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الاثنين، 24 يناير 2011

Mancao Pharaoh Ra

Fourth Dynasty - the old state

The era of the pyramid builders

Lasted for the inauguration of the rule of Egypt about 28 years

Took Mancao Ra ruled Egypt after his father, Khafre, and although it was for his long between 21-28 years old but he could not exit the pyramid, which would be his final resting place, and he quit building pyramid pyramid K, who ruled Egypt after the death of Menkaure, was found on some Groups has a wonderful sculpture of stone schist posed with the goddess Hathor and one of the symbols of the provinces of Upper Egypt

 The young king Mancao Ra based filled his body lively young people filled with muscle harmonic body, wearing the crown of Upper and white beard and kilt, and to the right gods Hathor crowned with the sun disk between the horns of the cow hemmed her arm left and stuck in her right hand sign of "waging a" symbol of protection of the young king, and on his left stands Lady embodies the county level, the seventeenth "Asyut" battery code above her head jackal (goddess level).
Was found at the group in the valley temple of King Menkaure, this group of schist - the old state - the Fourth Dynasty - Egyptian Museum