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الأحد، 23 يناير 2011


Lies the Temple of Dendera in the village of Dendera, and this village is located 4 kilometers on the western coast of the Nile and the western city of Qena, had built this temple for the worship of the god Hathor, goddess of love and beauty, maternity and family at the ancient Egyptians, was 
the statue of Hathor in the form of a cow or a bear centuries cow on Cape

 He built the Temple of Dendera in the Ptolemaic period, and what was the Ptolemaic Dynasty from the commanders of Alexander the Aging who parted the Empire, they did not build this temple on the style of ancient Egyptian in building temples, but it is a feature of building temples in the era of the occupation Batalmy to Egypt, and can easily get out of this result by a comparison Temple Dendera ancient Egyptian temples in this region

 And the magnitude of the temple has contributed more in the residence of the Governor of Ptolemy III began to build in the idea and began construction in the first century BC, and completed part of the "Ptolemy XI " and finally finished the construction in the era of the Roman emperor, "Augustus

Among the most important being overwhelmed by the temple there is a famous drawing of Queen Cleopatra and her son "Sizarryon from " Julius Caesar

Temple contains 24 columns in the hall on the column header of each column embodiment of the god Hathor temple roofs and is famous for the numerous astronomical Epplersom which includes the Albrasz heavenly, and the temple in good condition and still Nqoucheh clearly tells the story of the history of this era of the history of Egypt

 Built in the city (Dandara) on the western shore of the Nile south of the city (QNA), for the worship of the goddess (Hathor), built this temple in the first century BC at the end of the Ptolemaic era and the first Roman emperor (August), the latest temples of Egypt, which still retains Brongaha So far, the structure of this temple is simple, does not disadvantage thing is that Nqoucheh clarifies the Egyptian art of decay, and it is clear from the succession of scenes frequently and without proficiency in the show details, and decreases the temple architecture, the lobby, and then find a place spacious to hold concerts, followed by the vestibule which carries the roof 24 column capitals with a Halit (Hathor) in the form of a musical instrument, then the colonnade adorned with scenes and behind the building of the temple courtyard of the lobby lead to the cabin of the ship there was a holy temple in the end we find the Holy of Holies

Dandara governorate of Qena hot archaeologists of all nationalities in how to remove soot from the roof and walls and succeeded Dr. Jamal Mahjoub, Chairman of the Central
  For restoration and maintenance to reach a new chemical compound to remove the soot without effect on the magnificent temple doors .. After the completion of preliminary testing team succeeded in detecting the roof of one of the corridors of the temple's corridors of the 7

 Dr. Jamal Mahjoub pointed out that after examining the soot and particulates other line of the temple and the walls turned out to be an accumulation of black and fats resulting from the use of the temple for housing in previous time periods, and after conducting several experiments on the removal of soot in different places was reached compound has been successfully applied and the removal of more than 200 square meters of soot the ceiling hallway of procedure of the temple, "Dr restricted to remove the soot from the roof of the Temple of Dendera was the dream of all archaeologists, and that after the establishment of the Visitor Center and the development of the general location around the temple, which took four years was development of the external hard-sufficiency and not compromising the magnificent temple

 This was the catalyst to start the experiment to remove soot, Spring Hamdan, Director General of the effects of Qena, said that the building of the Temple of Dendera was on several stages where he stayed with King Khufu's temple in this place of the gods Htamor and the wedding of King between the first and several sculptures including the gold statue of a young son Ihy offers offerings to the gods themselves Htamor Tuthmosis III and re-establish the worship of the gods, and represent the many forms Htamor most famous woman decorates her sun disk between the horns of a cow and take the Temple of Dendera wall of brick length of 1200 meters, inside the fence there are several buildings, including the Roman house of birth, Bazlica and Coptic, and the house of birth of the king Nkhtnbu , And the clinic, and the well, and a sacred lake, the Temple of Isis, the great temple