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الاثنين، 24 يناير 2011

Civilization of Palmyra

Palmyra (located its capital in the city of Palmyra in the middle of the Syrian Arab Republic has been the most important kingdoms of ancient Syrian, which flourished particularly under its queen Zenobia, about 215 kilometers north of Damascus, 70 km from the city of Sokhna, about 160 kilometers from the city of Homs and the Orontes River and the culture Compete Romanian ancient civilization of the Empire

Dinah destroy a city archaeological one of the oldest historical cities in the world to spread Owabdha on an area as large as a straight street which is surrounded by columns and the Arc de Triomphe, the theater and the runway and the public arena, palaces and temples , The most important temple of Bel (Baal) and the cemetery property and castle I'm yes, statues, and the effects of many to pronounce the greatness of Palmyra capital of the empire that rivaled the glory days of Rome and became the capital of the most important kingdoms of the East Palmyra

 The city of Palmyra station business is very important between Asia and Europe, where Palmyra lies between the River Euphrates and the Mediterranean flourished Palmyra in the second half of the first century BC and was carrying the character of cities Greeks Ye Romans Ye Bobenitha property and housing management and the model of public buildings and private, which is characterized by luxury The city was the richest and most affluent cities and greatness, it has a lot of effects, which is one of the most Wild and the effects of the ancient cities of their importance and grandeur and greatness. And spread the effects of damage on the spot and wide land of the gates and triumphal arches and straight street, and raised many temples along the site

The nature of the population of Palmyra is divided into layers are:
Nobles, priests and citizens
Citizens are the sons of the tribes and some of these tribal alliances.
Free, slaves, foreigners
Slaves are slaves and servants, gentlemen
They are traders and foreign arrivals to the Kingdom's booming business for business or trade

 The care Altdmouryon agriculture, Palmyra oasis singing all kinds of cultivated plants and the most important palms, as they have organized channels and advanced irrigation techniques and built dams to hold water and the collection and organization of distribution according to the system and developed a special arrangement . And dug wells for drinking, irrigation, and built ponds and reservoirs. In the modern era majority of the population working in tourism and other

 The ancient capital city of Palmyra Palmyra of the most beautiful cities and most sophisticated luxury of its buildings and streets, organize, and prepare the commercial capital and one of the most important commercial city and the most prosperous. Caravans were provided to it and released them to STOP TO day and night, and he was destroying the top tier of traders and power in ancient history. And their calls for reflection and amazement and pride of greatness and magnitude, and destroy the most important cities and kingdoms have business dealings with all the contemporary civilizations in the East and West

The correspondence Dealers Palmyra Mkatebathm business is in Aramaic (dialect Tadmuriyyah to their dealings and their trade with the East, and in the official language in Latin in their dealings with the West (at the time of the Romans) and the Empire of Romania. And also had a pass through the historic Silk Road from the land beyond the rivers, then to Africa and the island as it was first kingdoms that were characterized by religious tolerance and found archaeological missions Alyalknais and also synagogues Jewish as a bump on the temples Mtabdi fire and the sun, alcohol and Lat and Uzza, where there are in her museum to because the statue of Lat and Zackheos god of wine and Ishtar the goddess of good Bel protector of the city of the sun god

Flourished Palmyra, especially in the reign of Queen Zenobia strong and became the city of Palmyra archeological capital of the Kingdom the most important cities in the Middle and rivaled Rome andtook control of the the region from the borders of Asia Minor in the north to Egypt in the south and north-east of Syria to the west of Syria and the Mediterranean Sea was known Queen Zenobia Queen of Palmyra as Queens of the Middle most important and the most power so-called (Queen Queens of the East)

Altdmouryon people was purely commercial and has a business reputation as the most important people in the area of trade, as well as care Altdmouryon religion and worship the gods, it was a great passion in building temples and houses of worship and care of graves in a large and clear. The Alehtm and Mabboudathm many in number and nearly thirty of the gods, especially the Idol Top, but God, but Tadmoury - which appears in carvings Tadmuriyyah dramatically, and more gods Tadmuriyyah perception of him by events, but most is with his wife BLTI and Irehol The trio (and even - Irehol - Ogelbol) enjoy more popularity in the Palmyra

 The temple, but one of the largest and most famous religious temples in the ancient Near East. Since the first century AD, Brown built basic part of the land has been built and expanded until the late era of Palmyra to its importance, to become standards of a large (220x205) M, and surrounded by walls 375 columns along each of which has more than 18 meters, so great is not matched by any temple last in the East, and remains of the seven columns in the main interface and several others in the vicinity of the temple. The royal tombs and cemeteries is a regular field of art and highlighting the distinctive Altdmouryon craftsmanship. It was far from being a cemetery, where she was adorned with flowers and seating call the house or houses of eternity and eternal being treated largely sculptures and statues. Since the second century tomb became like a home, one-story room sometimes to eighty graves and walls were finely chiseled and craftsmanship