is divided into "Tomat" is equal to "the provinces". And have the governor and was a resident of the same regions. It was a great role and influence of the large, where he is the author and collector of taxes and help, "Secretary of the Archives" supervise the Archives of the regions as well as staff of local administrations and departments of the villages. From here, we find that the same administrative system which was used in Ptolemaic Egypt, which is used in Egypt and that the Romanian different titles. That differed from the development employee Itolha profession and earn money for them to assign non-satisfaction in the Roman era

 As for the Greek cities, he has the Romans to the provisions of the Qdinm independence tendency of these cities the Romans did not build cities other than city founded by Hadrian when he visited Egypt in 130 AD and give the Constitution Igriqia and gave special privileges to their habitat